BURGER KING 10000 Calorie Challenge – Italiano Cheat Day – MAN VS FOOD (ENG SUB)

finally another day is gone
and now I can take a nice nap in it holy peace! oh no, another time not! Hamburger… chips… Waffle… still these nightmares! I know that this time I have to go to Burger King good morning table ninja and welcome to a new and of course welcome in a new challenge Tuesday, September 25, 6:20 am. the intro was not by chance boys tonight I did not really shut my eyes, because I was and
I’m really too excited for this challenge ..and why? Because today will be another
epic fast food challenge. After the great success of the McDonalds in many of you have asked me
to replicate, but this time changing fast food. And where else can one be?
delight the palate with some healthy fast food? Obviously Burger King! We know
all of the great rivalry that exists between the McDonalds and the BurgerKing but today savoring a bit of unhealthy crap coming from the latter, we could finally find out which one is the best!
But let’s introduce this challenge Today Burger king challenge! Rule number
1 this will be a 10000 calorie, which it means that I will have to take 10,000 calories coming
only from Burger king! Rule number 2 I will have a maximum of ten hours to complete
this challenge, because guys, let’s face it all, now 10,000 calories go down like water,
so 10,000 calories in ten hours, let’s make it the challenge, just a little bit more difficult.
Rule number 3 I will not go counting them calories from liquids, but obviously like
milkshakes are always allowed, also because at Burger King you can find one of my milkshakes
favorite and today I can not wait to try it. And rule number 4 maximum three meals per
try to complete this challenge. So table ninja, we just have to start
with the usual practice, control of the body! off my shirt! Table ninja I’m ready!
And weight control! 66.6 66.6 fortunately my mass phase has begun. The problem is just one, I’m losing weight so I really think that my day chat today will only benefit my bullying phase good control of the physical done, weight control done, dd now finally is now mine Coffee! obviously! mandatory before starting a new challenge! Now I’m ready! and then table ninja, I taste this nice coffee, I’m going to do my usual cardio
and we’ll meet with my aaaaminooaa ..lo were you going to say? No boys is simply
water, in this phase of my bulking I eliminated the branched amino acids because, not ne
I see the reason to use them. Anyway, cardio went 20 kilometers, step
4.26 and 1 hour and 29 minutes to complete them and now a question for the runners that are
following this video, think it’s a good one time? I really think so ninja because this is
my best time on 20 kilometers. 1 hour and 29 minutes! Absurd! I’m getting too fast! Yeah, I think I deserve this cheat day! So guys, I’m going to quench my thirst
with my water, I have a nice shower, I’m going to roast a Burger king and us there
see later with the first meal of this challenge And here we are finally back from
my shopping. I did not know the Burger king open at 11:30, I had to wait
out 1 hour alone as a super hungry dog. But in the end, I did it! I managed
to recover a bit of healthy and healthy Burger King! Then it’s really late it’s already 13.30, I want to leave with this challenge at 14:00 so, let’s go to present immediately
the products of the first meal of this challenge so as breakfast from the Burger king we have
an American supreme, a chicken Big King, a Hungry Whopper, a toast with cheese
and bacon, a toast with ham and bacon, chicken nuggets, fries version
medium, and a nice waffle with chocolate and cream well, everything is ready to be savored and finally
we can start with the first meal of this day because table ninja I’m very hungry. But as always, my usual thing is always missing my coke zero! And this time I have my nice big shot of Burger King super refreshing! I have also
mine sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise, obviously spicy ketchup But before we begin, share my first meal of this burger king challenge obviously I’m sharing my first meal of the
day in Instagram, so ninja if you want stay with me in live even in my challenges,
start following me. You can find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above
and follow me ninja, follow me! Ok now we are really ready, no, a last one
thing off my shirt! much better! it’s 1:51 pm and I’ll start with this
fantastic toast with bacon and cheese Very good! Wow what a good one! I love toast too good ninja, now I would go with this chicken big king, which must really be really
good, I’ve already tried it once and it was so fantastic, it will be even today! Amazing! this is really good, this melts in your mouth. I love the chicken then These ninja’s go down like water, my mother that goodness! Too good! I would eat another one,
pity that I only ordered one. Ok, I would go with this Hungry Whopper, look at this too
inside ninja, this is really fantastic we have: bacon, caramelized onion, chicken,
cheese, the sauce this is one of my favorites at Burger King Yummy, really really good, my mom And then inside there is also the barbecue sauce which is my favorite sauce I love fast food, my mother, I would never stop eating it! time to taste some nuggets, let’s see if these are better than those of McDonald’s good ninja, but those of McDonald’s are better Go with the ketchup! However I am 9 chips mayonnaise It’s over wow! Quiet the table was disinfected before starting to eat and however mayonnaise always wins on ketchup! let’s go and destroy the last one
toast, this is with ham and cheese this is also really good yes, ninja! toast one of my favorite things! too good! with ham then Ok, I prefer the nuggets at McDonald’s
but what about fries at Burger King they are much much better! Are you a little envious ninja? Tell me the truth! too good! And of course I left last this fantastic America Supreme this is a new sandwich, I’ve never tasted it so let’s try it now. inside there is beef burger, lettuce, bacon tomatoes and sauces and let’s try it Too much good, amazing! This is really amazing guys! I love meat! I mean look at that ninja stuff, this is really food porn And the last bit of the salt part … too good too! I love fast food. Here we go
obviously with dessert, and let’s go with this fantastic waffle with chocolate and cream because
you know very well that after you have finished eating I always like the salty part of my meal
finish it all with the dessert then waffle! Phenomenal ninja, mother that goodness! Waffle this waffle is really good has nothing to envy to the donuts indeed, perhaps,
It is much better Mom that good! the last piece and even Coca Cola is gone.
