these are the participants starting from Johnny Herbert who is described as the “formula 1 broadcaster” let’s no forget his victories in F1, his glorious history in F1 many fans in Italy for Luca Salvadori we’ll see after in detail our drivers our driver Luca Salvadori and we also saw the image of Robert Shwartzman, let’s not forget he’s the F3 champion, and Hulkenberg left formula 1 and he’s the first one to race this year image his will we say ” a driver is a driver forever” and this proves it a few months aways from competitions made him want to come back and he does it the in virtual world, ’cause he was not able to find a seat in the real world Luca Salvadori in the top 10, from Milan, the passion for engines runs in his blood, even though he didn’t follow entire in the footsteps of this father, he opted for the 2 wheels instead of the 4 wheels, yeah, son of Maurizio Salvadori owner of the Trident team which runs both in F2 and F3 Luca is a bike rider, and a strong YouTuber, so he has many fans on social media, and we’ll see how he behaves they all need to get used to this, the qualifying have started, 18 minutes this is a great lap by Luca Salvadori he has much better trajectories compared to Johnny Herbert then in the fast section we say before 5th gear for him. He’s got traffic in front see here Herbert was in 2nd gear, Luca in first, the right gear. He’s got traffic in front this is a hard braking ’cause look, you brake and you have to match the steering when cornering it’s easy to block the front left, when exiting first then press the gas soon ’cause then you need traction to develop speed. The lap is good so far. Gutierrez gets the temporary pole position. 1.28.2 vs 1.28.638 of Philipp Eng. 3rd position for Latifi Stoffel Vandoorne is suppose to be 4th but he’s not showing so I think he got a penalty so he’s 5th Anthony Davidson is 6th, Luca Salvadori is 7th, let’s see how he closed the lap what are you doing? let’s see — In the mean time Salvadori ends the lap, he’s 3rd now. We said it Luca did a good lap here is the starting grid. Hulkneberg with Salvadori Herbert 16, Davidson 12, Come on here we go. 14 laps pole position with Eng, Gutierrez, here we go — 4, 5, Bahrain grand prix off we go yellow flag Eng on Gutierrez in the back there is room big crash! a red involved big crash behind did you see what Johnny did? Gutierrez into the wall Gutierrez into the wall Herbert is there — robert shwartzman is 4th, we told you herbert was dangerous he was running around the track look at Johnny! the back is open! Luca Salvadori — Herbert is causing some confusion they hit each other! Salvadori takes advantage to get to 5th place or 4th considering Herbert Salvadori is in front underpressure he’s right behind Luca Salvadori Eng is in front of Zhou Herbert 3rd, Salvadori 4th Norris 7th oh come on! that’s bad they hit at curve 4 Luca Salvadori was at the center of the curve and he lost the rear. That’s bad Come on Luca! he’s right behind he moves to the right, watch out there with Luca Salvadori who is trying to recover his race with jimmy broadbent in 7th position, behind Lando Norris we did all the stops available so that was the last one the last curve too long Luca! the wheel on the straight the wheel — take advantage of the engine power, he goes behind as the pitstop — he got in just as Luca he needs to pass him asap Herbert is dangerous we see also Gutierrez with Mercedes Luca Savadori wants to keep his 8th position on Latifi Lando Norris is back with his steering wheel in hand he managed to reconnect after the pitstop they are fighting for 8th place, Luca Salvadori and Latifi with Williams he closed the overtake, let’s see if — he touched the rear what an overtake! they stole this one from me Luca Salvadori and Latifi here comes Luca Salvadori for the 7th position fastest lap Lando we don’t know if he’s driving or not but it was the fastest lap yeah it’s him now Lando wants to go get his victory but it’s hard it’s the last laps, here they are fighting for the 7th place ranking Zhou, Eng — we’ll see after with the penalties vandoorne 3rd, broadbent 4th, Norris 5th, he’s trying to get the 4th, hard to think of him on the podium unless someone makes a mistake 2 F1 drivers, Norris and Latifi 5th and 6th, Chaloner in 7th followed by Salvadori Beganovic is behind them then Hulkenberg and Gutierrez fighting for the last place we saw the onboard of Luca Salvadori, with his clean driving precise — he follows by 6 tenths the one in front who is also 4 tenths behind so technically Luca could get the 6th place. Go Luca we’re all here see ya holy shit the 50-sign has been removed that’s why I could see it anymore we are reaching the car in front but we must also keep in mind the tires. We won’t stop at the box anymore last lap come on, come on we are running out of gas enough for less than one lap

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