Clean Fast Food: In-N-Out & Starbucks w/ Robert Timms

Now I’m that guy that holds the line up and
everybody’s trying to look inside the car and see who’s ordering they want to see if
they can come up here and yell at me but they like nah he’s a little bit too big so we’re
just going to let him be hey what’s going on Muscle & Strength Robert Timms here with
Gaspari Nutrition and we’re about to take you to some fast food restaurants to go through
the drive thru and just pick easy pick ups when you know when you’re on the go whenever
I’m on the go like if I need to grab something I always have a little bit of options that
I try to choose from and make sure that they like I said still fit somewhat because there’s
never going to be a time where you’re able to get exactly your macros but I try to pick
the best options instead of you know going overboard whenever I do come through a fast
food drive thru breakfast food is anytime food so eggs are always a positive food to
get so I’ll try to get the egg bites which are just straight eggs and then they have
a piece of bacon on them and then they make those and they have about 20g of protein in
them so those are some of one of the options I usually go for
yes um can I do 2 orders of your um bacon egg bites what about the roasted red pepper
let me do those 2 let me do 2 orders of those yes sir and that will do it alright thank
you so as you can see I had to pull an audible they were out of the egg bites so I went with
the roasted red pepper and um those are the same thing just without bacon and they have
um red pepper in them little bit less protein the um uh bacon egg bites have about 19g protein
each and one pack of 2 egg bites and the roasted red peppers have about 13g of protein so only
getting about 26g of protein because I ordered 2 orders of them now I’m that guy that holds
the line up and everybody is trying to look inside the car and see who’s order they want
to see if they can come up here and yell at me but they like nah he’s a little bit too
big so we’re just going to let him bethank you no worries um yes please thank you sir
usually the have double windows they have a walk up window and they have a drive thru
window and you would think the drive thru window would be the fast food window but it’s
definitely not fast food alright so this is what we got and like I said it’s just um spinach
egg whites red pepper if I have a busy day it’s just something quick to grab get down
and keep it moving one is definitely not enough one of the west coast favorite restaurants
in-n-out is known for its burgers and fries the simplicity of them um not too crazy of
ingredients not too much it’s just the burger and just a good clean burger fresh burger
and fries um they make them on the spot so once you order it that’s when they start to
cook it um and what I’m going to go for is I’ll get a regular hamburger protein style
and then I’ll get a regular fry and a diet coke excellent how’re you doing yes let me
do a number 3 protein style yes please a diet coke alright thank you so protein style is
no bun um so it still cuts back on your carbs but I got the fries so I can get carbs anyway
but another way I could flip it would be to get a double double regular without fries
alright thank you so like I said I just got a burger and fries got it protein style so
it’s covered in lettuce something simple just something to you know give me some fuel throughout
the day and it’s one of those things that if I’m on the go I just come here grab this
and immediately after a workout because they’re a fast digesting food so I will try to knock
those out right after my workout while my body is actually starving after a workout
so this would be a good post workout meal for meno it’s not I love mcDonalds those are
just a few tips and you know little bits of knowledge to understand how to continue on
your fitness journey remember everybody’s journey is different nobody is going to be
the same so just take the little bits and pieces from people and do your research and
figure out what works best for you in long run it will be better outcome for you because
you understand yourself and how to get through your fitness journey

100 thoughts on “Clean Fast Food: In-N-Out & Starbucks w/ Robert Timms

  1. The first few seconds of this vid is exactly why I wanna get big, possible even take steroids. Being big is so beneficial in public.

  2. Being an in-n-out employee who also trains a lot, you can also get a double meat which is two patties and no cheese for more protein!

  3. "Everybody's journey is different", it is true, ive been about fitness for about 6 years orso, when i started getting serious ive done my research amd started eating 5 to 7 times a day, now recently i switched from fitness to calesthenis, i now only jave 3 main meals a day and a snack before bed, it works perfectly for me and the gains. Just remember listen to your body and try various styles. And see what is most fitting for yourself.

  4. Oh shit just noticed this is in avondale 😂 & if ARIZONA is part of the in N out reference to being the west coast fave spot, ARIZONA is not the west coast ma nigga & if it wasn't then my appology!

  5. Dang ive seen small guys eat a triple burger with fries. This guy swapping out fries with buns. Eating a small burger ? I need to learn more about dieting lol

  6. All i see is that his left front tire got 0 mm tread on it… gotta change that tire asap my dude! and also get the overthrow checkt on all 4 of ur tires!

  7. EVERYTHING THAT HE GOT WAS FOOD EXCEPT THE DIET COKE !!!! Like Come ON !!! Everyone knows that Diet is word better yet just get Iced Tea with No Sugar or just WATER ! Anyways good guys keep up the good work

  8. In and out and starbucks is not healthy. Over charging for salad bags and boxed fruit isnt healthy. You weak af for this bro

  9. He called the Egg Bites “straight eggs” but they do have a carb mixture in them to keep ‘em moist. Look up the ingredient list.

  10. It's funny how obsessed people get they have to break it down into grams of protein per meal. Nutritional labels are 9 out of 10 times wrong

  11. Wait a minute… Does that Starbucks have a outside area with mist spray or is it some kind of garden?!?

  12. Did anyone else notice his driver side inner tire tread wear . Inner tire is getting bald . U need an alignment on that jeep buddy .

  13. How scared would you be if you see this guy hop out of his truck that looks like it should be in a monster truck rally and then a big and strong body builder walks up to you

  14. I get the point of the video, but he doesn't even believe it.
    You can tell he never eats those foods. haha.
    If you just finished your workout, and are serious about lifting, you'll have your protein shake and carbs with you.

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