Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Moving The Camera?

The camera in a game, the way you see your
character and the world around you, has a big impact on your ability to play that game. A bad camera makes precise movements more
difficult and can be a real annoyance to the player. So what if you were to take a game that’s
played in a 3D space where you have control over the camera, and then removed that control? Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Moving The
Camera? The first task is to disable the ability to
move the camera. My first thought was to unbind the camera
controls in the game’s settings, but you can’t do that. So I went to Plan B. Using the same program
I used to play New Vegas with a Guitar Hero controller, I plugged in a Playstation 4 controller
made my computer think it’s an Xbox 360 controller. Then all I had to do was leave the boxes assigned
to the right analog stick empty and I could play Fallout 3 without even having the option
of moving the camera, I couldn’t move it if I wanted to. I had a couple thoughts in my head when I
was born regarding the problems I might face. There were a few scenarios that I thought
might give me trouble. When it came to the name, that was easy, I
asked Discord what my name should be. I named myself “Um”, made sure I had a
mustache of some sort, going through a virtual life without one sounds like hell, and the
real game begins. Walking to dad was easy, the game tried to
convince me to use the right stick. I can’t use that. We all know what happened to the right stick. It killed itself by shooting itself twice
in the head and then hanging itself. Then came the problem, the problem I hadn’t
even considered. Your task is to open the playpen gate, but
you can’t do that if you can’t see the fucking gate, and you can’t see the gate
without turning around. With the knowledge of this single issue deep
in your noodle, I think you can start come up with some other problems that might arise
fairly quickly. But I tackle issues in life one at a time. I’m not worried about the future. All I cared about was getting to the other
side of this 2 foot tall gate. Jumping over it wasn’t an option, I can’t
jump that high. My last resort hail mary shot in the dark
idea was to go back to mouse and keyboard like a PC peasant, console master race am
I right fellas, and quick-save quick-load my way through the gate. I avoided the temptation of looking around
by simply turning off my mouse. Then, I’m not sure what happened, it looked
like I jumped over the gate but I think the clipping had something to do with it. Out of the playpen, I went back to the controller
and assigned SPECIAL Points. Well, I wanted to. See, to look down at the book you’ve got
to turn the camera, so I can’t do that. I can’t assigned SPECIAL points. If I can’t use that book, Dad won’t come
back through the door, and I can’t proceed through the game as you normally would. Can you see where I’m going with this. My only choice is to clip my way through the
wall which will place me at the center of the cell, and you can only be there if the
Escape! quest is active, so I’m escaping the Vault and playing the game as a baby all
while not being able to turn the camera. I expected this challenge to be unpleasant,
but not for a second did I think this was going to happen. Something else that’s fun is that I can’t
grab anything from my dresser, so no Stimpaks, no BB gun, no baseball bat. And because of freak occurrences that take
place when you trigger the Escape quest early, there’s no Vault Security to kill and loot. Not that it would matter, I can’t use my
Pip-Boy because I haven’t gotten it yet and trying to pull up my fists does nothing. Navigating through the Vault was slow, the
roaches were annoying, but it manageable. I’ve played through this enough times that
I know my way around fairly well. The door to the Vault Holding Cells is behind
me, out of reach, so getting the Overseer’s key wasn’t gonna happen. I also couldn’t open this door on the left
to snag the door key or the 10mm ammo that’s in one of the lockers. The door on the right was locked, of course,
which called for clipping through it. I did it, fell through the world, and went
back to the center of the cell. The next time I managed to force my little
body through the door without embracing the void, get into the office, jump and activate
the terminal, and open the escape tunnel. The wall panel had to be opened with a switch
that was beyond my limited field of view. Quick-saving through it saved the day, and
things got real. This was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I need to get past the vault door. Because of where I’m looking, the door control
panel is out of reach. I thought for a minute that I might be able
to fuse myself with the panel on a molecular level and activate it on the inside. Couldn’t. Thankfully, I had a backup plan. Because this is a different area than the
Vault Atrium, clipping through a wall and falling through the infinite nothing places
you near the door to the Capital Wasteland. I won’t lie, it took me 10 minutes just
to find the right position and clip successfully. All that remained was to open the door. I don’t think I have the words to describe
how un-fun this little slice of Hell was. Just like any other door, I can’t activate
it without either looking directly at it or by being inside it to some extent. In theory, IN THEORY, this is possible. I can only assume that someone with more talent
