Casey Shows Off His Post Surgery Weight Loss | Family By the Ton

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s been three months since
my surgery and I feel good. Little things are changing
in me that I didn’t really expect to change so quickly. Like when I go to the gym now,
I’m getting immediately back into, like, my range of
motion that I was in, like, when I was in my better times. How are you feeling so far? I’m a little winded. All right. We’ll take it one
pound at a time. We’ll get it. As I accomplish more,
my self-esteem is rising. So I feel like I can do more. So it’s just a good feeling. I don’t do well with, like, a
lot of cheering and admiration and, like, build up. So I’m definitely nervous. But I think they’ll
be really shocked, and surprised, and happy
with the progress I’ve made. [CHEERING] I started this journey
at 711 and today I’m happy to say that I’m at 525. Ultimately, I hope I just
get down to a normal weight. My goal for next
year to be under 400. Ultimate dream 250. That would be sick. Oh, god. This is rough. I’m so proud of him. There’s no words to,
you know, describe the feeling I feel inside
that he’s gotten healthier. And I just, you know, I look
for a bright future for him. The sky’s the limit. I’m proud of you.
– Thank you. Thank you. ED: I mean Casey has
done a terrific job. I am very proud of my cousin. I’m proud of the whole family. [CHEERING] CASEY: I’m really excited.
I’m kind of like overwhelmed. I’m crying. They’re like happy tears, but I
appreciate everyone showing up. And thanks. I couldn’t have done
this without my family. And, yeah, let me hug you. How you doing? In the beginning, I didn’t
really think I could do this. My mind wasn’t in
the right place. I wasn’t taking a lot of
responsibility for myself. And I just didn’t know
if I needed to change. The hardest part was probably
just, like, facing my fears and just being honest
with myself about stuff. Casey wearing real clothes. Wow. I count all my clothes as real. They’re real, real
comfortable, classy. Looking in the mirror now I see
an improved version of myself. Oh, hello. Yeah, another hug. I see a happier, more
independent person than I was six months ago. Appreciate it.
– Congratulations. Thanks a lot. this is definitely the start
of something different for me.

100 thoughts on “Casey Shows Off His Post Surgery Weight Loss | Family By the Ton

  1. I’m lowkey proud of him. At first he was an asshole saying his dad was the reason he’s fat and he’s well aware of it. But now, I see him making changes. Lowkey proud

  2. Goddd this is the naked boy playing fortnite and eaiting McDonald's mannn this the meaning of MOTIVATION

  3. Don’t be so rude to him people, you should feel proud that he isn’t his old self anymore. I’m proud. Very proud

  4. Sad and disturbing commentary on modern life in the US. Human pig eats himself to near immobility then is lauded, like he’s some kind of hero, for not being a glutton. Gross consumerism at its most sickening.

  5. I like this dude now. Before i hated him but now hes better. Hes atleast tryinf and isnt fucking part of fat acceptance

  6. He changed his diet …. and i know this tongue and stomach thing … its not easy at all to control them. He controlled them …. he deserves the admiration.

  7. Who ever disliked this video is a piece of shit, I bet the people who disliked this is the people who think their perfect …. I’m proud of this guy it takes a lot

  8. Holy shit, he's shedded off most of his whale-blubber! Damn son, I'm proud of this dude!
    And seeing the pride in his dad's eyes, man that gets me!

  9. Can’t help but to say wow, i used to hate him before because on how he blamed his dad for his situation. I’m so happy for him.

  10. I really appreciate his parents and friends ❤and finally the man himself ❤Congratulations May God bless you and may u live long and healthy ❤

  11. Bro, shave his head and dye the rest of his hair black, and we got a real life kingpin

    That was a Spider-Man reference

  12. just continue doing the right thing casey ur a handsome guy dont be tempted to junk food again or else all ur effort will be useless

  13. This makes me so fuckin happy. Even though he still weighs over 500 I can't wait to see him lose another 300. awesome, man.

  14. Nobody should be haiting on him. He accomplished something that most people would not even try to accomplish and still wants to do more. I’m very happy for him and I hope he never gives up.👊👊👍👍👍😃

  15. A guy gets free 0 risk surgery, manages to turn himself from absolutely obscenely fat into morbidly obese, gets hailed like a hero. Everyone is proud. Only in America. What a shithole….

  16. I have a question I'm 15 and I'm 6.2 Or 6.1 and I used to weigh 120 now I'm 107 because I have been dieting and id like to ask if it's possible to go below 80 or is it bad for my health?

  17. Hello All,
    I'm in similar condition i am over 440 lbs , i can't do diet i can't fight it.
    i don't have any money for surgery
    any help of any kind will be helpful
    if anyone can who knows a doctor that can help me
    please forward this message to him/her
    I'm really tired or my problems. believe me i really tried but i can't loose weight.
    i really need help with this.

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