10 thoughts on “Coach on leave after exercise causes blisters on students’ hands

  1. To begin with the guys do this all the time and have no complaints but the girls didn’t do their bear crawls right they dragged their hands against the track and it was a punishment

  2. Dear Abby,

    I get blisters from jackin too fast sometimes, this happens even after i get done makin love to my wife too, i feel amused but abused at the same time, i need help…..blissfully blistered in bay city

  3. To all of yall talking crap how about y'all go bear crawl for 49 minutes around the track and if you stand up or wipe your hands off you start over see how much you like it my friend was taken to the hospital because it I was on the track also we just got ice because our hands hurt and there where over 37 kids in the nurses office so they had to call our parents we weren't trying to complain or be weak or anything if it burns your hand you put ice on it it's simple.

  4. Wait! They had to miss school because they have blisters on their hands? Kids go to school on crutches! Grow up little spoiled brats and stop whining! Kids these days have no backbone, no internal drive. Everyone thinks they should get some damn trophy cause they showed up, get a job cause they are entitled. And parents need to stop coddling these kids! I had blisters on my hands worse that from doing yardwork when I was 14, and I still went to school, and still managed to play my trumpet!!

  5. Aw, I'm sorry wittle baby, coachy didn mean to put blisters on the babies hand 😘😘😘 there I kissed it awww betder now..

    They want teachers to teach their whimpy kids but forbid them from getting their hands dirty

  6. A bunch of parent's are going to get some taxpayer money the kids blisters will heal life will go on
    And the asshole coach will get a memo

  7. Put that coach in jail and fired and Sue the coach for all the pain and suffering best physical abuse emotional abuse and verbal abuse and mental

  8. Moms got a point, if she punished her own offspring like this some overly concerned teacher or coach would take notice supposedly because they are concerned ive noticed a pattern in older people who know they can manipulate our own sympathetic and generous nature for their gain and many wont hesitate to do so

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