Callisthenics: The World Is Your Gym

Umm I don’t know, Its opened my mind to a lot more things. do you know? And Its a very loving community Its nothing like the gym. ♫ Tug MC – Dare For My Youts ♫ The impact that callisthenics has had on my life, I would say is, It’s upped my levels in positivity Like, I don’t know, its cleared my mind more, Its made me more healthier more you know, I’m
the best shape I’ve been in my life, due to callisthenics so, I’d say that’s
just the main you know, any stress I have and that, I mainly just go and see Barbara. A bit about myself, I do music, I do training, I’ve been doing callisthenics for about three and a half years now. For people that don’t
know what callisthenics is I would say its, beautiful strength, basically anything not in the gym, bodyweight training press ups, pull ups, dips. About my self, my name is Cyrus, also known as StarBoy Asian thats my instagram name, everyone knows me as, StarBoy Asian, because i’m an athlete. I travel around the world and compete, judge. Callisthenic, for people that dont know, they seem to always think is
gymnastics, or parkour, but calisthenics is functional bodyweight training we mainly use a lot of core strength, a lot of upper body strength and a lot of agility (Tug MC) I got into callisthenics through seeing a clip on YouTube, A group called bartender’s, bar stars, and basically tried a few things out myself, and from then I’ve just not turned back, so thats how I’ve got into callisthenics. Do you have to be fit to do callisthenics? Theres always a starting curve innit, you’re always gonna start off like, You know… you’ll get fitter as you train, so, I wouldnt say you have to be fit to do callisthenics, What I enjoy about calisthenics? Is the energy. everyones in the same energy, So, the energy that everyone brings to the bars, everyone motivate each other, It’s like, with football and other sports, everyone’s kind of competitive, and they kind of talk trash to each other, In calisthenics, when you’re a beginner, and I’m a intermediate, or advanced, I’m helping you more, than you help me, so then I get inspired by you, doing the actual moves, and doing the actual
exercise, so we kind of motivate each. (Tug MC) It’s all gains. What makes calisthenics unique? What makes calisthenics unique, is, like I said to you, good energy man, there’s not alot of sports that has good energy like calisthenics. Even if you’re overweight, and some other guys skinny, we still motivate each other, and we try to push the sport, as much as we can within the community. Not just in Bristol, but around the world. Ive been doing music for, loads of years right now, but, I’d say where me doing the bar, callisthenics, I thought, why not make music about you know the calisthenics, to help motivate people. because I’d say music is, a part of the training as well, you know like, music just go to the beat innit, you know I mean? it helps you, motivates you innit, whatever you want to say, but basically, I just started making some music involving Street workout calisthenics, explaining a lot more of what it is. (StarBoy Asian) If someone wanted to start calisthenics
in Bristol You can do it anywhere man. You can wake up, and you can do it at home, when you walk out the door, do some push-ups out
the door. When you’re at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, you can do some pull ups, Anywhere! The world is your gym! Ya get me?!

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  1. Another note about the good energy of it: it's great to practice with other people and encourage each other, especially when doing the same exercise at the same time. It really helps when you're feeling under the weather!

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