Clean Bulking: Meal Prep For The Week

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy Adashun, Weight Gain Network. And today I’m going to show you how brain-dead
simple it is to do a meal plan for the entire week
in about an hour in your kitchen. I’m going to make the process so easy you’re
going to make all kinds of gains, hit around 3 to 4,000 calories effortlessly every single
day. So I want to show you how it is done. So what I’ve done here is I have my kitchen
kind of compartmentalized I guess you would say. I have my protein section right over here,
so I’ve got a couple pounds of grass-fed beef, some salmon already cooked, some chicken,
some eggs, some sardines. All kinds of protein up in here. I’m going to kind of walk you through how
I cook it efficiently. Then over here I have all my carbohydrates. So we’ve got some potatoes already made. I have a rice cooker, so it’s really easy
to make rice throughout the week, so I made about two or three cups of rice right here. I’ve got some pineapple cut up. I’ve got my oatmeal, my brown rice cakes. Here I’ve got all my supplements I’m going
to walk you through. And right over here we’ve got the simple and
easy healthy fats that are going to boost my testosterone. I guess the biggest pain in the ass is cooking
all of this protein. So what I do here is step one, get a couple
pounds of salmon and I bake it in the oven. Salmon goes really quick. It only takes about 20 – 25 minutes. I actually bought this at Whole Foods, so
they were nice enough to make it for free. These are only like 6 dollars and 49 cents
each at Whole Foods. I think 6 ounce really high-quality salmon. Step one if you want to make the salmon in
the oven. And then step two I’ve got two pounds here
of 95 percent grass-fed beef. And I cooked it with two and a half tablespoons
of liquid coconut oil. Coconut oil is awesome for boosting your energy. So when you go into the gym, going through
those killer workouts, you want your energy levels to be sky-high, definitely recommend
some coconut oil. I also occasionally will use olive oil, but
I’m switching to coconut oil just because of the energy boosting benefits. So what I do here is I just basically – I
do a little black pepper, I do a little garlic powder and I do a little pink seas salt and
I just make this huge kind of protein scramble here. So two pounds of grass-fed beef is going to
give me about 200 grams of protein and about 35 – 40 grams of fat, but the fat in grass-fed
beef has a lot of vitamins in it. It’s got omega-three fatty acids. It helps to boost your testosterone. By the way, these two types of protein right
here – good-quality salmon, grass-fed beef I would rate probably one and two as far as
high-quality protein that help you build muscle really fast. Over here we have two and a half to three
pounds of chicken. So after the salmon is done baking, which
only takes about 20 minutes, you’re going to throw the chicken in the oven. Now the chicken will bake for about 40 to
45 minutes. So in about an hour’s time we have two pounds
of salmon, two pounds of grass-fed beef, and two and a half pounds of chicken, so that
is six and a half pounds of cooked protein in about an hour. All really high quality. And then here is the wild card, man. We’ve got wild-sardines. They actually don’t taste that bad. I bought these a while ago. I haven’t been eating them. But even in Tim Ferriss’s new book, Tools
of Titans, he talks about wild sardines, how they’re super high in omega-three. Actually one of the best protein sources in
the entire world. This little container here has six grams of
fat, but really rich in omega-three fatty acids. About 30 grams of protein. So once in a while I’ll cook these up in a
little bit of olive oil or coconut oil, so just some simple, quick, cheap protein. Then of course we’ve got the eggs over here. So I’ve got some organic eggs. This is cheap protein, like 4 dollars and
50 cents for a dozen organic eggs. So when I do the grass-fed – I’ll cook all
this grass-fed beef and use it for two different reasons. Sometimes in the morning I’ll take about a
quarter cup scoop of it, which is about 25 grams of protein. I’ll crack three to four eggs over it, just
to make a really high protein omelet to start my day. Then also I’ll combine it over here with one
of my carbohydrate sources. By the way, while all this is going on, you
can cook some carbohydrates in the process. So if you guys have a rice cooker, you can
cook up to like five or six cups of rice at the same time while all this protein is cooking. Pineapple is amazing for building muscle. Really good for protein digestion. So highly recommend you cut up some pineapple
and just kind of munch on this throughout the week. Have it with all your high-protein meals. This also really helps me with my sweet tooth. So pineapple – really sweet, really good for
you. Then for on-the-go, nice and efficient, we’ve
