Core Strengthening L-Sit Made Better Part 1 – Stick Mobility Exercise

All right. Now, anterior tissue flexion. How strong are you in flexion through the anterior core? For a lot of people, what we call the L-Sit,
there’s a lot of compensation. So typically an L-Sit is done with
your legs sitting on the front, and if you have really good strong core
tissues and you have really good flexion, you can sit up nice and tall through the spine, but
there are a lot of people that do not have access to this. They don’t know how to access their whole entire
TVA, rectus abdominis, their deep front line. So what they’ll end up doing is as they start
to go into the L-Sit and try to lift a leg, they’ll either lean back or they’ll go into flexion
and really start to curve the lumbar spine. So we’re going to use the wall
and start at the very basic structure. So with that, Neal’s going to scoot
his butt up against the wall. You want to try to get as close
to the wall as possible with your tailbone. Getting the butt, we’re snug up against the wall. So he’s gonna place the sticks at
eleven and one, right next to his legs. He’s gonna dorsiflex his ankles so we get
that length through that whole posterior line and help build tension through the hips. He’s then going to push the sticks into the floor
at about sixty to seventy percent tension. Now here’s where we’re gonna focus,
we got two things going on. He’s gonna imagine that somebody has a string at
his belly button and is pulling that string forward and drawing him away from the wall. Simultaneously he’s going to imagine
someone has a string at the top of his head and is pulling him up nice
and tall through the spine. So we’ve got two different things
that we want to focus on. Do not flare the ribs though, so we don’t
want to go into that lumbar extension. We want a nice tall spine and lengthen the spine and then pull yourself forward. Imagine you’re pushing that belly
button forward towards your toes. Hold that, focus on breath.
Make sure you’re not holding your breath. We want to be able to keep that intra-abdominal pressure as we continue to breathe. Hold for about six to ten seconds,
then we ease off tension and then we repeat, about 70% tension
into the floor with the sticks. You may need a little bit more and that’s
perfectly fine, and then once again, pull that belly button forward, create a nice tall spine, and really start to activate those anterior
tissues and get really strong in flexion. Have a go at it, give it about five reps. Have fun. We’ll see everybody later.

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