Can You Train The Same Bodypart More Than ONCE Per Week? How Often Should You Hit Each Muscle?

hey guys what’s going on in this video I’m going to show you my morning pre-workout meal I had my push routine but the main focus and topic of this video is going to be on how many times per week should you hit each body part the quality is going to be lower than usual because I have to use a different camera and I got most of the shots in the gym by myself but the information is very useful so I hope you enjoy the video high carb high calorie morning pre-workout meal we’ve got all kinds of oats dry fruits – bananas milk peanuts and a scoop of honey the workout video is next but I’m not going to talk about the workout I’m going to talk about how many times per week should you hit each body part so let’s begin like it is with every other topic there are people telling you that you should hit each body part only once per week some tell you to do it twice or even three times per week with three full body workouts let me tell you my experience and what I found to work the best for me when I started working out I was doing a six-day split hitting every body part once per week I did chest on Monday back on Tuesday legs on Wednesday shoulders on Thursday bicep on Friday and tricep on Saturday now I’ve made progress with this workout split but looking at it now it’s definitely not most optimal for muscle growth for many reasons I was doing a lot of isolation exercises instead of focusing on basics I let my muscles rest too much because they would recover after 2 to 3 days and I’ve spent a lot of time on small body parts like biceps and triceps as I continued working out I learned that compound movements are much more effective for muscle growth than isolation exercises and I also learned that it approximately takes 48 to 72 hours for your muscles to recover from your workout depending on the intensity of the workout of course so I start hitting each body part twice per week by doing push-pull leg workouts and I’ve seen much better results so now for example instead of hitting chest once per week with five exercises three of which are isolation exercises I hit them twice per week with three exercises per workout and two of those are always heavy compound movements I also consider trying a three day full body workout split which is loaded with compound exercises and you’re hitting each body part three times per week but I just can’t go three times per week in the gym it’s not enough for me because I enjoy working out more frequently and I also like to focus on some weak points with isolation exercises for those proportions and the static physique if you’re short on time and you can workout only three times per week then at Reed a full body workout split will be great for you so in conclusion due to the fact that compound exercises are superior for overall muscle growth than isolation exercises and that your muscles recovered two to three days after your workout depending on how hard you’ve worked on your body part you should focus on hitting each of your body parts twice per week primarily with compound exercises or if you’re short on time you can do three day full body workout splits in the end you can hit each body part only once per week but it won’t be most optimal for muscle growth okay guys that’s the end of this video thank you all for watching I hope you enjoyed the video and if you’re new to the channel be sure to join the team by clicking the subscribe button for consistent weekly content with all of that being said I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll be seeing you all in the next video

9 thoughts on “Can You Train The Same Bodypart More Than ONCE Per Week? How Often Should You Hit Each Muscle?

  1. nicely said man I believe everyone should find what works best for them but generaly plan their split on their daily routine and how many times they train per week and their fitness goals! nice video man!

  2. I personally work every body part twice a week, by doing chest and back on monday, arms and shoulders on tuesday, legs on wednesday and then repeat. Great video man

  3. good video! very informative! but let's say if your biceps are not as develop like the rest of your arms. should you train biceps every day?? low weight with very high rep range ? what's your thought on it or opinion.

  4. so you do push pull leg rest repeat so you workout 6 times a week? can i do like this push pull rest push pull leg rest or?and how many exercises per workout i do 3 for chest at push 2 for shoulders and 1 for triceps can you help,nice video and channel man i will subscribe

  5. Ako radis svaki misic dva puta koliko serija uradi na jednom treningu na primer za push trening ? za grudi itd

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