than me, someone who knows more about these glitches or speed-running strategies, could
do this. Very few things in any challenge have taken
as long as this. Actually, I can only think of one thing. I spent close to an hour and a half on one
level of Super Monkey Ball 2 a few months ago, then I got power fucked by a different
level and haven’t touched the game since. I honest to God was at this door for over
an hour, trying to clip through it or just… all I wanted was to open the door. Why was so hard. I’ll tell you why. After probably 30 minutes I got really frustrated
and paused the challenge. I had been operating under the assumption
that what I was trying to do was possible, I needed to know, if I did clip through the
wall at the right angle and in the right spot, if I would have the ability to “Press A
to open the door to the Capital Wasteland”. And the results will shock you. Future me, put an ad right here. [On screen: no]. The quick and dirty answer is: no, I don’t
think I ever would’ve gotten it. I used the tcl command to turn off collision
and the sgtm command to slow down time. With the game slowed down by 75%, and still
without turning the camera, the prompt to open the door appeared for maybe half a second
while moving. Do the math, at 100% speed, you’re looking
at about 1/8th of a second window to hit E to open the door. But even then, it was farther backwards than
I ever got. It was like in the wood pillar on the left
when you’re looking at it normally. I could go on about this area, but there’s
no reason to. I tried for an hour and never got close to
my goal. Maybe you can beat Fallout 3 Without Moving
The Camera, but I can’t. I wasn’t going to let that stop me though,
I turned to the left to open the door, and finally began assigning SPECIAL Points. Attacks of any kind are effectively impossible,
I wanted to talk my way out of any possibly situation, so I build my character around
Charisma and Intelligence, picked Medicine, Speech, and Barter as my Tag skills, and failed
my way into the Capital Wasteland. It’s worth mentioning, because it’s relevant
throughout the rest of the challenge, that opening the door to a new area sort of resets
your character. Regardless of where you’re looking when
you open the door, you’re looking straight ahead after you load into the new area. Outside, I leveled up, dumped the points into
my Tag skills, and began making my way towards Megaton. As a baby, it takes a hell of a long time
to get there from Vault 101 and that wasn’t made any easier by not being able to look
around. After many minutes I saw the piles of garbage
and new that I was home. Then I did something perhaps controversial. I cannot move my camera, but what if the game
does it for you? When you talk to someone, you’re automatically
turned to face them directly. You’re left facing that new direction after
dialog is over. I’ll put up a poll, if you think I cheated
by using that trick, answer the poll as such and feel free to dislike the video. I’m not home free, I’m not even on the
map. My little maneuver had about 51 years worth
of drawbacks. Also shoutout to my PipBoy that didn’t work
for some reason when I had the PS4 controller as my method of playing. Back to the hinderances of dialog, I’m a
baby, so almost any time I’m talking to someone I’m going to be looking up at them,
which leaves me looking up after the dialog is over. It’s almost like I can force the game to
turn the camera, but the more it turns the less I’m able to see. I started for Craterside Supply and realized
about halfway there that I had a couple bullets and a coffee cup or two to my name, I could
see almost nothing and afford nothing, there was no point in going there. I fast-traveled to Vault 101 and set my sights
on Little Lamplight. After everything I’d gone through, my objective
was to finish the game by any means necessary while also expending as little effort as possible. I went ahead and returned to Megaton real
quick to talk to someone and get my perspective shifted, give me a fighting chance, so to
speak. Avoiding enemies was not fun, but I did learn
that I could also use VATS to force the game to turn the camera, for the same reason as
with dialog, which also comes with the same set of drawbacks. I don’t need to go into too many details,
but a funny thing happened as I started heading West. Believe it or not, without being able to really
see where you’re going, it’s easy to get confused about directions and which way you’re
going. I say that because I may have sorta, kinda,
gotten my directions mixed up or something and gone the complete wrong way. After passing through Grayditch, the most
annoying piece of shit in the world spoke to me at just about the worst possible moment. I was now stuck looking straight down. Several minutes passed, I went back to Vault
101, and began my journey to the west again, for real this time. I found a dead Commando with a body I could
actually reach and got myself a little bit of armor and a melee weapon. Melee weapons are far more practical when
you can’t turn the camera. As long as an enemy is close enough to you,
and in front of you, swinging the sword will hurt them. Of course, I’m a baby and my melee weapons
skill is about as low as it could possibly be, and the sword itself only does 5 damage,
but it’s better than nothing, barely. Over the next 30 minutes I would kill a mole
rat, pass by some train tracks, find a Brahmin that I could use to do more harm than good
