Coconut Worm Pizza with Phúc Mập & Vietnam Meets Dustin

get my notebook my day omegas must got my buying a home or for poker Harvey if a bayonet so mom name and you really can’t okay now Babel back saying of Vietnam the winery eyes for it Tyler one like we did got man okay Wow Wow [Music] boom ah my lesson day yeah I got the new mule pizza welcome to the house and thank you for inviting me gun ma new boiler ah don’t worry I went to the market today breath I come prepared put that thing over here oh yeah we’re gonna hold it in my hand they bite come on man oh this looks great [Music] so what do we have here so we got demure with pizza but for me I don’t need the pizza I just need the worms but we have the pizza because the thing is the new newer will complement the pizza the pizzas just met pinto Jumu’ah long hon so it makes the pizza better this is known as don’t you it’s a coconut work that’s like coconuts they taste just like coconut yeah whoever died from eating worms right I think a lot of people my my dog actually really sick from adding words but different types of worms those are intestinal worms well now I’m second-guessing this whole video disgusting man yeah I’ve heard that before but actually when you put it in the sauce it’s really good and this video my friend and I we ate it on we put 20 of these on the pizza they taste much much better when they’re alive okay sorry I’ll put the top back on personally when I eat them I like to bite them in half so I can feel the juice in the slime and all the goodness inside of them just pop and explode in my mouth well the way you talk about it now I want to eat the whole pizza – yeah but the heads – because the head is the crunchy part but all you need to do is this get up to it trying to grab it so much Cleary so you get up to it just like that and all the juice right here this is the best part click that now guys get in the way make it look so easy yeah I got someone that pants though [Music] see hold it like this though otherwise it’ll bite so how do you feel about that right very gross would you eat one okay I don’t blame you man a lot of people wouldn’t Alan you taste better with the Peace of now I know it doesn’t the pizza kills it I don’t own but you can you can take it like this you have the head and just I got like a strong [Music] I’ve never tried them with pepperoni so I would really like to take this guy squeeze him in a pepperoni always trying to squeeze his way out don’t bite me bro look this is just business I didn’t want to do this he talked me into it I don’t like it he looks at me like that sounds like a betta they’re gonna eat the head no I have a video with these where it actually so you got to be very careful just they will bite alright so we got our piece of pizza right here so we need to make a do Mewis sauce so you can all this black right here don’t worry about this my hands are actually very clean this is just from the the insides guts of the coconut work you just take it and you squish it like this that’s all you guys so you need the sauce right here when you have the sauce it adds a nice texture to the pizza so some worms will have more sauce and you can always put it in the pizza like this so got the head got the sauce and it’s already dead so it kind of takes the fun out of it awesome it’s actually really good okay well Vietnam we say for iPods oh okay oh okay hang on oh mama oh hi bad solo a little alone okay come on run you rub away the Koran and when I every round with me and I’m a call alert to your money come on you [Applause] [Music] I prefer my sauce method better but [Music] so that soon as you take the head off of it [Music] there we go there we go that’s really hard I don’t know what I did what is that [Music] just tell me yeah how you feel oh fuck oh sorry all right right yeah alive oh geez right yeah I eat up all the time yeah so for you guys who are using full MOPP channel to learn English I’ll teach you word pansy poo mop is a bit of a pansy when it comes to eating these he’s scared of the head and he’s very uncomfortable when he’s eating so you have pansy it’s a good work for you guys well let me let me teach you another English word is called sophisticated palate it means knowing what good taste is would you eat french fries without ketchup no mayonnaise what who eats french fries or mayonnaise I do that’s gross dude dude with ketchup your man mommy you talked about me being a pansy and you eat french fries your mouth dude come on the mayonnaise it’s completely different from this and let’s let’s throw a little Vietnamese in there – it’s called Bombay oh you are Bombay Oh bunny named Daniel Hill French fries joy or beer calm and home ok ok so pansies the word that I’d use because we’re gonna have to Snoop Dogg I don’t know Vietnamese footage of Udinese rapper rapper ah Sun Goes Down I don’t know what’s this I gotta cover up this head this skin stays beautiful cuz I don’t get sunburned not everybody has x-men infused hair like yourself you know if you didn’t have that hair you would probably the second ugliest person in Vietnam do it I used to shave my head mm-hmm it’s good thing you don’t anymore I hit puberty like I think I remember how old I was maybe like 12 when I noticed when I was 11 Oh eat the worm eat the head pansy oh look man I’m allergic I’m his head there’s so much talk right now just eat it you eat the head eat the head should I do it well I prove this guy wrong or I’ll just be backing him up no you’re still gonna be a pansy even if you don’t eat that see then what’s the point of eating the head take a root in your audience that you can do it guys if you watch any of my videos you’ve seen that I’ve been bit before ok they do bite I almost went to the hospital there’s no joke really I want to go but the point is it was dangerous all right and I don’t know what these things are oh I tried and all that I shall run long IV yeah I walk up behind him and drop it down the back of his jeans and then I’ll say uh and see what happens with that and then I’ll still eat it was it would it be something that you were trying something that you would eat no no yeah I could beat you at buff time I know we haven’t done it yet but I’ll destroy you they say follow your dreams but sometimes your dreams don’t turn into reality do you I will cube you it buck you guys make sure down in the comments let us know if you want to see me be Dustin at his own game you ain’t gonna zoom in that’s big already alright boring on the I do Quinn dankey kahng cool Dustin Vietnamese Dustin no II know eating Roy hi Cham Niang hidden key and the Queen danke can cool folks folks a call back so your fuck Dania Jung mi come to Monomoy no losses like to Hmong senior and I just do more there’s nobody to mi it’s good enough alright zombie am I going hi guys before I forget real quick I want to give a shout out to all euros on LaVon City they provided this pizza for us now if you call them and ask for a coconut worm pizza tell them you saw poop mops videos but unfortunately I don’t know if they keep these in stock so you might have to order a day in advance ourselves but all you euros and paulie’s Pizza & Pasta really good coconut worms just add that much more [Music]

