Cardio Before or After Weights to Burn Fat Fast | Cardio before or after lifting | Weight Training

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98 thoughts on “Cardio Before or After Weights to Burn Fat Fast | Cardio before or after lifting | Weight Training

  1. Hi,
    For a skinny guy who is not interested in FAT loss but interested in muscle gains, cardio should be before or after strength training ?

  2. Question: Say I dont want to fast to get into keto, so instead…how long might it take to get into keto if all I eat is eggs daily, and sugarless coffee? Thank you.

  3. Perfect..exactly what I was looking for..the internet is all of mixed opinions..only hope i get to come back and see if ppl have liked this comment after i do HIIT after weight training mro:)

  4. What if I'm on OMAD ( one meal a day) and have crapped out yesterdays food before the cardio workout. What is the body being fuled by in that instance? My recent personal experience has been to make my one meal a day a heavy 1500 calorie keto meal. I do 60 mins mountain biking and 60 Minutes weight lifting on completely empty tank. In the past 6wks ive gon from 172lbs to 150 lbs and am getting shredded

  5. 1:34

    “All the cars on this highway are fueled by glycogen.

    These are glycogen cars.”

    …I can’t argue with your logic sir.

  6. Is it fine for fat loss if we do weight training in morning and cardio in evening? Will this show result for weight loss or should it be vice a versa?

  7. I honestly feel there is no right way it depends on what works for you I know I love to do my cardio first then weight train I have tried to do weight training first then run but I feel too exhausted and sore so try both and stick to what works for you there’s no right or wrong as long as you get it done..

  8. I am doing a Science experiment. What would happen to my fat stores when I deplete my glycogen before going to bed? I want to take 2g of Acetyl L Carnitine as post.

  9. I do cardio, really just to warm up and start sweating, then I do weights, then I go back to cardio for a little bit and then cool down.

  10. If I eat dinner at 6pm and then workout from 8-9:30 PM should I eat after the workout if I'm trying to lose weight? Or should I just fast until the next day?

  11. I workout without eating anyway (intermittent fasting, 16-8) and I do HIIT workouts before my workouts. I just started doing it this way, so I do not know what the results will be.

  12. Can't really take this guy serious when he looks like a cross between Sacha Baron Cohen and Freddie Mercury.

  13. Question max. So you mentioned "unless you're doing it (cardio before weight) on an empty stomach", should be ok? Im on intermittent fasting, so 12am to 6pm my stomach is empty, I start to train around 6pm. I always do cardio first then weight. That being said, is that acceptable?

  14. Burning fat after weight training is all good.. but I’m more concerned about burning precious muscle also in the cardio after weights process..

  15. What if you're a women?? Or a guy doing leg day?? Ain't no way in hell, you're going to have energy in your lower extremeties to then do cardio…

  16. You should use less graphics in your editing. It's distracting to have so many random images popping up constantly.

  17. I only hit the gym 3-4 times a week other than holidays because I play on a basketball team so I consider that 2-3 times a week as my cardio but when I lift the Trainer at the Gym who made me my plan told me to still do 20-30 min of running on tge treadmill after my strength training so that I can improve stamina for Bball and burn a couple hundred more calories a week to eat more since I'm a teenager also trying to lose about 25-30 pounds of fat in the next 6-8 months.

  18. I'm confused, but maybe I missed it…regardless whether we do cardio before or after weights, wouldn't the first group of calories burned always be from the food you ate that day (whether from lifting weights or cardio)? Also, does it matter much if you work out in the morning? I often go to the gym with either an empty stomach or having eaten just 2 eggs.

  19. I do cardio before my weight training and I feel so much better vs doing cardio after my weight training. The huge benefits that I notice immediately is my body is already nice and warmed up, my nervous system is activated, my tendons and ligaments feel great and not tight. Then after my the cardio I'm still sweating during my regular workout which means that I'm still burning fat so I give it all that I got with the weights cuz once I'm done I have no more energy left so I know that I worked out hard and used up all of my energy to burn as much fat and water weight as possible !!! Everybodybis different so try both and use what works for you.