to my visibility, get down to 2 slivers of health and no Stimpaks, decided that 3rd person
mode was allowed, don’t worry that wouldn’t last for very long, and thanks to a series
of quick-saves, got myself a bit stuck with a group of feral hounds that I couldn’t
really kill and no means of healing myself. It was there I stopped playing for almost
10 days. I came back to it on February 6th with a fresh
perspective, ready to make this game my bitch. I’ll explain what happened, but just know
that I started playing at around 1:00pm and by 5:00pm I’d done enough shots to black
out. That’s what this game did to me. The first thing I did was successfully get
around the dogs. A Bloatfly attempted mate with me which was
real annoying because I couldn’t see it for most of the time, then when I could my
pistol was like using a nerf gun against a cement wall. What happened next shocked even me, I quite
literally stumbled ass backwards into Little Lamplight. That pause you see where I stopped moving
was me recoiling in excitement because I couldn’t believe what I just did. That excitement would be short lived. With the location discovered, I returned to
Megaton to try to find some way to heal myself. I’d rather light myself on fire then take
a salt and lemon juice bath with my body covered in 3rd degree burns than try to get through
Murder Pass as a Baby, with no health, and without being able to turn the camera. Step one was terrifying Moira into submission
with tales of how Raid: Shadow Legends is more of a threat to humanity than Ebola and
the Coronavirus combined. With the Armored Jump Suit in my possession,
I bought all the Stimpaks I could (4), somehow got myself into the woman’s restroom where
I drank my fill from the sink. Then came the problem of getting out of the
bathroom. The only way out was to wait for someone to
enter the bathroom then use VATS to turn myself around enough to get outside and return to
Little Lamplight. Speech allowed me to convince Merryweather
to let me inside, it took me several minutes to waddle my way to Murder Pass, many more
were spent trying to glitch myself through the gate, and I did it, I was in Murder Pass. I thought the end was in sight. It wasn’t, you can tell by how long is left
in the video. I tried one time to kill one of the big orange
guys with my pool noodle, didn’t seem to phase him, so I pressed onward. Getting through here without moving the camera
would’ve been hard enough, but what really made it bad was being so slow. The only upside to being small is that there’s
a decent enough chance that anything attacking you won’t hit you. Getting stuck between a few of them didn’t
help much either. Closer to the vault entrance, I wasn’t tall
enough to snag the Stimpaks in the first aid box, but I did manage to get into the Reactor
Chamber. A little trick kept the monsters from following
me inside. At first I thought maybe I could skip part
of this hellhole by clipping through a wall somewhere and falling deeper into the vault. It didn’t because I couldn’t do it, I
couldn’t reach the cardboard bed either. A few radroaches died in a way that let me
rip out their innards for a snack later. With the little supplies I had, I knew there
was just no way for me to get anywhere near the GECK. I gave up for the day, went to Taco Bell,
picked up some vodka, should’ve gotten Svedka instead of Smirnoff but we all make mistakes. Two days later, I decided that one way or
another, I was finishing this challenge. Let me just say this, I spent the better part
of 10 hours playing Fallout 3, and it was horrible. All that time getting into Murder Pass? A waste of time. I reloaded a save from before I entered Lamplight,
looted what I could from the nearby shack, and returned to Megaton. My first stop was the Clinic to buy some stimpaks. I found that I could use a chair to modify
where I was looking which could help me a bit depending on where I find myself. My plan was to get a companion, didn’t matter
who. Charon in the Underworld had no karma requirement
and Star Paladin Cross had a positive karma requirement, they were my choices. Dogmeat was up there too but he can die. I had to brute force my way into Moriarty’s
saloon with no lock picks because I wasn’t going to find the front door. Inside, I said nice things to the freak who’s
Brad Pitt compared to me, got the pulse charge from Burke, immediately ratted him out to
Lucas Simms, keep in mind two things real quick: 1) my head is crippled which messes
with my vision and occasionally causes blackouts, and 2) I’m describing these things that
I’m doing, “ talked to gob, talked to simms, went back to the bar”, but every
single thing is a monumental pain in the ass. The sheriff dying was part of my plan. I wanted his gun and the good karma that came
from ratting out the killer. Then I killed Burke a couple times to make
his body land in such a way that I could reach it. Before leaving town, I stopped by the Common
House to sleep my concussion away, pick up a few pieces of trash inside that belonged
to everyone therefore I could take them for free, entered Burke’s house, wasn’t much
in there. Supposedly there was a shotgun in there but
I couldn’t find it. There’s also a hollowed out rock behind
Megaton containing a Sniper, some ammo, and a few Stimpaks. I needed as much free shit as I could find. I figured I’d be better off trying to get
Paladin Cross first, the Citadel isn’t that far away and I’d need to head there eventually,
