(food sizzling) – What’s up, guys? It’s another beautiful day in Miami. I had a great weekend: I took my son to the Frost Museum to do
some Halloween activities and then we went to
GameWorks and had a blast. But today is Monday, I
gotta get back into routine. So, the first thing I have
to do is get my workout in. I was telling the guys that
for the next couple weeks until the LA Vid Expo, we want to get like crazy strong, crazy shredded. So, I’m putting these guys
through a strength camp. I’m gonna be training
these guys like crazy, every single day, at least
Monday through Friday to get them prepared for the expo. And I’m gonna be taking you
guys along for the ride. So, it’s about 8am right now, I’m about to get the day started. Normally, some people
would be eating breakfast around this time, but I like to fast. I mean, it feels more comfortable for me and while I’m fasting, I
like to get a workout in in the middle of that time and then, I’ll probably start
eating for the first time; lunch, around 2pm. Of course, when it comes to nutrition, it’s a personal thing for
each and every person. You know, depending on what
type of health situation you’re already in, if
you’re super healthy, if you’re not healthy, if
you’re lactose intolerant, if you have diabetes, and so forth, certain things are okay for you as certain things are maybe not okay or not preferably good for others. So, I’m just gonna show you
guys my personal routine and how I do it, how I
eat every single day. As soon as I finish this workout, I’m gonna try and get back to the office and cook up a meal to show you guys one of my favorite dishes
that I like to make when it comes to making those gains, baby. So, stay tuned. It is freezing right now. What the hell? This is Miami, how is this happening? So, I’m pretty sure Osvaldo is going to be the first one through
that door; he’s smart. So, we gotta do something a little more advanced for Osvaldo. Bro, you know what would be hilarious? If we did the box trick. We’ll set this one up first. (box dropping) (upbeat music) (sounds drowned out by music) (box drops) (laughter) – Enough (spring sound effect) – I don’t need to get down from here. (fiddling with the box) (laughter) (screaming) (mumbles) So, what do you
guys wanna train today? Alright, this is what we’re gonna do: we’re gonna do technique for 20 minutes, we’re gonna do planch, we’re gonna do one-arms and today, our workout
is gonna be a push day, so we’re gonna be doing triceps and chest. Let’s go do technique and
then we’ll work (mumbles). (upbeat music) To warm up, we’re gonna start
with a couple challenges. You guys, try this! You can do it! Yeah, this is hard. – (mumbles) (laughter) (guys cheering) – Oh, professional! Start right here. Who can jump the longest? – [Sound Effect] You win. You lose. – [Chris] There you go. – [Camera Man] Go! (laughter) (running) – Got the new little vlog stick. I’m officially a vlogger; it’s official. – [Camera Man] Perfect! (guys cheering) (clapping) – Alright, so I just
finished writing the workout. We’re gonna start out warming up with two techniques: one-arm, planch. These two kind of compliment each other, especially ’cause one
fatigues the other one and at the level that we’re
training at right now, we want to be able to build our endurance. So, this is why we’re gonna
be training two techniques that are actually gonna
challenge each other. When you’re training one-arm, you’re using a lot of rear delt and you need a lot of that rear delt to do planch at the same time. So, this is gonna challenge them both to be able to keep up at the same time. So, training in this way is
going to optimize our skill. So, we’re first gonna start off with those two techniques, probably drill them for like 15 minutes and then we’re gonna start out workout. Our workout for the day is mainly a chest and tricep workout, pushing base, but it’s gonna
have a lot of technique embedded into this routine. So, we’re gonna start off
with a ring-drip drop set, then we’re gonna move into
some handstand pushups, then we’re gonna go into a 90-degree hold. From there, we’re gonna max
out our diamond and Y pushups and then, we’re gonna end
with some planch pushups, whatever progression we feel like we can optimize our
strength with at that point. So, we’re gonna do three
rounds of that workout and that’s a wrap. (upbeat music) This guy is doing the worm behind me. Hey, if you guys are trying this at home, one of the best ways to start off is don’t try to actually start off by putting all your weight on one arm. This first try, start off by
actually doing the handstand like that, have a firm
grip, have a firm grip and try to hold just a normal handstand. Once you get used to that, then you can start putting all your weight onto that one side,
leaning all your weight to that one delt. I still haven’t gotten a haircut. Definitely next vlog,
Imma be fresh. Real fresh. (upbeat music) Let’s start with some ring-dips drop set, then we’ll go into handstand pushups, 90-degree holds, diamond/Y,
maxing out those pushups, and finish with some planch pushups. (upbeat music) (guys laughing and cheering) (upbeat music) (shouting) (upbeat music) Last one, let’s make it count! (upbeat music) That’s the end of the routine, but I still need to show you guys one of the best foods to eat right after you finish training. Let’s make those gains! Alright guys, so we’re gonna go and get all the things that we need
to make this dish first. Italian dressing, lean
ground turkey breast, fresh tilapia for all you
people that don’t eat meat, broccoli, garlic, fresh onions, eggs, a little secret
ingredient: oyster sauce, lastly, a little complete seasoning. Alright guys, today, I’m gonna show you one of my go-to meals when it
comes to making those gains. This is a typical meal that I would make right after working out. You can make this meal in
about under 20 minutes. So, today, we’re gonna be working with broccoli, tilapia, and I
have ground turkey breast. I have tilapia here as an option for the people that don’t eat meat. We also have onions,
some garlic, and eggs. And then we’re gonna be working with complete seasoning, a
little bit of oyster sauce, and some italian dressing. So, the first thing that we need to do is light up the stove. So, you can be using
vegetable oil, canola oil, whatever it is that you guys use. Put a little bit and light up the stove. So, I’m gonna put it to about a little bit less than halfway. In the meantime, we’re
gonna come over here and start prepping everything. So, the first thing that we wanna do is start cutting up the onions. The key ingredient when it comes
to muscle gains is protein. You need to be making sure that you’re having the
proper protein intake, you’re having enough protein intake. Protein is what builds your muscles. So, this right here is gonna
be slammed with protein. Each egg has 7 grams of protein; every filet of tilapia has
23 grams of protein, I think; each serving of ground turkey
breast has about 27 grams. We just cut up our onion. Let’s put that in while we let these go. (sizzling) Alright, so while that’s
simmering, we’re gonna let that sit and we’re gonna start
continuing to cut up broccoli. Don’t forget about your
onions cooking back there, you don’t want to burn them. So, keep checking back to the pot. Now, we gotta work quickly. But of course, typically,
if someone only eats fish, you don’t want to be
mixing meat with fish. That would be a horrible thing to do. But people that are gonna
be eating fish in this case is gonna be us, so we don’t mind mixing the meat with the fish. So, this is the type of
mix that I like to do: I’ll put some Italian dressing and then, I’ll put a little
bit of complete seasoning. Now this. Move it around a bit. And we’ll let that sit
for a bit and marinate. Now, let’s bring over our meat. (sizzling) It’s starting to develop texture; as you can see, this is starting to cook. And these onions start
getting a little thick glaze. That’s when I’ll start
to add in the broccoli. So, these look the broccoli is ready. I’ll put in a little bit of oyster sauce. My grandma actually had a
Chinese restaurant in Trinidad a long time ago; they used
a lot of oyster sauce. Ah, I’m not good at flipping. – [Camera Man] Wait, my tilapia. – Now is when I’ll add in the broccoli. Let it get some of that tilapia. And this, this feels just about right. So, if you’re looking for a meal to get in shape, to get lean, to build muscle and not to
develop so many extra calories, then you’ll wanna be eating like this. When you’re cooking like this, you’re cooking the necessities for what you need for your body to grow, not just what you feel
that you’re craving. So, this is the first dish that’s done. There we go, that one came out even faster than I thought; 15 minutes. We’re gonna slam-pat this little meal right here for extra protein. Now, as you can see, it’s
starting to get brown and it’s getting this glaze color. When it starts to get like that, that literally means deliciousness. Put in the whole entire egg. But normally, I always
just use egg-whites. Look at how nutritious
and healthy this dish is. This is gonna be amazing right here. And it’s ready. Let’s drop that down. So, there you have it. Two of my go-to dishes when it
comes to making those gains. We have tilapia and broccoli
with garlic and onions, a perfect combination of protein and the necessary complex carbs. And over here, we have
ground turkey breast, one of the best protein choices when it comes for meat and eggs with broccoli, onions, and garlic. There you have it guys, those are my two dishes to make gains. This is something that I typically eat Monday through Friday. I’ll show you a couple more dishes with other vlogs to come. Alright guys, so that’s gonna
be it for this week’s vlog. Tune in next Thursday
at 2pm, USA Eastern Time to catch the next one while
continuing my training and I’m gonna continue with my nutrition. I’ll also try to throw in a
studio session with you guys and show you guys how I
make some of my music. If you guys have any other suggestions of what you’d like to see in this vlog, I’m really just having
so much fun with it. So, if you guys have anything
cool that you’d like to see, definitely comment down below. And if it’s really cool,
I’ll get around to it and put it into the vlog. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you guys next time.


