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– Hi, I’m Traci Copeland, and this is “Trainer of the Month Club”. I’ve got a great 10-minute core series that’s great to do in addition
to your running routine. We’re going to do each
move for 30 seconds. We’re going to try to get
through it three times. I’m going to be using
an eight pound dumbbell, but feel free to use
whatever you have access to. I recommend anything
from five to 15 pounds. Are you guys ready? Let’s get started. All right. So, I’m going to have you lying face-down on the first move. We’re going to start with
Alternating Superman’s, okay? This is to warm up that core. So, we’re going to go 30 seconds, left arm lifts, opposite,
and then right arm lifts. So, you are going to go,
opposite arm, opposite leg. So you wanna to make sure that the head stays in
line with your arms, so you’re not over-exerting your neck, and your keeping a nice, neutral spine. You also wanna make sure that you’re not arching in that lower back, so you really wanna focus on keeping that tailbone tucked under, we just have a few more seconds left here. Our next move, we’re
gonna do Forearm Plank, so I’m gonna make sure I
have a set of dumbbells, you can do anything from
10 to 15 pounds here, okay? So I’m gonna set up my Forearm Plank, you can go on your knees, or on your toes, depending on where you’re
at with your core training. So I’m gonna start in that Forearm Plank, and then I drag it over to once side. I wanna make sure that my hips
stay square the entire time. What tends to happen is, as we get tired, those hips tend to rock back and forth, side to side, but keeping
that core engaged, and also keeping your glutes engaged while you’re in this position is gonna help you maintain
that core strength, okay? Just a little bit longer. See if we can get one more in. All right, gonna move on to our next one, you’re gonna lie on your back, we’re gonna do a Sit-Up, also
using that dumbbell, okay? So making sure that my feet
stay planted on the ground, and I’m gonna keep that dumbbell
right over my chest, okay? I’m gonna inhale lifting all the way up, and slowly taking it down, okay? So this movement is all
about control, okay? So you wanna kinda power your way up, but also control your movement down. And you wanna also make
sure that you’re not using extra momentum that; that
dumbbell is creating. You’re really focusing on using those lower abdominal muscles
to control your movement. All right. We’re gonna move on to our next one. This is gonna be a Side Plank. You can also hold on to that dumbbell. All right, feel free to
use a lighter dumbbell, because this one’s gonna
be a little bit tougher. So, I’m gonna stabilize getting a nice, strong side plank, and I’m
gonna hold the dumbbell right over my side, okay? Making sure that the palm is facing out, also making sure that my head
is in a nice neutral position. I’m gonna hold right here,
engaging through my core, making sure that my hips stay stacked, but I’m also gonna add a
little bit of a leg lift, okay? So what tends to happen with a lot of these strength exercises, especially as it relates to core, we’re never working in isolation. We also are working our hips as well. All right, I got one side done, gonna move over to the other side. Same exact thing. So, pressing into the ground, making sure that my hips stay stacked, keeping that dumbbell
right over my shoulder. Staying nice and strong,
and engaged through my core. If you feel like this
is a little too intense, you can also lower one knee to the ground, just another way to modify, but if you’re feeling strong, I think you guys can handle it. Also, if this is a little too intense, you can take the dumbbell away. We’re gonna add that little leg lift too, again, also kind of engaging our glutes, just a little bit here. All right. And we’re gonna slowly take it down. All right, I’m gonna
put the dumbbells aside, ’cause we won’t really
need it for this move. This is our Hollow Body. Lying all the way down on my back, making sure that my
lower back is connected to the ground the entire time. Arms above head, drawing
my lower belly in, gazing up towards the ceiling. Now, ways that you can modify this, you can bring the legs
a little bit higher up, you can also bend your knees. Ways to make it harder,
grab your dumbbells, that you just used, and put
it right between your hands, you’re gonna hold it right there. So lots of ways to change
how you wanna intensify, or if you wanna modify your movement. All right. And release. That’s round one, you
guys ready for round two? I think you are, I am, let’s go for it. We’re back to those
Alternating Superman’s. Lying face down. (relaxing music) So keeping that head
in a neutral position. Keeping the eyes towards
the front of your mat, you also wanna make sure that the legs are staying nice and
straight the entire time, you’re not cheating and
just bending your legs to lift them a little bit higher. But, maybe this second round, maybe you can get a few extra inches, maybe you can lift the
leg a little bit higher, maybe even the arm a little bit higher. All right, we’re moving on. We’re going on to that Forearm Plank. Grabbing that dumbbell, let’s go. Keeping your hips square, making sure that those
hips aren’t rocking. So this is our second round, you guys know exactly what’s coming, you’ve done this before, find ways that you can
get a little bit more out of it every single time. Ways to intensify this movement, you could even walk your feet
