Can You Get Ripped & Lean Without Exercise?

hey guys so today I just want to answer
the question can you get shredded without doing exercise at all so if
you’re answering this question you either injured right or you’re either
really really really lazy but I want to answer this question anyway just because
it’s an interesting one to tackle so many people are under the impression
that exercise is a requirement for fat loss to occur but that’s not true
it’s not true at all you know diet is the most important factor as with the
phrase your abs and made in the kitchen which is mostly true so I’m gonna go
over this question and answer it very objectively and come out with a
conclusion at the end on something we can move forward with so like I said yes
you can lose weight you can lose weight because weight is going to be determined
by energy balance your body composition meaning the ratio of lean body mass
which is your muscles and your bones in comparison to your fat mass fat right
that’s going to be determined by your macronutrients right the ratio of
protein to carbs to fat if you’re under eating protein if you’re only having 0.2
grams per pound of body weight per day and you’re in a caloric deficit you’re
going to lose more muscle as opposed to somebody who’s consuming more protein
upwards of 0.9 grams per pound of body weight um but macronutrients aren’t the
only thing that are going to have a big influence on your body composition
because if you’re trying to diet down and you’re trying to lose 20 pounds
right your main goal is to lose fat and not lose weight because if you’re losing
weight that also implies that you’re most likely losing muscle right so your
goal in a fat loss program is to retain as much muscle as possible and lose fat
from multiple reasons because that’s gonna keep your metabolism strong it’s
gonna keep you strong physically and you’re gonna look better because you’re
gonna have more muscle and you’re gonna be leaner but if you lose all your
muscle then you’re not gonna look good at all and you’re going to have sure a
bit less fat but also less muscle and that’s not what you want so that’s why
strength training weight training in general plays a important role when it
comes to body composition when you’re dieting down
so the likelihood of you retaining a muscle and possibly building a little
bit but mostly retaining muscle is going to be much higher if you’re maintaining
and retaining your strength at the gym with all the lifts you’re doing with
deadlifts and squats and bench press and overhead press if you’re maintaining
your strength and you’re working out consistently even one or two times per
week but you’re maintaining that strength on the chance of you retaining
that muscle is going to be so much higher so that’s the obvious con when it
comes to forgoing exercise on a weight loss program now there’s some other
benefits to exercise as well for the brain for example we know that exercise
is very good for our mental health that helps us think better helps grow new
brain cells so that’s super important as well I’m auditioning size all types of
exercise is going to help increase insulin sensitivity strength training is
really going to help increase your testosterone which is going to be
important for fat loss so there are just so many numerous benefits to exercise
that it’s worth doing despite the fact that you can lose weight without it
hence why it’s something that all trainers all nutritionists all doctors
or recommend to people but there are some cases where and make sense to lose
weight without exercise maybe you’re injured and that sucks but sometimes
you’re gonna be injured and maybe you want to lose weight for whatever reason
so if you already have muscle on your body and your strength trained for a
number of years right and you’ve put on a bit of muscle doesn’t have to be much
but you put on a little bit and you don’t exercise at all and then you lose
weight you’re probably gonna keep a bit of that
muscle and you’re gonna look good and you’re gonna lose fat and you’re gonna
look look ripped but if your goal is to try to get a six-pack and look great and
you’ve never really exercised that much before and you’re planning on just
dropping your calories and you’re expecting to reveal this amazing body
under all your blubber of fat then don’t get too optimistic you’re really
probably not gonna see any good results unless you have ridiculous gorilla
genetics you’re just blessed with great genes and natural amounts of muscle mass
which most people including myself are not unless you’re in that category or
you’ve trained before for an extensive period of time all that dieting down is
going to do is going to be help you lose weight overall which can be good which
can help make you a healthier person which can
help improve how your face looks how you feel your energy
so it’s well worth doing if you’re overweight regardless right because
caloric restriction is gonna give you so many good benefits if you’re just trying
to look good and you were capable of exercising then exercise strength
training to focus on getting stronger and focus on that don’t be lazy so if
you try and lose weight without exercising you want to be sure to be
sleeping enough right if you’re not sleeping enough you’re ghrelin is gonna
shoot up you’re gonna be super hungry you’re gonna be super stressed your