might as well have the location discovered now. Again, directions is difficult, I got ‘dem
confused, wrong ways I went. Thanks to a dog that is now just as dead as
mine, I was able to turn myself around and face the right way. Before long, I spotted it just over the hill,
the hut that the devil lived in before he made his way to Hell. And for once, I thought, “I’ll let her
live, I’ll even trade with her, I need all the supplies I can get”. Grandma Sparkle had other plans. I made a backup save as I did every 17 seconds
and that bitch crashed the game. It was in that moment I decided that she will
die. I still traded with her, and by that I mean
I forced my garbage into her body, then I pulled out a gun and blew her goddam head
off. Watching her body spasm was just as satisfying
as ever. I picked what I could out of her corpse, robbed
her cooler, looked through her shack but didn’t find much, the evil of Grandma Sparkle was
defeated so I didn’t have to worry about the game crashing, and I continued heading
towards the Citadel. I borrowed the supplies of a Scavenger I just
killed, and I’m not sure what happened next, if I accidentally hit the quick-load button
or if I did it stategery. Didn’t really matter, I still found myself
at the bridge. Normally I’d fight the Raiders living under
it, but going around it would’ve taken a lot of effort, so I used the quick-save method
to avoid fall damage, discovered the Citadel, then continued onward towards the Jefferson
Memorial because why not. Swimming as a baby is difficult, you’ve
got to constantly be jumping like some sort of aquatic creature to avoid drowning. The second I discovered the Memorial, I took
the path to the left under the pipes and whatnot to get around the building. This one fuck made me so irrationally angry,
I used 3rd person mode just to see that this stupid asshole was running on the water and
cheating to hit me. I should’ve been happy to be beaten by Jesus,
but I wasn’t. I was about to enter Rivet City when I realized
that I couldn’t reach the intercom to make the bridge extend. On the plus side, I remembered why I came
this way, the passage to the Underworld is through the nearby metro station. Once I got inside, I noticed some textures
were missing. After drinking from a irradiated sink and
discovering that there were a bunch of Raiders down there, the game, predictably, crashed. Once I was back in the mine, I tried in a
bunch of different locations to clip through the wall to hopefully fall deeper into the
quiznos station. Just like in Murder Pass, it didn’t work
out. In the spamming of the buttons, I remembered
that my karma was still neutral. If I wanted Star Paladin Cross, my Karma would
need to be higher. I could either post lame memes on Reddit,
or I could kill some Raiders. I chose the route with murder in it. With Luck at 10, I actually had a chance at
killing a few of the Raiders. Not many, I didn’t want to waste too many
Stimpaks or rely heavily on the irradiated toilet water to heal as that would make me
sick and lower my Endurance and other stats more than some of them already are. But I had a plan, there was a method to my
madness. Aquire items, sell shit, make a profit, buy
purified water, donate to Carlos outside Rivet City until I become a prophet. I thought Jenny Stahl in Megaton would have
water. She didn’t. Then it hit me, I could do what every celebrity
or shitty YouTuber does when they fuck up, just donate to charity. I searched the church for the King Carny,
he was nowhere to be found, he was soaking his feet in the drink outside. My 220-ish caps were not enough to make me
a Genie in the eyes of the church. I would need more. I sold most of the weapons I wouldn’t use
anyway to Jenny Stahl, got myself up to almost 420 caps, donated all of it to Confessor Cromwell,
and ascended to the rank of “good”. Back to the Citadel I went, ready to get inside,
get my companion, and end it all. Here’s what happened: there’s a spot to
the right of the Citadel where you can clip through a pile of rocks, clips through a couple
other odds and ends, and find yourself under the Citadel where you can then enter the Citadel
from within the Citadel. Problem is, that’s not at all easy when
you can’t turn the camera. It’s very difficult to find the specific
spot that you can glitch through. Add in the fact that you’re a baby so even
if you could find the spot, jumping and getting to it would be more difficult than ever before. What I’m trying to explain to you is that
I gave up after about 12, maybe 15 minutes. A wise man once said “Hi, Billy Mays here”
and he was right, there’s gotta be a better way. I had the supplies to brute force my way through
Murder Pass. What I lacked was the skill, patience, determination,
or willingness to do it. I needed to level up to make my weapons at
least a little useable against the Mutants in the Vault. The easiest way I saw to do that was to enter
the simulation in Vault 112 beneath Smith Casey’s Garage and rescue dad, that always
rewards a nice chunk of experience. A fight with a Bloatfly left me with a crick
in my neck that lasted a while. It took me a while, but I found Smith Casey’s
Garage. Discovering the location leveled me up, I
dumped all the points into Small Guns, picked Daddy’s Boy as my perk to give a boost to
Medicine, and entered the building. I left the mole rats alive just in case I
had to turn myself around and… I couldn’t reach the button. Brilliant. It was around that time I remembered that
