Cancelling a Gym Membership – Foil Arms and Hog

Hi welcome to Active Fitness. HI there I’m looking to cancel my gym membership please. Oh that’s a pity, well take a seat I’ll have someone from the membership team come out and speak to you. No there’s no need to talk to… I understand you are looking to leave the organisation? You mean the gym? You have become an inactive member. Yes its just hard to find the time. Ciarán leaving now would not be in your best interests. Why is that? We are implementing a new free-weights program And it would be a shame to have to lose those guns. Let me put it this way Cancelling your membership would dramatically reduce you life expectancy. Well I’m going to take up jogging. All those hard surfaces Ciarán… It would be a shame if something happened to those knees. So let me get this straight. You are looking for a complete cessation… of your membership. Yes. The talks have broken down. You leave me with no alternative Ciarán you cannot simply leave this organisation Well I am. Under the terms of the agreement you have ten months left on your membership. No I haven’t. It automatically renewed in October. I didn’t agree to that. That was the deal that was struck Ciarán. One months notice is what’s required otherwise the contract renews indefinitely Well consider this your notice. This organisation does not recognize a verbal termination. We insist upon a hand written letter. Ok you’ll get your letter. So you’re looking for early release? Yes and not just for me… I want the unconditional release of all of the members of my family. I cannot and will not surrender to these outrageous demands. I utterly refute what you have just said to me. You’re just trying to hit legitimate membership targets. I have my orders. You leave me with no choice but to use whatever is within my power including cancelling my direct debit. Well then Mr. Callaghan We find ourselves at an impasse How do you propose we resolve this particular matter? Nobody knows… Its a very complex situation. Doomdah! Thanks a million for watching we’re Foil Arms and Hog We have a new video every Thursday Please subscribe to the YouTube channel If you want to see us live, tomorrow night Friday, we are playing the Wexford Comedy Festival And next week we are in London for the Apollo And there’s only like 100 tickets left. So you know its up to you what you want to do there. We are playing our last ever Oink show on June 17th. And then we are at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival with our brand new show ‘Craicling’ Doomdah! OK everybody stick at it. Should be feeling pain on both sides. We got to work it out! (unprofessional corpsing)

100 thoughts on “Cancelling a Gym Membership – Foil Arms and Hog

  1. Trying to explain why this is so funny to my Canadian friends is more taxing than trying to explain the issues with Brexit to them.

  2. [Majestically thick Irish accent] AH HAVE MYYYYYY AAOORDERRRRRSS!!!

    [Hog does cardio in the background]

  3. This has got to be one of the best! I'm not sure if those who rely on subtitles could grasp double meaning in this but for us natives: BRILLIANT!

  4. thank you for this video. oh my GOODNESS i hated cancelling my membership. why the heck can't you just cancel it over the phone like any other place? or just have someone do it when you come in? that gym needed you to book an appointment, and they will only see you during work hours on the weekdays! otherwise, you have to mail a certified letter?? garbage! ahhh!

  5. As the head of marketing at a gym, in Portugal, I must say we should adopt these very irish ways. Now I see we are softies! 😂

  6. Omg I'm crying and shaking 😂😂 "be a shame if something happened to those needs" the accents just made it 100 times funnier

  7. As a non-Irishman, can someone explain the joke? Who precisely is Gerry Adams, and how does Northern Ireland fit into all this?

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