  20. Started OMAD…. Eat at 8pm. I do my workouts on an empty stomachs. I lift first. 1hr or hr and a half. Then do insanity afterwards. Don't know if that's the cardio your referring too but hopefully it ain't killing my gains. Iv lost 9lbs in one week (maybe water weight) but I'm feeling leaner and less bloated.

  21. This video makes a lot of sense. I’m almost always too tired to do HIIT work after an hour of weight lifting. It’s easy for me to do lose energy, but I been feeling less tired after working out for a month.

  22. I have found doing Cardio after a weightlifting workout does burn fat. I didn't realize it until people started noticing me getting leaner and asked if I had been dieting hard. I now do cardio after every weightlifting workout.

  23. I couldn’t finish this video I got dizzy from all those nonsense graphics popping up all over the screen. Next time don’t over do google image search remember first rule in good visual design less is more

  24. Well here are my thoughts about it….if i do first cardio what am i burning? Glucose, since my body prefers to do first….and then i go to the weights…what remains to burn after cardio?, glucose if i left any rate of it and then? Fat allright..
    And that while doing weights…so what seems to be the problem?…that probably i ll not be able to lift a big amount of kilos…so what? My goal isn t to be a power lifter…someone may tell me that to build muscles you need to lift heavy weights…ok this is an option…well if i lift for example at bench press 100 kilos instead of 110 kilos you think that the body will see exactly the diffence? I think not… plus that you will be better warmed up in order to avoid injuries….so choose the method that makes you more comforable with it, in order to stay focus and the results will come either way…

  25. Agreed, I've lost alot of belly fat and my core is really coming in. Doing cardio and core after my lifts is legit!

  26. What exactly happens if you do morning cardio on an empty stomach? Is that going to burn fat or glycogen

  27. To each their own. Good information here.

    For me, 30 minutes cardio first – MINIMUM. I've had machines kicking me off and ending workouts at like 65 minutes.

    Then I lift until I can't anymore. Challenging weight and controlled form. Deadlift.

    Sauna for 15+.

    GOAL: 1,000 calories per gym visit.

    One reasonable meal per day, 2 max.


  28. For about three months I have been doing cardio before weights but I think I'm going to switch it up I did lose a lot of weight at first but it seems like it's at a standstill now so maybe me switching it up will be beneficial.

  29. I do a 10 or 15min cardio before workout, as after weight training i have no energy left. But the way you explained it makes sense so i will switch it around and try it out for a few months.

  30. I always thought u would burn the muscle from the workout ?️‍♀️ if you did cardio after a workout, thanks for clearing this up

  31. Honestly, I fast from 5pm and do cardio the next morning only for 2 miles in 15 mins and then do my weight lifting for about an hr and then HIIT for 20 mins and btw I’m on keto. So I’m not really using carbs.

  32. lol, ok. I guess this video just told me that I need to step up my game. My "hard" cadio workout was about 15 minutes (he called it a light cardio workout). Also, I'm so fried after weights, I don't see you'd have the energy to do cardio. Usually I just want to go home and melt into my living room. Ok, I'll try cardio after weights.

  33. My previous trainer advised me to do 20 minutes cardio in higher intensity first, and folloeed by strengthening exercise to build muscle and tone up. So, i follow his advice.

  34. Understanding the basics of biochemistry involved in metabolism I can say for sure you just have to wait 12hrs before you exercise to use your glucose reserves in glycogen making glycogenolysis and glyconeogenesis to use the reserves of glucose stored in tissues. Plus you forgot to mention lipolysis. You can do whatever you want first, but make sure you have an empty stomach.
    Your video is good. Keep up the good work man.

  35. Been weightlifting (30 mins) and then running (15 to 20 mins) for about 2 months now. Going to continue doing this! Thanks for the advice.

  36. But what if instead of doing a steady pace.. you start with hiit cardio won’t that target your fat first? and just like anything else you will get used to working out in the cardio/strength training order?

  37. Just did cardio then grabbed the pull up bar and push and it's a hell of workout I suggest warm up a little bit then workout then do cardio. I barely can type this m3ssage after ?

  38. What works for me is cardio after, tried cardio first and my energy was drained, now I’m working out at 6 am on an empty stomach with a pre workout drink.

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