testosterone is gonna be done and that’s just gonna be a recipe for disaster
right if you’re not exercising and you’re not sleeping well even if your
diet is okay and you’re eating healthy food you’re not gonna be feeling great
right and it’s not gonna be something you can sustain for too long now
exercise may even help to cut your appetite now the researchers have bex a
bit mixed on this right some research shows that doing some cardio makes you
hungry it makes you crave foods and this makes sense but this is more in the case
of training in a fasted State if you go to the gym and you’ve been fasting all
day you work out really hard chances are when you get home you’re gonna be pretty
hungry but a lot of the research actually shows that the appetite is
decreased when you exercise exercise has been shown in some research to help
decrease ghrelin and increase peptide why why when ghrelin lowers in peptide
why why go up your appetite goes down so not only this exercise potentially help
decrease your appetite but exercise helps you burn way more calories so if
you’re trying to lose weight right and you’re not exercising you’re not gonna
be eating that much food each day you’re gonna be stuck at home you may
potentially be more hungry than you otherwise would be if you were exercise
and you don’t have that many calories to eat per day because you’re not burning
off excess energy by being active right now this may be different if you have a
very active job and you’re walking around all day but feel like the average
person in the 21st century you’re on your computer all day and overall you’re
just not going to be as healthy right strength is one of the biggest
predictors of longevity the stronger you are later in life the longer you live
the research is pretty damn clear on this on additionally visceral fat
which is the fat around your organs fat that is very difficult to visually see
with your eyes unless you’re enormous um is super super dangerous and it’s tied
into many deadly diseases and visceral fat isn’t necessarily just gonna go away
with diet exercise has been shown to be very helpful with getting rid of
visceral fat so even though your stomach may go down your subcutaneous fat is fat
under the skin visceral fat may not be getting lowered as much as it could be
if you were incorporating frequent exercise into your lifestyle so if
you’re a guy you’re exercising for most of you I recommend you’re getting about
thirty to forty upwards of fifty percent carbohydrates if you’re exercising
really really hard at least twenty 25 percent fats preferably thirty percent
thirty five percent and the rest from protein twenty percent protein
something like that and that’s usually a pretty good ratio for most guys who are
trying to optimize testosterone have lots of energy for weight lifting that’s
gonna suit most guys really well but if you’re trying to lose fat and you’re
completely sedentary then it may be a good idea to reduce carbohydrates
potentially consider something like a Kido genic diet it’s not necessary but
for sedentary people low carb diets can potentially be a lot better especially
if you enter that state of ketosis which really blunts your appetite because when
you’re eating super low carb um especially if you’re eating a lot of
protein your appetite completely disappears away if you do it right so
that can serve you a lot of good if you don’t have many calories to eat because
you’re sedentary for whatever reason so that can potentially be a good thing to
do but if you’re very active right then it’s a good idea to include plenty of
carbohydrates but again you don’t have to eat a low carb diet if you’re
sedentary but it can help alright so that’s it for the video the on the
answer to this question is yes you can lose weight um while you’re sedentary
just through diet but most likely you’re going to lose much more muscle than you
would if you were training hard or if you had already previously exercised for
a number of years um and that’s gonna lead to you looking worse than you could
and by not exercising you’re missing out on plenty of good benefits for your
cardiovascular health for your brain of overall insulin
sensitivity and many many other benefits tied into exercise even potentially
lowering your appetite through exercising so thank you for watching
remember that there are so many other types of exercise you can do you can
swim you can run you can play tennis you can play basketball I love playing
basketball it’s my favorite form of cardio work um
so don’t think you’re tied into just doing weightlifting um but I do
recommend weightlifting for 99% of guys all right because it’s the best way to
lose fat and look great so thanks for watching and I hope this answers your
question to whoever asked this a few months ago and until next time I will
see you guys later peace

10 thoughts on “Can You Get Ripped & Lean Without Exercise?

  1. I'm neither injured nor lazy. I'm taking all possible precautions to make sure I don't get injured … 😉

  2. I've just recovered from a back injury, which is why I've been silent of late. Been going crazy, because I am a weirdo who loves cardio lol

  3. I'm truly quite lazy and don't have the energy or the motivation to do exercises. I think I take too much carbs and I'm always craving it

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