Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre Workout Fitbull Güvencesiyle

the performance was great I mean I had an awesome bass workout and for me you know some of my biggest goals when especially I’m working on my back it’s not only today you don’t lift heavy weights you know it’s actually to feel my back and get a good pump it’s on my backs I have absolutely no is she getting that done solid pump I think the biggest thing for me performance wise was the fact that it kicked in ASAP I mean right away I could feel that it was inside the blood get into the muscles so I’d have to wait 20 30 minutes next that’s key for me because I don’t I don’t have time to wait twenty thirty minutes so I mean I’m trying to get in and try to get out with my workouts so that was huge for me oh yeah there’s definitely this product I mean there’s no compromises before I had a compromise between spending a lot of money on a supplement that works you know well because there’s a lot of good supplements out there or you know the next thing I would always notice with other supplements that I thought were so good the fact that I started off with one suit then it was too and then it was three you know and then I would just hop from supplement to supplement just try and find something that finally worked I’ve been taking c4 for about it’s getting close to about four weeks now and I’ve been sticking right around one heaping scoop I mean I haven’t had to go above and beyond I’m actually getting my service where so value is phenomenal and it’s of course known as being one of the highest grades of something that’s I mean it’s the Bentley’s not the Honda Civic you know nothing kept Honda Civics but you know what I’m saying there and the fact that this is gonna be one of the most affordable pre-workout supplements on the market and $130 I mean they told me they were gonna revolutionize the pre-workout game and I had high expectations but they didn’t great I mean everything from the packaging to taste me to the price to the performance I mean it’s all there you know I don’t feel nauseous I don’t feel sick I don’t feel I just feel myself I feel my body my body connection is so hugely just hands-down the best for work whatsoever got my values definitely there I’m excited wherever you get their hands on it I’m excited that I got it right now so a man when he gets up there get just before

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