Choti Sarrdaarni – 15th January 2020 – छोटी सरदारनी – Full Episode

Here. Good afternoon, Sanjana. What’s the update?
Did the latest test… …match with Param’s report? Unfortunately… …no. I’m really sorry. You can’t donate your liver… …to Param. Your tissue didn’t
match medically and… …your liver is too fatty. Mr. Gill. Doctor Sanjana, but… …there must be another way. I mean, there has to be some way. I can do anything. Please. There has to be some way. Mr. Gill. It’s not about what you can do. This is about Param’s life. Please be strong. Please calm down. Don’t mind, Meher. But… …is Sarabjit having an affair? Have you gone crazy? No one can be more
sweet and honest… …than Sarabjit. I can never suspect him. Dimple, I’m very sure… …that he is facing some problem. I’m sure,
she is blackmailing Sarabjit. If any such problem existed… …he would’ve shared it with
you, right? Yes. But… …I think,
he didn’t inform me intentionally. Due to my condition. So that I don’t stress out. Please help me. I can’t help you much. But I can give you
Sanjana’s room number. Is it fine? Perfect. Shall we go?
– Come on. Mom, what’s happening? Blood test. All of us have to
get our blood tested. You too. Sit. Baby, but Khushi is a child. Her blood… How can she… Robbie. There are high chances
of the matching… …of children’s blood
group and tissues. Especially, if they are cousins. But Harleen…
– Oh my God, Robbie. Come here! Sit down. First let the two blood
groups get matched. Anyway, there are
several other tests… …other than this one. After that, all the tests will
be matched and then… Just relax. Forget it. Come and take everyone’s blood. Grandma, what are you doing? Param! Come here. Param. You and Meher
donated your blood, right? Similarly, we are also
donating our blood. Why should we get left out? I will also donate blood. Mom says… …you get blessed
if you donate blood. Even I want to get blessed. Doctor, please draw my blood. No, Param. You’re still too young. You can’t donate your blood twice. When I grow up… …I will help everyone. Just like dad helps everyone. I will also donate my blood twice. Okay, Param. When I grow up, I will also… …look after grandma. ‘What are you saying?’ ‘What’s wrong with Param?
– There is a tumor in it.’ I love you, grandma! I love you, too! When I grow up,
I will help uncle Robbie. I will never let Khushi cry. I love you, Khushi. I love you, too. I will love you very much! Aunt, when will I grow up? Aunt, are you hurt? Chant Waheguru with me. Fold your hands
and close your eyes. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. Waheguruji. My dearest! I love you, aunt. Don’t cry. Donating blood gets you blessings. You are my dearest aunt. Don’t cry. Third floor! Sanjana. Yes. 3015. Here’s the key. Excuse me. Hello.
– Mom, where are you? Well, I am… …my son, actually… …Harleen had some
work to be done at her bank. That’s why I was here. Mom, do you know this? Aunt Harleen too… …has donated her blood… …like you and me did once. What? Are you sure about it? Param, pass the phone.
– Aunt, but… Well, Param… Hello, Param. Why did aunt Harleen
donate the blood? Meher, actually I… …bluffed him using
beetroot juice. I was making beetroot
juice for Param. After seeing my hands turn
red, Param began to cry. He started shouting that
I am losing the blood. So I also told him… …that I donated the
blood just like you did. That’s all. Okay, Meher. Where are you? Are you
done with your work at the bank? Yes, Harleen. Actually… …I met a friend from
the college. I am coming home in a while. Okay. Dimple,
I need to head back home. I am very sorry. Actually I received my
sister-in-law’s call. But, stay vigilant. In case you come across
anything suspicious… …please let me know at once. Thanks. Bye. Excuse me. Mr. Gill, there’s still hope. We have two more donors. Please don’t lose hope. I can imagine how
frightening this is for you. Just pray… …so that the donor
matches this time. We don’t have enough time
left for Param’s surgery. Because Param’s surgery… …needs to be done
as quickly as possible. Do you want tea? Oh, grandma! Instead of shaking the spoon… …you must shake the head. Oh, mom! What do you need?
Do you want to have juice? Oh! I understood it.
Grandma wants to have lassi! Am I right? Uncle Rana! Go and bring lassi
for my grandma! Hurrah! Rana! Mom’s silent act is
getting on my nerves now. We must not forget the history.
Whenever mom turned silent… …things have gotten
out of hand! I think, she is going to
do something big this time. Param! Harleen,
where is Param? He must be in his room.
Where else? Param! Param! Param! Param, what happened? Param. Param, look. Your mom is here.
Open your eyes. Param. Momsy. Robbie. Somebody call the doctor! Oh my God! Param! Param! What happened to Param? Param!
– Param! Mom! Param.
– Param, what is this? I told you not to move… …until I come
