[Music] hello YouTube so today in our schedule we are going to review hmm see for now it’s it’s a product made from cell you sell you for i believe whatever that brand is what in the world is pretty workout you this safe how do i do song what’s wrong with you are you good are you okay what’s wrong hungry ah sweaty modie [Applause] 30 servings it’s made by cellucor I don’t know if that’s a Walmart brand because Sally Korres all over Walmart 1994 excluding tags so that’s pretty spread cheese food punch good flavor tastes like pepto-bismol we randomly went to Walmart today thought we should guess the pre-workout try it out review it for you guys 1994 excluding tax which is pretty good apparently it’s America’s number one pre-workout we went to LA Fitness this chest device got some gains juicy days [Music] you know the recommended servings is take one scoop but gains two scoops – scooter times the games gang game anyway both gave me a lot of energy I was tired all day I didn’t have anything to eat and the coffee steering line energy horrible first of all who needs Harvey vitamin B but by like you have to think about it for people who want to have energy get that max effort when you put me shut up it’s a thing called creatine creatine doesn’t it though first of all creatine is in here look if you look in the see for sports performance blend it says recognized micronized creatine monohydrate this thing makes a heart beat as fast as a bullet it clogs up your lungs so you can’t read that well did you begin good idea for your heart you played too much for tonight you better be sitting in your room you gotta have those days just a minute Eugene I bet it’s small I bet it’s small what’s small what’s all right there it went there it says my here it shrinks it by two to four inches which one would you rather take coca-cola to the gym for energy Cathy full of sugar bowl of sugar or sea floor of coca-cola to the gym or no see for sport pre-workout 30 servings fruit punch 78 grams of sugar which is a whole lot but again diabetes and die early or pre-workout that has no sugar obviously because first of all it has two quarts which is cancer no it’s not cancer but must learn that they are in bad condition before they start working out and all of us learn war it has 135 grams milligrams whiteside will Oh mrs. twice is more than compass’ and will look at the size Wow it’s half the size would you rather carry this around or this plug it under what how much caffeine dosed 135 one really this is 34 milligrams you took two scoops of this 135 milligrams so what is that times – 270 milligrams of caffeine that you took – bench and exercise seven eight bottles of coke you have to drink in order to get this I mean if you drink seven to eight bottles of coke you go 140 calories times seven to eight which is like a thousand all right all that sugar now in calories sugar what are you working on monkeys you guys did you ROG you guys I’d rather be a bucket manager happy to piss you’ll be hype for about about ten minutes like open this you have energy for two hours I think this is good this is better than coca obviously that’s some BS gosh these guys with the business visas have you seen your face creatine monohydrate you know it has a little bit of everything that you need calcium magnesium potassium it has a little bit of calories too and passing energy post-workout recovery all the recovery with it’s pretty good guys Wow screw him yeah he doesn’t work out here’s a people who work out nor will you know that this is 100 times better than Cooper it sound worked out we’re gonna do four though huh where these 450 pound each oh really [Applause] you guys see it no it smells good too I suppose Chris so what you guys do is it’s a small scoop it’s recommended to take one serving but if you’re doing a cleric or Unitarian parcours [Music] doesn’t even come down you know how much you take absolutely none strong zero juice here’s the conclusion don’t take Coke to fly here’s the conclusion just don’t take c4 to pre-workout I mean it’s really good you guys can get your energy you know just get some sleep early in the morn mean late at night don’t sleep like sleep just don’t take pre-workout I’ll just know take creatine monohydrate cuz it’s good for you powders I’ll say what’s that cocaine I recommend it four out of five for the price and you know for the effects that I had when I went to LA Fitness I give it a four out of five what about you give about a four point two to five what about you negative negative month this is terrible you know what you know what coca-cola stands for its double si double si double the vitamin C cocaine cancer all right guys let’s wrap it up tell us in the comments below which one would you guys prefer we wanted to focus this video more on the seafloor just to make you fun we put it in the coca-cola you can’t you know gang gang with no coca-cola you need that Mads I need that soul let us know what you guys think about see force for free pre-workout fruit punch from Walmart [Music]


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