100 thoughts on “Coconut Worm Pizza with Phúc Mập & Vietnam Meets Dustin

  1. Ok, Dustin probably tried to compensate the gross worms with his hot shirtless self…but still gross… And why would you ruin pizza like that?? NO!!!

  2. You guys should be on CNN channel. CNN should hired you guys to start a Travel and strangest street foods Channel. Am Vietnamese but if you guys show me these creatures, I will on the be floor, either fainting or dying slowly from shock.

  3. Chỉ có thánh Dustin mới nghĩ những trò nhây để chọc ông Phúc Mập đúng là cặp đôi vàng trong làng tấu hài youtube :))

  4. I just invited my foreign friends to try these coconut worms and u know! they said" those were nasty", but after their first bite, they started being addicted to those kinda worms.

  5. Em là người Việt nhưng nói thật ơ Việt Nam! Chắc 1 triệu người chi co 2,3 nguoi giám ăn kaka

  6. Actually, you are so creative when combining them together. I guess, it's delecious. I would give it a try 😀

  7. At first, I think they could not eat those worms :)))) In fact, they could eat those easily, as many Vietnamese even dare not to touch the worm. Impressive Hurley and Dustin (y)

  8. I am VietNamese hello everyone came to VietNam.
    And VietNam is readyto welcome you from anywhere.
    You foreigners are very handsome. Beautiful girl we love foreigners.

  9. Tôi phải gọi hai bạn là anh hùng , hai bạn ăn đuông dừa quá giỏi , tôi nhìn thấy nó là đã sợ rồi ,đừng nói đến ăn

  10. Yo yo ei eiiiii Put your hand up Đustin Phúc Mập 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 . I got the Đuông Dừa so cute Jesus ❤️❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆 Dustin lúc nào củng chơi dơ hết so cute :)))

  11. Từ túi quần đi ra.. thật ấn tượng! Tôi người Việt nhưng cũng chưa bao giờ dám ăn con này nữa😂

  12. Anh Dustin thịt chuột còn ăn chứ dăm ba con đuông sợ gì haha.
    Anh Phúc thì bá đạo…
    Thề 2 anh Tây gan dạ nhất nước Mỹ 😀😀😀

  13. Nói tiếng Việt hay quá 😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😍😘😍😘😘😍😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😍😘

  14. Anh phúc kết hợp vừa sub việt vừa học anh văn hay hơn rồi á. E thích những video vừa giải trí và học anh văn.

  15. You should be watch this video

  16. Bro, hahahahhaaha I'm Vietnamese and fuk bugs for me. You and Phuc Map are braver than I am. Damn, Dustin, you are crazier than I thought. You described how you are the worm made me wanted to puke. Hahaha haha your buddy bit the worm before you did.

  17. Mình là người vn mà xem cái này xong mình phải đi nghiên cứu lại coi mình có đúng là người vn không nữa.😂😂 thua

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