I had this problem in a previous run and came up with no way around it then, no point in
trying now. Disappointed, but not surprised, I left, tried
for minute or two to clip through the wall at the Citadel, failed, and by the guiding
Christmas lights hanging from above, entered Little Lamplight for the last time. I’d reloaded a save to get back to the rocks
near the Citadel, so I had to assign skill points after convincing McCready to let me
in, then… a stroke of brilliance. When I was looking at the list of companions
for Fallout 3, I saw a list of temporary companions. Sticky is one of those companions. He’s no Paladin, but any meat shield is
better than none and, perhaps more importantly, having a companion would give me a reliable
way to turn my character around without having to use VATS on things that are trying to kill
me. And just in case I hadn’t made it clear
before, allow me to do so now: Without this VATS trick, this run would be 100% impossible. If you’re not facing the right way when
you enter an area, you wouldn’t be able to proceed. This is the only way to make this run somewhat
possible. With my new friend, I ventured towards Murder
Pass, would probably give someone a seizure if I sped up this footage, clipped through
the gate easily once I found the right spot, and my boy Sticky was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t hear any of his stupid jokes
and when I backed up he was gone. Easy come, easy go. Checking my Pip-Boy, it dawned on me that
maybe I should’ve put more than 4 points into Endurance. I wasn’t gonna let that stop me. I began running as fast as my little legs
would let me. I found that jumping constantly helped me
avoid taking damage. I can’t confirm if that’s actually the
case but it made me feel like it did and I’m all about ignoring reality if it means I’ll
feel good. That’s why I drink. As a bunch of freaks chased me down a hallway,
I pumped a few shots into one which did almost nothing. I had enough bullets to kill maybe 3 in total. This time, I was able to quickly snag the
goodies from the first aid kit I missed last time and enter the Reactor Chamber. I was fairly confident that I could get through
it, looking through all my healing items, I had plenty of ways to heal myself and even
a Stealth Boy to fall back on if I had to. Tradition forced me to try to clip through
any of the walls in hopes of skipping something, there were several minutes wasted that I’ll
never get back. Getting through here was trickier than I’d
have thought. If you weren’t dealing with the Super Mutants,
you could stop and think about which ways to go, which turns to make, but with them
attacking at all times, you’re relying on your gut, on you’re instincts, and my instincts
are bad. One time when I was home alone I lit a glass
bowl on fire in the kitchen and burned the shit out of it. My gut response was to bury it in the backyard. I took the wrong turn a couple times, got
stuck with many big men blasting my little body several times, my head was crippled,
then my chest cavity, I found it really funny that because I’m a child, my character will
sometimes shout “Help”, that would sometimes happen right before my skull took a bullet
and ended that simulation. You’re in a simulation too. Soon enough, I got to the door of all doors,
the Test Labs, quick-saved a bunch of times to keep the monsters from coming after me,
and without even trying clipped through the wall. It took me a minute, but I eventually figured
out where in test labs I was. Backwards walked for a while because there
was nobody to help me, tricked some mutants into opening a door, activated the fire alarm,
ran past all the Centaurs and into the loving arms of Fawkes. He’d been freed and will fight for me. With him by my side, getting to the GECK would
be a cakewalk. The only bits that had the potential for frustration
were when he’d go around a corner, I had to make sure to VATS him once or twice to
turn myself around so his ass would never leave my field of view. He took care of all the bad guys real good,
I played hide and seek with their dead bodies, he retrieved the GECK for me, and I was on
my way. To get from the room where I got the GECK
to where the Enclave abduct me takes about 3 minutes. I’m telling you that because I got all the
way there and realized that I wasn’t facing left enough to open the fucking door. So that meant 3 more minutes backtracking
back to Fawkes, using VATS to turn to the left, then another 3 minutes back to the door. Those are the kinds of things you get to experience
when you torture yourself with video games (sad dab). After it took 3 grown men to abduct a baby
with a gun, I woke up in their base, retrieved my equipment, leveled up, dumped all the points
into Medicine, picked Educated as my perk, did my first and last Charisma check on the
Enclave officer to convince him that I’m big important, and waddled towards the President’s
Office. You might be surprised at how easy, relatively
easy, it was for me to get to the Control Room where the Sentry Bots would protect me. I thought carefully about which way I had
to face to ensure that I could talk to the President once I scaled all those stairs. I talked to him, science’d the shit out
of his head, and had to go back down the stairs, VATS a robot to turn around, then go back
up the stairs again to begin my escape. Escaping was about as difficult as making
it to the office, Sentry Bots and turrets did a lot of the work. I actually did some shooting, snagged a bunch