  1. U inspire me to exercise at first I couldn’t do any pushups and within a month I can do 50. It took a lot of work but I can’t wait to get stronger and stronger and be able to do more exercise

  2. Can i ask you something, you work hard on your meal going to store gettin all them ingredients
    Why dont you order food ? Is it unhealthy or something

  3. Chris this video is really positive and educational.Well done.Just one advice from me : Use wooden tools for cooking so you can avoid damaging your pans 🙂

  4. Maybe training should be like martial arts, before Bruce Lee came up with the conception of mixing and blending different martial arts together, people would only give themselves to one discipline. What if you mixed calisthenics, powerlifting, bodybuilding etc together. I have always been into classic bodybuilding training with a bit of calisthenics, but I’m going to do like 70% calisthenics and 30% bodybuilding.

  5. Idk if my macros are right or not so i eat about about 2100-2375 calories 180- 200 protein 50-80 fats and 140-160 carbs im 21 height is 5'6 and weigh 141 idk if i should eat lest or more

  6. Great workout! Except for the tilapia fish and vegetable oil. Tilapia is very bad for human consumption. And so is vegetable oil or hydrogenated oils.

  7. not enough carbs post workout. thats why he hasnt got much muscle mass at all if he eats like that all the time, but i suppose he wants to be small for what he does.

  8. I also live in Miami. Do you have your own personal gym? Website? Would like to look into it. Thanks!

  9. Chris, why you don't eat fat? Colesterol and fat is at least is important for building muscles as protein. People don't actually need that much protein. Excess protein is converted into carbohydrates by liver and then stored into muscles. I know he's ripped and everything but I bet he would make even better and leaner gains by includin more colesterol into he's diet. Fat raises insulin far less than protein so he would be able to access he's fat stores faster when he's intermittent fasting. He's current diet is like doing ketogenic diet without much fat and that's not very optimal to do for a long term. Don't be afraid of animal fat, our brain and body craves it to function properly.

  10. Hi Chris Heria i am from jamaica i love watching you and your crew doing these great exercise i have not started your exercise routine as yet because of my work schedule but one day though. Just wanna say keep up the good work

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  16. Hi Chris! I have a short question: do you eat before your workout? At what time of the day do you workout? I don't eat in the morning, as you, and start with the lunch at 1 PM, but the thing is I workout in the morning(9AM) and eat at 1PM. Should I move my workout after the lunch?

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