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  1. No idea if ill get a response or not but ill give it a go.. when i do incline bench or dumbbell presses my shoulder in the front hurts and i have to resort to doing flat presses which doesn't hurt as bad…any advise?

  2. I think I read somewhere in the comments you're doing three sets raising the weight every time. I remember there was an old bill Phillips routine that would have you go up in weight for the first three sets then on the fourth set drop weight and go to failure. What are your thoughts on that. Also I generally wait 30 seconds between sets and one and a half to two minutes between exercises what is your personal preference

  3. I don't live in a big town, we have no gym, I have no car, life is super depressing EVERY DAY and no hope for me whatsoever. My body will forever be hideous I'm afraid.

  4. I personally look at workout videos because I want I to learn new stuff. But I noticed there's this entire breed that will watch instructional videos when they already know everything and make it evident in the comments. Seems like a waste of time if you're already perfect. Maybe I'm confused.

  5. see you mentioned in the other video about chest not to overload your workout. I have been working out over 6 years with not bad results (workout 5 to 7 times a week) but fell into the trap of trainers want me to work out for 3 hours a day on one muscle group. never juiced and never will so became impossible. Obviously you look in great condition so been following your channel for a few weeks and loving them. How many working sets do you suggest and do yourself for large and smaller muscle groups. Would dearly appreciate a reply seeming that i fell in almost all the traps you talk about on your channel


  6. My upper chest in the middle is a v shaped portion where muscle are less popped .so my chest does not look perfect…..what should I do Jeff

  7. having 50lbs of dumbells swinging over my head seems dangerous. I am guessing reaching muscle failure is not recommended when doing Heavy Dumbell presses

  8. hey Jeff there's a guy who posted a video on you tube regarding his life story of bearing man boobs. He says he has tried everything throughout his lifetime to get rid of those i.e., all kind of exercises, diet plans and even surgery. but none worked . but to the surprise he says he got rid of those finally by avoiding chest exercises man damn..I just don't know what to say

  9. Hey, Jeff I have a quick question for you. At my gym I have a problem with unracking the barbell during bench press. There are 3 hooks, but my hands are too long for the middle one yet too short for the higher one. This causes me to press in a bad form (without retracted scapula). Can I replace the bench press with Dumbell Press? What are your toughts? It looks like a perfect exercise for me.

  10. This may be a dumb question….but do the dips work the lower pecs? I struggle the most with my lower pecs when it comes to chest training…

  11. Hey Jeff, great channel!
    I have a question about dips and weighted dips. I had impingment(cause i irritated my supraspinatus) at the whole last year. And i fixed it nearly by doing first: zero chest- and overhead exersices and second: by strenghing me latisimus and (lower) trapez. I learned to do all my exersices with low and "normal" shoulderposition. Now, for the last three month my pain is mostly gone and i do 4-8 sets of chest and even less shoulder. Till now i avoid dips, cause i though if i don't get the perfect shoulder position (and i dont know if shoulders down is the best and right way or if i have to move with my shoulder up and down everytime) i really get impingment back really fast. What do you say to dips after impingment, and what are your best tips for this high athletic exersice.

    You are doing great work. Thanks man!

  12. hey this is amazing! but was wondering what that song was? itd be a great song to workout to so I can get in the zone so if anyone knows I'll really appreciate it

  13. Just tried this one! Hardest part was the anaerobic portion. 3 sets of 8 on pretty much everything

  14. This looks like so much fun. I'm about to do it tommorrow. Thanks for the workout I was looking for a switch.

  15. Been meaning to ask you since you know alot about the science of lifting. My chest days usually go like this: incline dumbell press, decline dumbell press, chest dips, low to high cable fly, high to low cable fly. Since compound excersizes are more effective at building the chest than isolation , wouldn't it be better to replace the flys with more sets of compound excersizes? Or do the flys enegage the muscle in a different beneficial way?

  16. Could you do or speak about the exact workout needed to combat man boobs.

    For example, my chest is bigger at the bottom then at the top. I want the top to be bigger and the bottom to be smaller along with the line in the middle. What do I do with regards to reps and sets?

  17. Quick question: You advocate a push/pull split routine with the workouts being 40-45 mins long. If I'm going to do chest/shoulders/tris all in one workout how long will my workout be if this chest routine took a full 34 mins?

  18. 3d cross cable doesnt seem to work. Can you illustrate it with details and mention perfect form? Please that would be much helpful

  19. Man you are awesome and I really appreciate you! Of course you can build a huuuge chest with your 5 exercises. But here;s my top 5 exercises for a chest building workout(I know some you don't like or approve but that's my opinion):
    1)Barbell bench press
    2)Incline Dumbell bench press
    3)Machine Press(all gyms have a machine chest press and they all work similarly)
    4)Dumbell fly OR Cable Fly OR Machine Pec fly(change program every two months)
    5)Chest dips(Slight bent forward, don't come all the way up to keep tension on the chest and go all the way down to stretch)

  20. I have a time frame of 2 months to gain as much lean muscle as possible, I have a basic weight bench with at least 300 pounds of weight and I have some dumbbells that's it, and I have the time. What would you recommend I do to gain the best amount of lean muscle in that time frame?

  21. Holy fucking fuck knuckles of fuck on a fuck-knuckle sandwich on fuckbread. Those Ninja push-ups were brutal! I threw them in at the very end, well before doing the chest finisher for 100 reps. It really had me gasping for air after each set, I was so pre-fatigued that I didn't have to do a lot of reps tho.

  22. How many reps should I do for each anyone can help me studying PT and trying to perfect my craft Athlean-X is my idol this man is a beast can only hope to become like him one day.

  23. On the 3D chest chiseler, how do you keep your shoulders from cheating? In other words how do you focus on the chest without your shoulders wanting to help.

  24. Unsuccessfully attempted the lateral shuffle.

    But successfully made myself look like a complete tool at the gym.

  25. I'm a teenager and I can't afford any of those equipment what chest exercises can I do to help my chest without work equipment

  26. So for those pushups, about how many should be in a set? When doing incline my first 3 sets are 35reps, then go down by 5 for every 2 after that till I reach 10 then I finish it off strong by going for 20 more for my last so does anyone have a guesstimate for what my number should probably be? I've never done sets like that, 8-count pushups are the only others I've done that aren't just modified standards.

    I'm thinking I should finish my dbell-presses off with this before going to dbell crossovers.

  27. This is great, however… Each exercise is in a different program, so if we subscribe to your scheme, we will never get THIS workout, which seems odd if you're suggesting it as a great chest workout.

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