of ammo, another missile launcher, a gatling laser gun, blacked out briefly, and escaped
out into the new world. Fawkes was there to rescue me and because
I’ve been a shining beacon to humanity, never hurting a fly, he decided to come with
me. I returned to the Citadel and STICKY WAS BACK. But there’s always good with the bad, even
the Sticky kind of good. The task at hand is one that defeated me in
another life. Getting into the Citadel. At first, I decided against it. I thought maybe I could just make the game
end whether it wants to or not. We, myself, Fawkes, and Sticky, walked around
the barrier that hasn’t been put up yet because the war hasn’t started yet either,
entered the Jefferson Memorial, nobody was home so I used that moment to get an action
shot of our heroes with the “tfc 1” command, and entered the rotunda to end it all. A funny thing happened in there, something
similar to what’s funny about all my videos, nothing. Nothing happened in there. A whole lotta nothing. I did a few things, tried glitching inside
the console to see if I could push the buttons from within the console, because remember
as a baby I can’t reach the buttons. After maybe 15 minutes of trying a bunch of
different things, I managed to jump and reach one of the lower-most buttons and I can’t
activate them because there is no power. If I’d knocked out Colonel Autumn I might’ve
been able to make the game think the console had power, that’s how speed runners do it,
but I didn’t find a way to reach the middle or top keys. It was a waste of time. My only remaining choice was to clip myself
through these rocks from earlier to get inside the Citadel. And unfortunately, I’m not going to spend
all that much time on this. It took me about an hour to do. I think the first clip through the rocks to
fall to the lower level that you don’t normally see was just dumb luck, and once I got closer,
the only reason I was able to turn around was because Fawkes happened to spawn nearby,
I guess because I hadn’t told him to wait and if you’re far enough away a companion
will just spawn near you. This was just about the least fun thing I’ve
ever done in a video. There were some really frustrating bosses
in Borderlands 2 and Doom (2016), King Dedede in Kirby’s Nightmare in Dreamland wasn’t
super easy, some stealth sections of Far Cry 3 were a pain in the ass, but nothing like
this. Most of what you’re doing here is walking
into an invisible wall spamming quick-save quick-load to see if you can make something
happen, and if not you move and try somewhere else. It’s hardly even gameplay at that point. But finally, with Sticky acting as the light
at the end of the tunnel, I was able to reach the door to the Citadel, enter the Laboratory,
get myself a sweet suit of Power Armor, level up, and Take Back America. Fawke’s big dumb stupid body blocked the
fucking stairs. That was… great. For some reason the invisible barrier wasn’t
in front of the Citadel. Usually when you don’t do the Madison Li
escort mission to get inside there’s an invisible wall that’s left behind when the
gate is lifted. But that wasn’t here. Also, Liberty Prime wasn’t moving. Why would he be, it was foolish of me to expect
the ending of this game to work properly after everything I’d just gone through. I fast-traveled and relaunched the game to
see if it fixed anything, it didn’t. I also thought about maybe running towards
the Memorial and doing all that stuff again, but instead I acted with my brain for the
2nd time in my life and simply went back to when I first arrived at the Citadel, met Sarah
Lyons again, waited for Liberty Prime to be moved properly, went back outside, and that
beautiful bastard was doing his job. You know how I feel about following Liberty
Prime, no need to mention it again. He thankfully didn’t shut down or glitch
out enough to break the game. The gang and I arrived at the Jefferson Memorial,
and entered it for the last time. I let Fawkes and Sarah Lyons do most of the
work, there was no way I was capable of doing anything to those Enclave Soldiers in Power
Armor. And Sticky died. Just like the purple guy said in the star
war, “I’ve lost a lot too”. I wore Sticky’s party hat to carry on his
legacy, and once again entered the Rotunda. For the first and last time I used the missile
launcher. I blew up Colonel Autumn, Fawkes and Sarah
cleaned up the stragglers, and I had to make one last call. I let Fawkes go in to activate the purify
solely because I’d never done that before, probably, don’t assume that to be 100% true
I didn’t check to see if I’m right, and I did not beat Fallout 3 without turning the
camera. Holy hell, what a nightmare. Please, for the love of god, don’t ever
try this. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a like. Leave a dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Join the Mitten Squad Discord server through
a link in the video description. Thanks to the champion tier supporters as
well as other channel members for making videos like this one possible. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day. I did get something weird to happen at one
point where I like broke the game, I was able to clip through the wall but my movement was
locked, I could only go so far left or right then the game wouldn’t let me go any further. For all intensive care purposes, I got the
answer to my question. I was as in the wall as I could possibly be
without being a mouse, the prompt to open the door never appeared.

