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It’s not all about lifting heavy weights… that’s why it’s called bodybuilding instead of powerlifting My name is Lorenzo Leeuwe. I’m 22 years old. This year I won the Dutch bodybuilding overall title. My goal is to win a Pro Card in the future. I try to get more muscle mass, the right proportions of muscles and an aesthetic physique. First of all I’m going to make my pre workout. Today it’s high carb day so we are going to take more fast absorbing carbohydrates like DextroJuice Pro. On top of that it’s chest day so carbohydrates are essential. For my pre workout I take Cardio Xcelerator… Essential Amino Stack, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, AAKG Tabs and Vitargo. We’re starting of with calves because this is my weakest muscle group… this is why I train my calves three times a week at the beginning of my workout. When training calves it is very important to focus on the tension of your muscle… let your feet go down low and squeeze when gowing up. For my calves workout I do 6 sets for the first exercise, for me this is the most important one. The exercise focuses on the entire calf muscle. For the second exercise I do 3 sets so that sums up to a total of 9 sets. Next up is the chest muscle, I’m going to do about 4-5 exercises. The first one is the Incline Dumbbell Press, most of the time I do 4-5 sets… because this is the most important one, the other exercises I do 3 sets. After every 2 weeks I change between doing dumbbell and barbell exercises… they both give you a different feeling… Dumbbells are more useful for you because you use both arms separately. If one of your arms is stronger than the other one your arms wil stabilize so you train them both equally. As you can see I progressively build up the weight during my workout… until I can do a maximum of 10 to 12 repetitions per set… for me that’s the perfect amount of repetitions… so that you can still perform the exercise properly. That has been enough sets for the incline press. Now I’m going to do 3 sets of flat dumbbell presses. For the second exercise I lower the weight a little… because in the first exercise I lost a lot of energy. Bodybuilding is not all about lifting heavy weights… sometimes it’s better to lower the weight and focus on the muscle contractions and stretch. It’s not all about lifting heavy weights… that’s why it’s called bodybuilding instead of powerlifting Now it’s time for some Dumbbell Flyes… like the presses I also do this exercise incline… for me it’s very important to create a well-balanced chest muscle. The difference between a press and a fly is that a press… focuses on building muscles mass and the thickness of the chest. When doing flyes you are building a wider chest and ribcase… this is what creates a so-called v-taper. When doing flyes my preference is to keep my arms slightly bended… instead of holding them straight. If you hold your arms straight there will be more stress on your joints… especially the shoulders and elbows. If you keep your arms slightly bended there will be more tension on your chest. Most exercises I do until failure… that means that you stop your exercise when you can’t perform it anymore… your technique fails and you muscle used 100% of its power. After 2 exercises of dumbbell exercises I’m getting quite fatigued… this is a great moment to switch to machine exercises. Machine exercises are isolated so it’s easier to keep the focus on your chest. For dumbell exercises it will be far more difficult to keep the tension. I just did 15 repetitions to get the a good pump and stretch in the muscles. I’m preparing now for a match so I keep the weight a little lower than usual… to avoid the risk of getting injured. At the moment I’m preparing for the Arnold Classic in Spain. I’m now 8 weeks out for the match and I am right on schedule… Every week my conditioning is getting better and the muscle is still there… I try to keep the weight the same for the next weeks… and keep the conditioning very good, that’s my primary goal, the best possible conditioning… keep the same amount of muscle mass and the best muscle proportions. The cable fly is essential for a chest workout. I like to do the cable flyes especially at the end of my chest workout. It’s perfect for working on the muscle quality of your chest. because you can get great contractions in your muscles. Don’t use to much weight, just focus on the stretch, that’s how you get the most detailed chest. The cable movement is way more fluid… there is always tension on the muscle. This is very different when for example doing dumbbell exercises… when doing dumbbell exercises your arms go straight… and you lose the tension on you chest. When doing a cable exercise… there is always tension on your chest… because when you arms are straight the cables will still push your arms back. So basically your chest is always on tension when doing a cable exercise. There are many ways to perform the cable fly… every form has a different function. When I bent over a little I focus on the lower part of my chest. If I stand up straight I focus more on the upper side of my chest. Bodybuilding is all about different variations of exercises… it’s important to keep changing your workouts for the best muscle growth. That were all the chest exercises for today… I’m now going to start doing some biceps exercises… for biceps I do 3 exercises. The most of the time I start with this exercise for biceps… it mainly focuses on building more muscle mass. You basically use the entire biceps, inside, outside and forearms. For biceps I never use to much weight… I try to choose a weight that feels the best… so I can get the best muscle contractions and perform with good technique. In bodybuilding the mind-muscle connection is very important… you need to focus on your muscles the entire workout… to get as much tension on the muscles as possible… the whole exercise you need to focus on the movement. Next up is the hammer curl… it’s great to create more thickness in your biceps instead of the peak… but that’s also important, the thickness of your arms and your forearms. For biceps I train with the cables as last exercise… for the same reason as with my chest… there is a continues tension on the biceps. I already did some heavier exercises and my biceps are fatigued. Now I can focus on the movement and contractions. That was my workout for today… I did some calves, chest and biceps exercises, enough for today. Right now I’m 8 weeks out to the Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona. Follow my videos and progression… they might help you out with gaining muscle. See you next time!

14 thoughts on “Chest, Biceps & Calves | Lorenzo Leeuwe | Bodybuilding Series

  1. If you need your knees to get the dumbbells up with chest pressess, you should work on your core a little bit more. Because when your core is strong enough, you can just get the weights up without using your knees.

  2. Lorenzo (22) en Wesley (23)… jullie hebben een posing gedaan op de GoldsGym Classic.
    Nu tijd voor een gezamenlijke training! AUB!!!!!

  3. ha Lorenzo, hammer curl met een arm tegelijkertijd is om focus per arm te houden en niet te veel te zwaaien met het lichaam?

  4. Huh ik snap t niet meer mij is altijd geleerd wat je van je af dieuwt is chest en triceps wat je na
    Je toe trekt is rug en biceps hoe zit het dan?

  5. I don't like to use any kind of protein. Eating enough healthy food and fruits satisfy your body. I say from my experience.

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