Confuse U with Gerry Dee | Gym Class

The other guy’s travel rewards program is STILL really confusing. Miles. Redemptions. And what does that even get you? I’m Gerry Dee and I’m back at school again. Let’s see if we can figure this thing out. Alright, come on in, grab a mat. So I’m going to use PhysEd class today to teach you about this system that the other guys are using. The pylons are the unavailable flights. The balls are the restrictions. Now on the whistle you have 3 seconds to get rid of it. *Whistle blows*
One… Okay…
*Whistle blows repeatedly* No, no, no Okay, this is… here we go. That’s the problem. So if you could start running like you’re running for a connection. Nice, running… you know what? I forgot. If you have a pylon, you kneel. What are you doing? You can have a seat. The game was, um…. *sigh* Student: Can’t we just get rid of the restrictions? Okay Reid… Reid, just leave. Gerry: If only there was a travel rewards credit card that didn’t play games with you and let you book the flights that you actually want.

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