100 thoughts on “Can You Beat Fallout 3 Without Moving The Camera?

  1. This is a serious waste of time you could have spent helping your local community or encouraging good character on the internet

  2. you might have been able to use the vats/dialouge trick on the rad roaches to position yourself to get through the wasteland door

  3. 1st) thanks youtube for suggesting a video to me that i am most certainly not interested in.

    2nd) Honestly .. your caption/title does not suggest a challenge to me .. but rather desperation out of utmost boredom.

  4. I assume it is some mix of mods but Liberty Prime always gets stuck in my game. I end up using the console to 'moveto player' which seems to get him going again.

  5. Just a tip, you can do that same controller binding directly through steam. It's much better in my opinion and applies to all games launched through steam.

  6. PC masterrace, you can't even do conosle commands. Why try moving 2 sticks around when it's combined into one mouse. You can't even shoot properly. xD

  7. What if you beat the game as a baby and then came back to the vault and finish the original part before your dad left

  8. Me 5 years ago: Meh, I pretty much knew all ten things you though I didn't know
    Me a year ago: Beating Fallout: New Vegas backwards doesn't seem too hard
    Me now: You're a madman. Why do you do this to yourself

  9. I thumbs up every video even those I cringe at. Paul's suffering is my entertainment. I feel like a bad person but I keep watching.

  10. The challenge is that YOU can't move the camera. However if the game moves the camera, as with going through a door, that's a scripted event and part of the game. I believe this run was a win as the intro vault is more of a tutorial, and tutorials aren't real gameplay.

  11. Hey mitten squad Paul, y'all should do a challenge where you have to take damage between every shot you take at the enemy

  12. What he never realizes is that there is a second way into the vault with the G.E.C.K. in it that doesn't invole murder pass at all.

  13. I think Fallout and Skyrim challenges should both operate under the same rules: The run doesn't start until you're out in the world. No more baby runs in Fallout. I don't think anyone would fault you for not starting a challenge until the game itself actually lets you out of the tutorial zone.

  14. I spent all day watching your vids the other day and in one you wonder if you can do a bishock run with only telekinesis.

    If you play the remaster and do a new game plus you could and I think it’d be awesome

  15. Hey man, I love you… You are loved. My life would actually be really different without your videos and I'm glad you're here to make them.

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