what’s going on guys this is Archit Chaudhry and I hope you are having a really good day so now I am gonna go to gym to hit some chest and abs so I’ll see you at gym [music] guys 30 mins before workout I take my pre workout shake I don’t take any pre workout supplement full of blends I take BCAA, creatine and citrulline malate I take 2 scoops of citrulline malate that is 4 grams but you start with 2 grams and increase your tolerance and one scoop of creatine Now guys here I am at the gym First I’m gonna hit some chest and then I am gonna continue my workout with abs Let’s do it First I am gonna do some warm up I am gonna do 50 push ups then I will do bar dips I will do these till my chest is activated First exercise is flat dumbbell press I will do a warm-up set of 15-20 reps Then I will do 3 working sets of 6-8 reps always focus on the contraction controlled negatives lower down the weight slowly and explosive positives focus on your breathing never touch the dumbbells on the top focus on contraction next exercise is incline dumbbell fly this exercise is good for fibers running in the upper chest and it will also give you the width I’m gonna do a superset with hex press I’m gonna show you how 3 sets of 10-12 reps I like it the way Arnold does He goes all the way down comes back here controlled negatives explosive positives next exercise is decline dumbbell press superset with feet elevated push ups we are gonna do 3 sets, we are gonna go heavy 8 reps for dumbbell press and push ups till failure next exercise is cable fly superset with cable press it is for your lower chest and you need to focus on the contraction focus on this area always open your hands, never do this there should always be a bend in your elbows we are gonna do 3 sets 8 reps for fly and then 8 reps for press last exercise is dumbbell pullover pullovers is for lats as well as chest I will show you how to make it more effective for chest 3 sets till failure hold the dumbbell like this and then lower the dumbbell till the point you can’t see it focus here this is gonna burn your workout I am done with chest and now I will start with abs I am gonna do a circuit of 4 exercises 3 sets of that circuit I am gonna do crunches then I am gonna do hanging leg raises after that I will do oblique side twists and finish my workout with planks now I am gonna drink my post workout protein shake and have a banana with it Guys my workout is over now it’s time for the surprise you want to know how to get a big chest and thick abs you will see it where I am taking you then you will know how to get big heaven yes guys if you wanna grow, you have to eat big I’m not saying eat this big everyday but yes eat more we have got 3 burgers here, fries and a coke and we have ordered some more burgers so I wanna tell you guys I am not motivating you to eat cheat meals everyday why do I eat them, because I maintain my calories I guess you have heard about iifym that is “if it fits your macros” this fits in my macros so it’s okay for me so I can eat it secondly, you must remember always eat cheat meals in a limit never overdo cheat meals after working out I have this craving that you give anything tasty and I will eat it You will eat everything? obviously, it’s a cheat meal Did you order anything for me? go and order yourself never share your cheat meal it’s your meal and you will eat it [music] so guys I am done with my meal And I am full as hell so right now I am in mood for another workout but I won’t I’m gonna sleep so like this video if you really like it and hit that thumbs up if you have any query comment down in the comment section and do subscribe our channel for more banter and fitness related stuff and also hit the bell icon to get notification every time we are here so catch me next Thursday at 5 pm and in our next video I’m gonna tell you tips about supplements supplements yes the one’s the will give you an edge not those bull**** type of supplements which are gonna do nothing so stay tuned Cheers!


  1. Good work bhai, how many times​ a week should i train abs as im not taking any supplements? And how long should my workouts be?

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