CJ Koegel Full Chest Workout

hey guys, Kevin Kreider, I’m here with the
sensational… What?! No one’s ever called me sensational before. Hey guys, Kevin Kreider and I’m here with…. Whats up its your boy CJ. So dramatic. Why? For no reason
He’s going to show me a new workout, its a chest movement day. We’re going to do a chest workout and its
a chest movement followed by an ab movement that is going to act as your rest period. Its going to like a cardio…hit day right? Yeah, condition the muscles, not all of us
gotta be big and swole like you bro. Who doesn’t want to be big and swole. COME ON MANNNN! Girls like lean! They don’t want no incredible hulk asian version. He’s just jealous. Allright, so I’m gonna lead you through the
workout and he’s going to instruct as well. Everything in moderation. If I’m starving and I want it, I’ll eat it. But I’m not gonna eat fried food everyday
either. CJ’s going for an every day look so he’s going
for leaner, so he’s going from 1 set to the next what do you call it? Yeah, so right from here back to chest. On my rest after chest, I go back here, just
rotate through. That way my heart rate stays up the whole
time. Get in a little sweat in, ya know?! And replacement for your hair gel. Just blow wind up in the air. Haiir grows spikey. Double benefit. CJ’s way. And then Kevin’s way. The key here is the flex the bicep as much
as possible. CJ showed me a plank roll out…. ohhhhhh!
my god! Do that again. And I thought that he was a pussy for doing
that. Shhhh! There’s ladies around. Oh I thought he was… Hey guys, I really hope you enjoyed watching
that video. And you got some new ideas for your workout
routine especially for your chest and your abs for when you just get a little bored or
stale with your workout routine. Its only for when you want to throw something
new in once a while. When I mean once in a while, maybe every 4
to 8 weeks o try this out during a de-load or a week off even. Just try to go a little with lighter weights
and just have fun with it. Its a good time. And I’m really glad I got to workout with
CJ finally. We’ve been trying to do this for a long time
and as you can tell he’s a really funny guy. I really enjoyed his sense of humor while
we were working out. So go into the link below, its the body designer. Its free to take. It will lead you to a great workout program
for you. Weather your a beginner or advanced, you want
to go into a gym workout or a be at home. Comfort of your own home to get a great workout
in. So that will lead you to the right program
for you. So guys, please don’t forget to subscribe
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