36 thoughts on “Car Crashes Into California Gym Hitting Man On Treadmill

  1. Nowdays no one is safe no matter where ur .
    Life can change in one blink of an eye .
    I quit driving to not kill no one l give others a chance to kill me where l am not safe .
    Speeding and reckless driving always kill innocent people.
    DRAVING is one of our worst war to fight.

  2. Anytime you crash into a building you need your license taken away. How on Earth do you start your day off driving down the road, then crash straight through a building, gym, grocery store. She could have taken many lives with her careless driving.

  3. Goes to gym to be able to safely run….gets almost hit by a car anyways 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂 how do u even explain that to ppl without the news…”I almost got hit by a car today while running on a treadmill”

  4. Troy I didn't even peep that Gramps was texting too , I tell you one thing he held his own Grandpa had a mean grip on that treadmill .. he wasn't going down without a fight 😂

  5. Pardon the Pun – But this was straight Hit & Run. No charges my ass, this woman needs to thrown off a 1 story balcony so she knows what it is to be bull rushed.

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