Chest Workout For Mass with Nikhil Nautiyal

Whats up guys this is Nikhil Nautiyal and today we are going to train our chest so lets get started. So guys our first exercise is Flat Barbell Bench and we are going to do 4 sets of 10-12 reps. It is a very good exercise to start our workout. and the technique used here in this is that when our hands are coming downwards then we have to fully stretch our chest. And when our hands are going to be upwards along with the barbell we have to push the weight through chest And fully squeeze it. So guys our next exercise is Incline Dumbbell Presses with 4 sets of 10 -12 repetition It has the same technique as Flat Barbell Bench as we have done earlier. When our dumbbells are going downwards then we have to fully stretch our chest and when dumbbell are upwards then you have to fully squeeze your chest. Make sure that while our hands are going upwards, the tension should be on our chest instead of our hands and shoulders. Doing this will create more tension in your chest and it will ultimately produce more mass. Keep one thing also in your mind that you have increase the weight in every set. Because increasing weight will help you produce more mass and it will give good results in short period of time. So guys our third exercise is Cable Flyes and we are again going to to do 4 sets of around 10 -12 reps. It is one of the best exercises to produce some good mass in your chest. Technique used here is that you to properly stretch your muscle by taking your elbows backwards the way I’m doing it. And when my hands are coming forward then I’m fully squeezing my chest. What will happen after doing this is it will create more tension in your chest and it will ultimately produce more mass when you will be in your recovery period. I always keep this exercise in my workout session. So guys our last exercise is Dumbbell Pullover and we are again going to do 4 sets of 10-12 reps. It is very effective finishing exercise for our chest workout. The technique used here is that when hands are going backwards then we have to fully stretch our chest And when your are back to normal position you have to properly contract/squeeze your chest. It leads to overall development of the chest. So guys here our workout is done and if you repeat these exercises every week then you will see maximum development and you will definitely see some good results.

100 thoughts on “Chest Workout For Mass with Nikhil Nautiyal

  1. bahi mujay 2 months. hogaya hai gym karta huya mera weight 56.5kg hai toh mujay gainer layna hai plz recommend me which gainer I will take

  2. double part Me krni h nikhil Bro meko toh kya set ky sath konsa set lgaye jesy chest kya Triceps ky sath konsa set pura janna janna he Bro

  3. kia gym k bagair body bnana possible hi ? nakhil bhae me Pakistan se hun ap ka work out style nice hi

  4. bro me Ek baat puchna chata hu ki body bnane K liye protein shake jaisi chiz khani Chahiye yaa nahi
    Aager khani Chahiye to uske hmm ko problems to Nahi aati

  5. kya hame workout karte tym ya abspak ke set karte tym kya hmko sapotar phnana chahiye…….plzz answer

  6. fly is missing n ur pullover is wrong its for back lats I think. cable cross is for lower chest. its a full chest workout?

  7. please can you tell me exercise for chest which is not at all in good shape.Tried many things but didnt work out i want exercise for flat and good shaped chest.

  8. bhai ek num body bhai i m from mumbai bhai meri ht 5.11 hai aur wt hai 88 so me gym joind kar raha hu bhai can u suggest kya karna hai begning ko

  9. hey Nikhil..
    my upper chest is not pumping up! what to do to make chest in proper shape? and some diet plans who as weight upto 70-75kg!

  10. nikhil sir i have a question I m visiting to gym since 1mnth bt i jst have little bit improvement in my chest den i wtchd ur beginners video den i realise i should follow it so can i follow ur beginners guide now? pls tell me now sir i wnt ur suggestion


  12. dear bro chest workout shuld be change after two month for starting guys . aur not plz help me guide plz make the monthly shedule .

  13. Bhya I'm working out for the last 1 year bt my chest is not pumping as much as it have to be pump bhya what is the problem behind my pumping pls guide me plsss

  14. Bro I am very weak that I have been visiting gym for 2 months and can do bench press by putting only 2.5 kg weight in 25kg rod and I am unable to do push ups, I can do only 3 push up.
    My weight is 60kg
    Suggest me the solution to build up my strength I am very skinny that my ribcage can be seen clearly. I am vegetarian

  15. Sir chest workout me ek ek position ke baare me bata dijiye ki kis kis position me hamare dumbbell hone chaiye kis position me nhi hone chaiye…..

  16. Hi Bro! Can you please share your Daily gym workout schedule e.g. Day 1 – Biceps, Triceps. Day 2 – Chest, Abs, Day 3 – Legs etc.

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