got the brown rice cakes here. And I’m going to kind of walk you through
a couple of my favorite high-calorie snacks too. I’m going to transition over here to the healthy
fats. So fats should be really easy to get throughout
the week. So olive oil and coconut oil – obviously whenever
I’m cooking like vegetables or protein I use the coconut oil or olive oil and then here’s
another one you guys probably aren’t familiar with – we’ve got Brazil nuts. So a couple of these every single day – really
good for your testosterone. They’ve got a lot of zinc, selenium, magnesium
– super healthy for you. So I’ll have a couple like Brazil nuts. They’re really good at night. Then chia seeds and hemp seeds, you can put
this on everything guys. It’s high in protein, high in omega three
fatty acids – super efficient way to get in more calories throughout the day. Then of course we’ve got the peanut butter
and almond butter. So another high-calorie snack I’ll do is I’ll
just throw some of this on some celery, which you can kind of put in these meal-prep containers. Sprinkle some chia seeds and hemp seeds on
top of it, you’ve got a really easy, high calorie snack right there. Then also the peanut butter and almond butter
can go on top of the rice cakes for another really good high-calorie snack. So for my carbohydrates throughout the week,
I usually stick with potatoes, which I can bake in the oven or make on the frying pan
at the same time as the beef or I’ll simply go with some cooked brown rice. Of course I’ve got my fruit. Then also you can do smoothies, so incorporating
things like blueberries and bananas, any type of fruit in any of the mass-building smoothies
doesn’t really require much effort. Then I’ve been kind of on a chocolate coconut
water kick, so I’ll have this post-workout really good. I actually just made a mass building shake
with it. Then over here we’ve got the efficient supplements. So kind of show you what I’m taking right
now. Milk thistle is actually good for your liver. It helps digestion as well. I’ve got branched-chain amino acids sometimes. If I ever do intermittent fasting, I’ll take
some BCAA’s. I’ve got my whey protein. This was like 13 bucks at Whole Foods. I was out of protein, so I just snatched this
up. Then the supplements that you guys are probably
most interested in. I take ZMA at night for recovery. I’ll get to the pre-workout last. Then this is so good, especially if you guys
lift really heavy – collagen – hydrolyzed collagen – grass-fed collagen at that. I got this on for like 22 bucks. This is amazing for your joints, so if you’re
squatting, you’re deadlifting, you’re benching really heavy, start getting that shoulder
pain, start getting back pain, knee pain, definitely want some joint support, so this
is really good just for lubricating your joints and keeping those ligaments, tendons, everything
really healthy to prevent injury. Highly recommend you guys pick this up. One of my top five favorite supplements. Then pre-workout, I actually got a few free
samples of this and I really liked it. Pretty good energy profile. Doesn’t have a lot of stimulants. I’m trying to kind of wean off of the stimulants. But the thing I really like about it is it’s
got a lot of branched-chain amino acids. It’s got 7.5 grams of BCAAs, 6 grams citrulline,
5 grams of creatine. It’s got the beta-alanine, lots of caffeine. I like it. It tastes really good, so I’ve been doing
that for pre-workouts. And that’s pretty much in a nutshell guys. So super easy to do a meal prep for the entire
week. Doesn’t really take a whole lot of thought. As long as you have a little system going. So you should always have like four things
happening at once, so you’re cooking your protein. Protein – like if you have ground turkey or
ground beef – you’re cooking that in a frying pan. You can even throw a couple eggs on top too,
good way to get in more healthy fats and proteins. You always have something in the oven, whether
it be the salmon, the chicken, the potatoes. Always baking something. You should have the rice cooker fired up. And then when you’re not actually doing anything,
because some of this stuff you just set it up and leave it as is, you can always prepare
things like pineapple because kind of a pain in the ass to cut pineapple every single time
you want eat it. So like cutting the pineapple, just kind of
planning your plan of attack on the mass building. Really easy to do guys. Just takes a little bit of planning and you
guys would make all kinds of gains. It is so easy guys. Get in that calorie surplus, get a system
down. Cook all this food at once and you guys will
have an easy meal prep for the week. I would love to hear your thoughts on any
of the video. If you have any questions on like supplements
or any of these foods that I’ve chosen to include in my mass-building diet let me know
in the comments below.

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