dressed as a doctor. Khushi, I was pretending
to lie unconscious. But mom sprinkled water on me. Aunt, you shouldn’t have done that. Param and I were
playing doctors. – Khushi! It’s not an appropriate
game to play. I will hit you if you
play such a game again. Harleen, stop it! She is a child.
They were just playing. What’s wrong with you? Get out from here.
– Control yourself. Harleen, please relax.
Children play such games. Never mind, my child.
Cheer up. Children play such games. My baby. You are fine. Param. Param, my baby. ‘Please!’ ‘Meher and Param should
not know about this.’ Harleen. Are you all right?
– Harleen! Get up! Get up! It’s okay. Get up! You are crazy.
You got scared for no reason. The children were just playing. It’s
all okay. They were just playing. Everything is okay. All’s well. Let the children play. Come on! Come with me. Come. Come on! Mom, why did Aunt
Harleen hit Khushi? Khushi, come here. It is because Aunt
Harleen loves you a lot. So sorry. Jeeto.
– Hmm? You never told me. …that you have done
a beautician’s course. I just learned it
since I liked it. My mom says, a woman should
acquire one skill at least. You know,
I am good with facials. I use herbal packs. Then do it for me too. Okay. Ask Rana… …to get neem leaves, lemon… …gooseberry,
and tomato tomorrow. Okay? – Sure. I am sure, after my facials… …your face will glow. Good, Jeeto. Tomorrow… …you will apply that
herbal pack on my face. Sure. Herbal pack? Wow! That is wonderful! In this country which
is highly populated… …isn’t there one person… …who can give a
small part his liver… …and save my son? Mr, Gill. Please. Please calm down.
– How can I calm down? How do I calm down? You said that we
are out of time. Now, you are asking me… …to calm down. If anything happens to my son… …then I will die. I will die! Mr. Gill… Yes, Harleen. Did you get a donor?
– No. I am confused. As time is passing by… …things are getting worse. My Param…
– Don’t worry, Sarab. Momsy, Robbie,
Khushi and I have… …tested our blood today. And I am sure… …one of our blood groups will… …match with Param for sure. I am just waiting for
the reports to come. After that, show the reports
to Dr. Sanjana in no time. Okay, Harleen. Did Param… …have his medicine? Yes. And… …does Meher have any doubts? No. Yes, Dimpi. Movie? Let’s go tomorrow. You buy the tickets. Anytime.
– Please make sure… …Meher doesn’t get to know. Okay?
– Yes. Okay, bye! Harleen. A bottle was found in Param’s room. Did you feed him? Actually, the bottle does
not have a label either. This is an indigenous medicine. Ayurvedic medicine. For kids who are growing up. You know it’s very
essential for their growth. And when Khushi was a child… …I used to give her this. Don’t mind me saying this, but… …Param has an infection. It’s not good to give
him such indigenous medicines. What if something went wrong? Okay! Mom, come here. I will be back, Harleen.
– Okay. Mom! Yuvi called me. Why did he call? He asked me about… …my absence… …in school today. He also informed me about… …the class-picnic. Param, Dad has asked you to… …stay at home and take rest. Mom! I want… …a promise from you. That you will allow me to go… …to school on the day
of the picnic. I promise. Yeah! I will go on a picnic. ‘Anyway, I have the money.’ There’s something fishy. ‘Even I was saying that… …on a chilly night like this.’ ‘But Sarabjit is adamant… …on having dinner
at a restaurant.’ ‘Open-air dinner.’ ‘Meher, can you help me?’ ‘These are some documents
and my jewellery.’ ‘Please keep it safely.’ Harleen’s behavior to
me is changed suddenly. ‘Sarabjit, where are you?’ ‘I’m at office to attend
an important meeting.’ ‘And I will call you later.’ Sarabjit. Why did Sarabjit lie to me? And he seemed to be scared as well. ‘Khushi,
that’s not a game to play with.’ ‘If you ever play this
game, I will hit you!’ ‘My darling!’ ‘You are alright.’ Harleen. Harleen seemed very
worried and scared. There’s something… …which is troubling everyone. But… …they are not
telling me about it.

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  1. ا س کی طرف قدم جو بڑھاتی تو کس طرح
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    مکر و فریب ظاہری حسن و ادا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔نہ تھی
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    اس نے مری وفا کو ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔تماشہ بنا دیا
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    وہ چل دیا رقیب کے ہاتھوں میں دے کے ہاتھ
    میں رو سیاہ سے اس کو بچاتی تو کس طرح

    جس داستاں میں میرا سحر ذکر تک۔۔۔ نہ تھا
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    رضوانہ سحر ہاشمی

  2. Mammi ji badi kharab chez h sb rulaaty h bs mammi ji or or unka pota sbko hasaty hy pata nh laip ka kia krngi mammi ji rana is write kalish krngi kch

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