Como instalar canilla para lavarropas. Tutorial Fantastico.

welcome friends once again for me
TheAlejoVideos channel … that we bring today a brief brief brief video but I in
some time I didn’t know for sure there must be a lot of people that
know and a lot of people who don’t know then towards those last oriented
we always try to give you some information that we have learned life and from
what is it about … do you see this type of tap? sorry for the mess because I have to accommodate everything here this type of faucets here, let’s talk
a little closer, come this guy normal shins
I now have the washing machine connected here but what’s up i’m fed up i’m fed up with that
every time you need to wash clothes or wear this I have to walk disconnecting
so for that they sell this kind of bobbins that has a 1/2 thread
male a three quarter thread here male also with his key
independent and the key here so it’s like you have two veneers
in one basically so let’s show the process a little and many times it’s very easy many times
he thinks he is careful because the pipes and they are very old when unscrewing the
previous faucet can burst everything like that you have to be very careful so
I’m going to put my hands into action and I’m going to Explain how it is done. Spherical bobbin
for washing machine lever 1/2 3/4 because because we have here
below but here below the 1/2 and here the 3/4 take the
washing machine is 3/4 females come and this is the key to that
there are many brands have many brands this is the one i found first
there close and open if perpendicular perpendicular to this pipe that is
at 90 degrees is that it is closed and there is open and that for all the key of
step back to the ball is What is the main tool that we are going to use to do this work? a stilson key that is a
force key if you don’t call them stilson tell me in the comments as they call them in their respective countries one basically fits there first and
close and nail mcuho and there nobody gets nobody takes it out Let’s loosen up with this the old tap if they have very pipes
old men have a lot of love because sometimes it is very nailed the threads are welded
almost oxides so let’s put here and we will see
this work I confess that I in his moment I didn’t know how it was done
so this is caught this thread when you put this thread
female of from which goes to the washing machine He doesn’t wear Teflon because he has
a jelly that makes lock there and go
well now let’s go to the delicate part what is … take this out Hopefully the thread does not break My social networks: @TheAlejoVideos on all social networks We have taken this out. It has 1/2 male thread. 1/2 inch male and you have to put Teflon on this We already said in several videos, even the first ones we did on yotuube … how does teflon get It gets so that go in the direction of the thread … that is counterclockwise, that the teflon go spinning like that no teflon
the tip is the edge that when screw it up and take off the Teflon
now let’s see that is, screw up like this (Time Sense) this screw up like this
then the teflon must go So
counterclockwise so it does not come out while I curl counterclockwise and when it turns it will tighten more Do i understand because if they spin and
Teflon tip is like this it starts to come out what they already put counter-clock wise
so when it turns this is like that seeing it spinning doing so come the east end, it has to be accompanied by the turn not with the guitar hero but with the twist
to turn they have to put it there but I have to put more Teflon, because I was dancing I don’t want dance
So I must put more Teflon it has to be at the last and tight Whenever they take out faucets they must take out the old Teflon because the old Teflon is no longer useful I’m going to pause this video
to tell you a phrase: never in your life never stop studying, study
Always, don’t study what leaves money study what makes them happy on
heart never stop studying freedom
it gets studying, studying gives you the
freedom so always study study always study encourage
others who always study forever always the general reasoning study
they always study anything but study that’s how we make societies great and
this does not happen do not cover this there, there always has to be the free peak now yes, come on There it enters harder Now it’s much better Then you get here Ok, It’s right
and there they have the faucet the installed bobbin we will see better this actually has cold water and
hot water so now if I open here water will come out cold mixed with hot water is like
that mixes here at the peak but well I do So So nothing
completed work a short video that we have added to
know popular on youtube on my channel TheAlejoVideos and my networks around me
let’s say they are instagram, facebook and twitter nothing more nothing more I hope you found it useful. Look at the cake that they made me last time for my birthday
and I leave you in the description who He did it because I think you make them
also what do I know I love you only later and
study always always study study always gives you freedom
understand study and do not study what give money study what makes them happy
you have to come to the world to be happy do you understand? be happy
be happy goodbye if it gets complicated if it gets complicated with
this stilson key we have this look and with this key we take out what
Whatever, there are many measures of this key this key is spectacular
spectacular spectacular fantastic

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