100 thoughts on “Can You Guess How Fast These Animals Are? (GAME)

  1. The fastest animal in the world is the peregrine falcon which can reach speeds of up to 200mph. Source, the peregrine falcon lives in and around my hometown and is my colleges mascot.

  2. Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that rhett guessed 746 and the number Ben wrote was 647. Right number wrong order.

  3. Number is 647. Rhett says 746 in his minds eye when he REALLY thinks about it. When Ben looks at it upside down, that's the order the number would be in. I dunno….

  4. Free math lesson: 2.7777… is not irrational because it repeats and can be written as a fraction (a ratio) an irrational number is one that cannot be written as a ratio/fraction and so has infinite decimal places that never repeat in a pattern like pi or e

  5. Guys, dogs are frickin fast in case you didn't realize. 😂 I have a mini poodle that can run faster than me. 😂

  6. The intro has so much movement, but it's subtle. Very cool to look at. Good Mythical More intro should win a prize, or something.

  7. Little known fact, Chihuahuas are the fastest know land mammals. When shivering they can vibrate like 3000 times per minute.

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