CHEST: The ONLY TWO Exercises You Need For GROWTH! | UPPER & LOWER!

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Scott from today I want to share with you guys The only two exercises you need to build a nice thick muscular well-rounded chest now as I’ve said in previous videos You don’t have to do a ton of different exercises in order to maximize growth of any muscle group if anything sticking to less Exercises it’s gonna allow you to get better at performing those exercises. And as you continue to do more sets per exercise You’ll also get a lot stronger as well. So what does that mean? well in picking these two exercises I wanted to make sure that they were movements that not only utilize all functions of the chest which there’s three of them we’ll get to that in a second but there are also exercises that will in fact Allow you to overload More and more as you get stronger and build more muscle and those two exercises are gonna be the incline bench Press and the chest dip and we’re gonna go over perfect form on both of these now for the incline chest Press guys. The reason why this is a great exercise is because doing the incline version of a chest, press. Yes We’re still working the entire chest, but we’re gonna place a bit more emphasis on the upper chest and guys You can definitely tell in the gym who does incline pressing and who doesn’t Okay, and if you’re one of those people where your chest looks pretty good, but the upper portion is lagging This is perfect for you now there are three functions of the chest as I said mentioned as I mentioned earlier in the video you have Flexion of the humerus you have adduction of the humerus and then medial rotation of the arm as well Okay, and we’ll get to the medial rotation a second that applies more to the dip But at least in this exercise we can take advantage of two of those functions which is the flexion and the Adduction and that’s why we’re not using a barbell when using a barbell your hands are in a fixed position So you’re able to do the flexion of the humerus when you press but because your hands are stuck in one spot There’s no adduction So you’re not gonna be able to squeeze your chest together as hard as you can at the top and now proper form for this Exercise guys. Okay first things first, you always want to make sure you’re retracting your shoulder blades So you’re packing your shoulder blade and then when you get into position guys It’s imperative that you’re not benching over your shoulders as you can see when I get ready to the bench my elbows are slightly in front of my shoulders allowing you to press over my chest and Then come back down and not have any issues with shoulder impingement for those of you that are pressing over your shoulders You might be flaring your elbows out like this, which is gonna not engage your chest as much so guys Perfect form here slight bend slight twist in the elbows so that as you come down there in front of your shoulders like that All the way down to the bottom of the movement then all the way back to the top and when you get to the top obviously you’re flexing your chest as hard as you can so in the first exercise Again, we’re hitting two of the three functions of the chest flexion of the humerus and that adduction of the humerus and now you’re gonna sit here and you’re Gonna do six or seven sets okay of eight to ten repetitions and if you can overload here Which is lifting as much weight as possible That’s even better if you need to get a spotter to help you Now as soon as you finish six or seven sets here You’re gonna move over to the chest dips and gonna do another six or seven sets So that’s a total of about twelve to fourteen working sets for your chest Which is plenty to see growth now for a chest dip the form is a little different Okay when you’re hitting triceps You want to stay as upright as possible as you go down and then as you go back up That’s how to maximize the dip to target your triceps as much as possible When targeting the chest what you actually want to do is lean over forward a bit and what that’s gonna allow us to do is once again Target the entire chest but place a bit more emphasis on the lower portion So inclined bench we covered the entire chest bit more emphasis on the top on the dip We’re gonna cover the entire chest with a bit more emphasis on the lower portion so we’re hitting the entire chest as hard as we possibly can and now we went over the functions of the chest and We talked about medial rotation so with the dip we’re already in that position of Turning our arms in so we have medial rotation If you were to stand up right now and go like this, you’ll feel your chest activate So we’re already in that activated position. And then once again, we have flexion of the humerus as we press through the movement, but This is going to take some practice guys in order to perform this movement properly When you get to the top you have to actually lean forward like this Before returning to the starting position and this is what proper form looks like And I know what some of you guys are saying well I can’t even do dips correctly How am I gonna do a chest dip well, I have a solution for you the progression Is going to be starting off with maybe some boxes or in this case some benches and what you’re gonna do is very simple You’re gonna put two benches right next to each other and Then once they’re next to each other all you’re gonna do is get in the middle and what this is gonna allow you to do is It’s going to allow you to use your toes if needed to basically put them on the ground to self spot So you’re gonna get into position. I like to go on my fist like this actually may spread this out a little more You’re gonna get into position just like you would there okay hands by your side you’re gonna start in this position Then as you go down You’re gonna lean forward And then press back up and repeat for reps. And if you get stuck you can put your toes down right here and Then push through with your fists to get back to the top now. I don’t recommend putting your hands flat It might put too much pressure in your wrist however, if being on your knuckles hurts or is uncomfortable, or you can’t do it you can actually grab some dumbbells and Then hold on to the handle. So it’s almost like the same exact way of holding the handles there You can hold on to the dumbbells and do the movement Just as well so again guys The reason why these are the only two exercises you need to build a bigger chest is because we’re activating the entire chest We’re able to overload with both movements. We’re able to progress with both move and above all else We’re able to target the entire chest Placing more emphasis on the top on one exercise and more emphasis on the bottom on the other I hope you guys enjoyed the video You should let me know if you try this workout and as always more good stuff coming soon See ya guys