a little bit closer together, and see where that takes you. Really testing your balance. All right, we’re gonna move on. We’re gonna take it to that
Sit-Up with the dumbbell. Again, planting my feet, making sure that the dumbbell
is right over my chest, and lifting straight up, and lower down. And you wanna keep your eyes on that dumbbell the entire time. Controlling your movement, again, not using the momentum, but using the control with your core. All right, I think we’re ready to move on. We’re gonna go on to
that Side Plank, okay, using that dumbbell, adding that leg lift. We know exactly what to do. Keeping that forearm so it’s parallel to the front of your mat. Palm facing out, hips are stacked, let’s add that leg lift right away, okay? Wanna make sure that the hips
aren’t sagging either, okay? If this ever gets too intense, you can always release the dumbbell, or always lower one knee to the ground. Just a few more seconds left here, and then we’re gonna switch
to that opposite side. All right, let’s go ahead and switch. One side done, one side to go. All right, same exact thing,
really focusing on your form. Pressing that forearm into the ground, palm facing out, hips stay stacked. And, again, you remember how to modify, you know what works for your body. If you need to lower
that knee to the ground, lower your knee to the ground, if you need to remove the
weight, remove the weight. But it’s also just important to remember that you’re never gonna work
your body in isolation, okay? It’s not just about your abs, you’re also gonna work
your glutes, as well. And we’re gonna lower down. All right. Gonna go ahead and remove that dumbbell, we go back into that
Hollow Body Hold, okay? Arms above your head, eyes
up towards the ceiling, drawing the lower abs in, really pull the lower belly
towards the back of your spine. Keeping the legs straight. We about half way there. Again, if you need to
modify, bring the knees in, or you can always lift the legs higher. If you wanna go a little bit deeper, maybe you lift the legs just a little bit lower to the ground. All right. That’s round two, all right, you guys. One more round to go, we got this. Alternating Superman’s, 30 seconds. Lying face down, and, again,
this one isn’t about speed. It’s all about control. So the more intense your Superman gets, doesn’t mean you’re gonna go faster, it means, maybe you’ll actually
go even a little bit slower. Ways that you can intensify this, you can add a smaller pound weight, maybe a little two pound dumbbell, or even resistance bands. All right, I think we’re ready to move on to that next
move, Forearm Plank. Grabbing a hold of that dumbbell, staying engaged through
our core the entire time, making sure that you’re in a nice, solid Forearm Plank, first,
before you start anything. And then, you’re adding
that dumbbell drag. Again, feel free to modify,
wherever you need to, you can lower to your knees, if this is a little too intense, or if you wanna make
it a little bit harder, you can increase your weight, or walk your feet a little
bit closer together. The main thing is don’t
let those hips move. All right, we’re moving on to our Sit-Up. Taking it all the way down, keeping that dumbbell
right over your chest, feet are connected to the ground, and lifting straight up,
control your movement down. Keep that lower back connected to the ground the entire time. It’s not about speed, it’s about control. We’re working our core because it’s all about stabilizing the pelvis. It’s really important to
stabilize your pelvis, especially if you’re gonna run. Your core has to be strong. All right, I think we’re ready
to move on to our Side Plank. Side Plank with the dumbbell, and we’re gonna add that leg lift. We did it the second
round, we can do it again. Again, focusing on a
strong Side Plank, first, and then you add the dumbbell. And we’re gonna start by
lifting that leg right away. Palm faces out the entire time. Making sure the forearm is
parallel to the front of your mat and staying completely engaged through your core the entire time. I know it’s tough. All right, we’re ready to
move on to the other side. One side down, one to go. You got this. All right, setting it up, Side Plank. Palm facing out, dumbbell
stacked right over the shoulder, drawing the lower abs in
towards the back of your spine. This is where you need to focus, right? Especially when it gets hard, this is when the work
starts, not when it’s easy. So if it’s a challenge, it
means you’re doing it right. Just a few more seconds here, and then we’re moving on to Hollow Body. In three, two, and all right. Take that dumbbell off to the side. Last move, lying on your back, arms over your head alongside your ears, looking up towards the
ceiling, Hollow Body Hold. Draw the lower abs in,
relaxing through your neck, and, again, remember your modifications. If you need to take a
pause, bend the knees, or if you need to, you can bring the legs
a little bit higher, or if you wanna take
it to that next level, maybe then lower the
legs a little bit more. We’re there for three,
for two, and all right. You guys made it through. Thanks so much for joining
me, I’m Traci Copeland, hopefully you got a nice
little core workout, remember, we did three times through, if that’s not gonna work
for you, just keep pushing, you can make it through
twice, and it’s just as good. And, remember, this is a great workout that you can do in addition to your running workout throughout the day. I hope you guys enjoyed, looking forward to seeing
you next time, peace out. (relaxing music)

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