Cellucor C4 Review: A No B.S, Science-Based Assessment

What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanjy here; www.SeanNal.com-www.BodyTransformationTruth.com,
and in this video today I’m going to be doing another supplement review; this time
on the very popular Cellucor C4 pre-workout. Now, this has been one of the top selling
pre-workout on the market for quite a while now, a lot of hype behind it. And in this
video I’m going to be giving you a completely unbiased, science-based look at the product
so you can decide if it’s really worth your money. You’ll find a lot of other C4 reviews
online but if you look, you’ll see that they’re usually either put out by supplement
retailers who are ultimately just trying to sell the product to you, or they’re put
out by people just giving really vague generalized overview without any real explanation of the
actual formula. So I’m going to just break this down step-by-step. The main components
of the C4 pre-workout are beta-Alanine, creatine nitrates and arganine akg. And then you have
the energy blend, which is caffeine and L-tyrosine and tetramethyluric acid. So, first off we
have beta alanine at 1.6 grams. Now, beta-Alanine is a good research backed supplement. It’s
something that I think is worth a try if you already have the basics covered, so nothing
wrong with that. However, the proper dosage for beta-Alanine is typically between 3.2
to 6.4 grams; so one scoop of C4 gives you half of the minimum recommended dosage. Now,
you could take two scoops to get the full dosage but I’ll mention later on why I don’t
recommend that. Next up is creatine-nitrate, now creatine itself is also a highly research
backed supplement. It’s actually the most studied sport supplements out there and it’s
the single best natural muscle building compound there is. However, there’s no research at
all to show that any form of creatine out there is more effective than basic creatine
mono-hydrate. The mono-hydrate form has an extremely high absorption rate in the body
and it will fully saturate the muscles with creatine after about two to three weeks of
use. And all of the so called advanced forms of creatine that have come out over the years;
ethyl-ester, hydro-chloride, creatine-nitrate, these are really just over priced version
of creatine mono-hydrate. So it’s not that creatine-nitrate is necessarily bad, but it’s
just a more expensive, hyped up version of creatine that will most likely give you the
same benefits as mono-hydrate. Now, after that is arginine akg which is typically used
for boosting nitric oxide levels in the body and increasing blood flow to the muscles.
So two thing on this; first off the research on arginine akg for that purpose is actually
very weak and unreliable. There are some studies that show minor benefits but there are just
as many that showed no benefits. And this is probably because L-arginine is really poorly
absorbed in the intestines, so a lot of it can’t even be used by the body. But regardless
of that, standard pre-workout dose for L-arginine is usually between 3-6 grams and the C4 pre-workout
gives you 1 gram. So a very low dose even if you were to use two scoops. Now, this next
point is also really important, like I said, creatine and beta-Alanine are good research
backed ingredients; I do recommend them, but keep in mind that the benefit that you get
from those supplements comes from continual daily use over the long term. You take them
every day, and then that gradually builds up the levels in your body, and then any time
you train the benefits are going to automatically be there. However, they don’t actually have
any immediate direct effects on performance, so there’s no specific benefit to taking
them right before your workout. Then since they have to be taken daily to get the proper
benefits, even if you’re using C4 you’re going to have to buy creatine and beta-Alanine
separately on their own to take on your off days anyway. So after that we have the “explosive
energy blend”. The first ingredient, of course is caffeine, which is by far the most
effective performance boosting ingredient there is; it’s dirt cheap, it works and
that’s why it’s included in pretty much every single pre-workout formula on the market.
The standard dose for caffeine is usually between 100 to 300 milligrams, and C4 gives
you 150 milligrams so that’s completely fine. The second ingredient is L-tyrosine,
and this something that I also do recommend for pre-workout purposes because it pairs
well with caffeine and it’s good for increasing mental focus. But the big problem here is
that the amount of L-tyrosine that you’re getting is actually extremely low. You’ll
notice that the energy blend is based off of a proprietary blend, that means that they
show you the total amount for all of the ingredients combined but not the specific dosage for each
one other that the caffeine; and the reason why companies do this in pretty much all cases,
is so that they can intentionally under-dosed some ingredients in the product without the
average consumer noticing. Now if you look at the energy blend, you’ll see that the
total amount combined is 371 milligrams. And if we know that the caffeine is 150 milligrams
than that only leaves a very small amount left over for the other ingredients. My recommendation
for L-tyrosine if you actually want to get real noticeable effects from it is to use
a minimum of 1,000 milligrams up to around 3,000 milligrams. So the amount included here
is very minimal. For example, Pre JYM which is another very popular pre-workout, probably
even more popular than C4, that formula uses 1,500 milligrams of L-tyrosine just to give
you an example. So, in C4 the amount of L-tyrosine included is honestly pretty much useless.
And then after you have tetramethyluric acid, and I can’t really say much on that ingredient,
because it doesn’t really had any human research on it in terms of training benefits.
And since it listed last in the blend, we know that the dosage is going to be even lower
than the tyrosine, so it would have to be a really small amount by default. So, that
covers the actual science behind the C4 ingredients. In terms of taste the product is fine this
is the Icy Blue Razz flavor. I gave it a try, it taste fine but I honestly don’t see how
taste should really be considered a big selling point because most pre-workout these days
do taste fine and as long as the taste is tolerable then if you’re actually really
serious about your training then it’s the effects that we should be focusing on anyway.
Now, in terms of effects; yes, if you use the C4 pre-workout you will get an increase
in energy and strength. I used it before my back workout yesterday and it gave me that
typical pre-workout buzz, however, the key thing to understand is that any pre-workouts
formula that include caffeine will technically work. That’s because caffeine is by far
the strongest ingredient that any of these products used and so it really doesn’t matter
what else is included or how anything else is dosed. Because as long as that caffeine
in there you will feel the product’s working. However, that doesn’t mean that you need
all the other stuff listed in it, or that you need to pay $30 a bottle for it. But when
you factor in the marketing behind it and the placebo effect, a lot of people will use
it and think that it’s doing way more than it actually is. Now, you could use two coops
to bump up the effects a bit, but in that case you’re only going to end up with fifteen
servings per bottle, and the price per serving ends up going really high. And even then some
of the ingredients are still going to be under-dosed, even with the two scoops. So, in terms of
practical recommendations remember that even if you’re using C4 you’ll still need to
buy creatine and beta-Alanine separately anyway, to take on your off days. So, your best bet
is to do that, buy those two on their own and then to replicate and actually improve
the direct pre-workout boost that C4 gives. You can just buy a bottle of caffeine and
hydrates on its own for pennies per serving, and then buy some L-tyrosine on its own which
is also dirt cheap. And then just take the L-tyrosine at the actual proper dose. So just
buy those four ingredients separately, and you’ll get stronger effect than you will
from C4 itself, and for way cheaper, probably less than half the cost per serving, and will
taking all the ingredients at their full proper dose. So, I hope you guys find this advice
helpful. If you appreciate the no B.S., science-based approach to fitness and you want to get all
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100 thoughts on “Cellucor C4 Review: A No B.S, Science-Based Assessment