100 thoughts on “CHEST: The ONLY TWO Exercises You Need For GROWTH! | UPPER & LOWER!

  1. Chest dips are the fuckin shit man,I do them on the pull-up machine and they are fuckin great,I couldnt feel my chest working as much with flat bench press even though I was doing everything right. I recommend for sure

  2. Hi Scott., im just curious regarding the sitting position on inclined press., how much the degree of the inclined chair needed to maximize the exercise?, thanks

  3. For those who has weak or not strong enough arms to do the chest dip like me, is there other alternatives?

  4. How about the effectiveness of an incline press weight machine, will that work just as well for upper chest? Thanks!

  5. The problem with Dumbbells is buying more 5kg plates all the time and longer rods to hold them. Then there's the issue of setting up scapula retraction which feels much easier while gripping a barbell to get in position. I like pressing with Dumbbells and doing bb Ohp to help increase bench though.

  6. That just helped me alot I thk with my shoulder pain I have win doin flat bd or bar bench. Decline doesn't hurt..tks helpful. Any more advice on shoulder pain b greatful.

  7. Those two exercises are great but i can't do dips coz one of my arm is short if i do dips it will make my body uneven i can do incline dp press

  8. Did he just say baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhbelllllllllllllllll

  9. i have problem with the chest and its the lower chest i try to fix that for 9 mouths and didnt work i think its gentic problem what do can i do to make it better even little

  10. Would Reverse grip bench press with a bahbell do the same as the dip?

    Any tips for working chest with gyno? Real gyno that needs surgery. Is there a way to minimize the appearance?

  11. i just started doing dips, bought me a dip station !! Im going to be keeping an eye out for how my chest develops vs years of bench press

  12. Why is he only wearing underwear and wrestling shoes for the video? They look rediculous…i kept laughing, couldn't listen to what he actually said.

  13. I disagree, my opinion is to start with heavy weights (for naturals) and do more reps at the end of the training to pump blood up to the muscles

  14. The easier way to perform that dip is to have legs straight and in front while leaning forward with upper body to create roughly a 90° angle

  15. dumbbell floor presses are the best . everyone should give it a shot . and it really lets u to flare a bit than normal presses . i can go up to almost 80 degrees with no pain discomfort whatsoever

  16. How stupid can you be???????because you are short and small doesn't mean that all ppl need only 2 exercises. Every person is different and for big and tall to activate the chest muscles more exersices and different ranges of motion needed. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND DO SOME READING

  17. how about 5×5 flat barbell bench press after that 5×8 incline dumbbell press and end the chest session with 5 sets of dips?

  18. The chest dip is incorrect i.e. It doesn't put maximised stress on the chest… Actually it's a shoulder version. Go check the video of "Calisthenics Movement" for a better understanding of the dips. One of the best channels when it comes to calisthenics exercises… And dip is definitely one of them ??

  19. These workouts are great i used them at the gym and feel a really good pump doing them to, but instead of using dumbells I use the cable machine and the bench. ???

  20. If I have equally developed upper and lower pecks and some lower chest fat should I focus on upper chest to make my pecks rounder, or focus on defining my lower peck. Losing weight is not an option

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