Conor McGregor vs. Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone: UFC 246 Press Conference

100 thoughts on “Conor McGregor vs. Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone: UFC 246 Press Conference

  1. Good press conference, it's also strange that Conor is being cordial and respectful to his opponent🤔. Than again I due like the change he made.

  2. Funny McGregor has dodged every single question relating to his legal issues with everyone “I have done nothing wrong”…cmon champ champ

  3. I think Conor acting corgil cause he know he has one of his toughest fight ahead of him I hope cowboy Kos him or I'll take a sub

  4. 3:05 The man who is 99% neck with MMA Junkie I think it is, ALWAYS gets the first question, and it is the mist milquetoast question one could ask.

  5. My gosh cowboy is gonna slaughter this kid…dam…that's why he's so quiet…he knows he's the underdog and just wants to EMBARRASS him when he paints the cage with him.

  6. Why is everybody so cunfused about McTapper? He's been beaten into humbleness. Getting choked every fight will do that.

  7. What a theatrical joke. They are definitely making cowboy play the part.. He's even overdoing it. The narrative is already set, and cowboy is putting himself in exact position to lose, which will be the bed maker. Only difference between WWE & these big UFC fights, is they actually beat each other in the UFC, which convinces everyone, there is no way for it to he fake. Did anyone here the Numerology tribute @31 mins, in the Conor Ariel interview, this past monday? Numbers & numerology is exactly how the script it. It's called Gematria. That's how they put it I'm you're face

  8. The Nice Guy, Buddy Buddy act here was phony anti-climatic, a Retard presentation. Cerrone sitting there you cannot see his face (Hidden in the blacked-out shadows.) Whoever directed put this on, is a MORON. Retarded lack of Professionalism. Just a group of Dana White Lead Money-Loving Elite feeding the sheeple more trash and taking their money, Welcome to America 2020.

  9. Awesome stuff.

    I think this will be a good fight, sucks that one has to lose.

    🤠 is a down to earth dude 👍

    As a side note… Muhammad Ali Organised his own training camps 🤷‍♂️Dundee would just complement what he wanted Ali to throw on fight night…and hope 🤣

  10. Personally this was my favorite press conference of all time. As humble and respectful they both were, still they were both very entertaining. Much respect to both men and their journeys

  11. Khabib really did help humble Conor.

    I’m sure it wasn’t the only factor and Conor deserves credit for being able to finally pull back from the hysteria and see what he was becoming, and make necessary changes. This is the version of Conor that everyone can and would have rooted for and respected.

    But if one were to envision how Conor’s behavior might have evolved if he had actually defeated Khabib while behaving the way he was and being on top of the world, and how some of his most ardent supporters might have then further fed into it, it’s quite possible that he could have permanently lost himself.

  12. "Conor what can you tell us about the thing that you were never charged with that you've answered multiple times already and that really isn't relevant anyway considering you have a fight in 3 days."
    What a woke douche.

  13. Very respectful and good vibes coming from both fighters love to here there help Australia and the heart break going on over there amen and good luck to the both of you

  14. I thinks this fight might be rigged for Conor to win. As, obviously, that would be a better result for UFC financially, bcoz he is a bigger draw. I think they might have told Cowboy: "hey, we'll give u a $__mil, just do not win". I'm not saying this is 100% true, but i could see that as a possibility. I'm like, why is the main poster shows Conor 200% larger then Cowboy??

  15. I like this connor, but I sort of worries me that everything is so cordial. I wonder if this will effect connor, someone's who finally has given him the up most respect hard to smash someone's face when you like them. Ps thanks dana cool shirt.

  16. Khabib was right, when he said to Conor before their fight:
    "I will humble you"…
    He is respectful and on time now 😉😉😉

  17. It's like having a classic band like the Rolling Stones do an album on drugs vs sober Rolling Stones
    Its not the same Conor that made him who he is.

  18. Do people still not have McGregor figured out? He's just getting back into this thing, OF COURSE he's going to act all humble and nice it's just smart business. People are looking for an excuse to hate him and as a smart fighter he's playing perfect defense and not letting them land any punches. It has nothing to do with Khabib "humbling him". He just called him a jock sniffer for Christ's sake. Lol. Once he get's a few wins you will see the loud mouth obnoxious Conor again.

  19. Cowboy just happy to be here. Just wanted the big paycheck and I dont blame him but just like he did against Justin he'll get knocked out quick. It's obvious he is nowhere close to the mentality he had against Hernandez. He sounds like a connor fanboy

  20. I'm a Conor fan but cerrone deserves it he really does? Conor says he made 80 mill for khabib fight which I think is BS however I think cerrone has done more to deserve a decent cheque instead of chump change in comparison, they all deserve a pay rise only only one getting rich is Dana ffs

  21. 8:02 "Youd be F'n stupid if you think Conor didn't have wrestling defense and grappling defense!"

    Nate and Khabib: Hold our beers.

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