  1. All the pre-workout drinks are just another scam by the supplement industry. I still say a cup of coffee or tea is all you need if anything. If you need more than that you lack motivation! Thanks for the very comprehensive evaluation Sean.

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  7. Idk what it was but when I worked out with it I felt great. My breathing felt better and my muscles didn't get tired so easily. I would already take a cheap wallmart pre workout or coffee but I never felt as good as when I took C4. It could have also been the meal I took before the workout that made me feel so good

  8. Thanks to u Shaun I'm making my own preworkout now. Taking caffeine pills, creating monohydrate, l-tyrosine, beta alanine, and Acetyl L- carnitine in the Right doses. I'm also taking fish oil, vitamin d3 and biotin for my hair. Thanks a lot for providing truthful information. You're saving me tons of money. ?

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    The best formula I've seen up here is MuscleTech's Nano Vapor. I'd never waste my money on anything else.

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  11. C4 may have worked the 1st time I took it… All subsequent doses I didn't notice anything really- even tried doing two scoops. Then again I drink coffee almost every day of the week..

  12. Great vid. I am still taking C4 and separately take creatine/beta alanine to top off and to take on off days. This video convinced me to nix C4. However, I don't have the time to make my own stack and i recall a few fitness YouTubers recommending Tier 1 because they don't have proprietary blends; just the right dosage of creatine, beta alanine, caffeine and tyrosine and price seems worth it considering I save time from having to mix it myself. Just ordered some of Amazon. Thanks again.

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    It bugs me so much in 2016 there are so many people still so uneducated about supplementation.

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    BulkSupplements Pure L-Tyrosine Powder, Bulksupplements Pure Caffeine Capsules, and Bulksupplements Pure Beta Alanine Powder its going to be better than an off the shelf product? i can get all of that for like $52 and its 200 servings.

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