It’s 2:17 pm I really am enjoyed the first part of this challenge.
Although I must say that at Burger King it does not you can find a lot of sweet things because
I only found these waffles, no donuts. Anyway, now I go to the gym, I’m going to destroy
a bit ‘of weights :, I’m going to make the most of the calories from this meal and us table ninja
see you later with the second meal of this fantastic challenge! and here we are again ninja in my kingdom with the second meal of this challenge. Then workout in
gym gone, today I did not do a lot I only did a 5×5 of deadlift, then I trained
a bit ‘the biceps, the abdominals of course and at the end of the training I did a couple of circuits
of crossfit just to burn a little bit of calories, however we are ready for this second
meal and ninja, I have a hungry beast too because it’s late, it’s almost 19:00 and like
we are always going to discover the products together of this meal. So, for the second round
of Burger King we have: a Beef Wrap, an American Crisp Tender, Onion Rings, Chili Cheese Bites, USA Fries obviously medium serving Oreo Cake, this must be really good and
obviously to conclude Shake from KitKat Well everything is ready on the table like me
like me discarded ready to be destroyed. As always we prepare ours Coca Cola zero, we always have our Burger King’s glass usual ketchup, because I finished mayonnaise. And ninja, we are finally ready for the second
meal of this Burger King challenge of course I also shared this meal on Instagram, so table ninja if you want to be spoiled on my challenges I remember you for the second Once in this day, start following me
in Instagram, vgthomas1987 as you can read above, and do it ninja! It is 6:59 pm Off the shirt much better! and table ninja we leave. Wait wait wait I forgot something! now reason! now we are the king of Burger King! Ok, I would start with this wrap, this BBQ Beef Wrap, because wrappers are the most
good that there is, even better than the sandwiches! Really really good ninja. You can see
the inside is beef, there’s bacon, the barbecue sauce, lettuce, delicious
in conclusion and also the cheese! too simple to eat the wrap, go down like water. Let’s go and taste these Onion Rings, let’s see if they are good Really really good ninja! Any girl willing to marry me? however they are 9 onion rings so I can
have nine girls! the problem is just one that I do not even have one! But I have food! So no one is willing to marry me? OK nothing! really good these onion rings.
Let’s try these Chili Cheese Bites in theory inside there is the pounds but not
I have an idea, let’s open it and let’s find out. Oh yes, inside have the Japapegno to what I see,
assaggiamoli! Amazing these are really really good guys these are really really good! and inside there is also the melted cheese so my mother that goodness! on this the burger king wins, I’m sorry MCDONALD! if it’s not food porn, look at it
guys, my mom however they were 6 chilli bites ok let’s try these USA fries this is one
limited edition and I think they will definitely be much better than regular french fries I confirm! these are much much better, much less dry! Ketchup are you ketchup team or mayonnaise team?
write it in the comments below! this challenge too simple! let’s try this American tender crisp with fried chicken and this must be really fantastic because as I said for the hundredth
I love the chicken once good heavens that is, I have no words, guys, I could eat about ten of these sandwiches, I could eat ten of them I’m sure of one meal! without problems! however, go and try it because this is one of the more good that now serves as now at
burger King fried chicken, lettuce, tomatoes bacon, caramelized onion, cheese and its
sauces, an indescribable thing indeed amazing! the last tidbit of the salty part of
this meal really really satisfying but now it’s time for my favorite part
of each meal the sweet part and of course today we have this fantastic oreo cake and this must really be really good and I’m really excited to try it then let’s try ninja here it is here you can see the oreos inside? l oreo above? let’s try it! my mom, my boys, I’m in paradise, mother, goodness! this is a cheesecake no a cake! mom that good! no no wait
this deserves a moment some food porn pity that it was just a slice and I did not even hear it! and let’s finish this meal with a fantastic Kit Kat shake this mother too
mine must be really good I never have it tasted the Kit Kat Shake at the Burger King this is the first time and let’s see how it is! just that this does not help! here it is here ninja maybe it would take one
straw but it goes well really really good guys, my mom if it’s good! that is, I like salty, however, it is clear when I eat the sweet part after the salty is a double
satisfaction my mother my mother what goodness! I could drink a liter without problems indeed this is almost half a liter so I do not see where the problem is! and also the Kit Kat Shake gone are
7:21 pm I really enjoyed this second meal, I would still be hungry, but now I’ll take a baby break, I’m going to walk as always I think I’ll be away an hour and a half, I’ll do a dozen miles nothing more and we table nannies see each other more
late with the third and last meal of this fantastic challenge! and I’m back from my walk from my long walk because this evening I walked for good
two hours twelve kilometers ninja I had one great desire to walk, the temperature
outside it was really fantastic seventeen degrees so I could not stop myself, I came back
at home for the simple fact that awaits me the third meal of this fantastic challenge then It’s time to go and finish this cheat day as the last meal of this Burger King challenge I propose a chicken crispy wrap a steakhouse, fries the medium portion, chicken wings and this was the savory part now we have the sweet side so we have a hot brownie, a milka king fusion and to end this fantastic challenge with a flourish my favorite shake an oreo shake! and as always my food is ready to be eaten and ninja I’m hungry beast tonight and I think
that I could eat even more than this but I have said that it will be a 10,000 calorie challenge
so for this time let’s keep it like a 10000 calories challenge however as tradition
we have our coca cola zero, our usual special guest of the day The bicchierone
of the Burger King coke, finished! really refreshing! I have my ketchup, ok ninja and we are
at the end of this fantastic day the last meal of this Burger King Challenge,
and also the third meal was shared in Instagram, so ninja I’ll tell you for the third
In this video, start following me in Instagram, vgthomas1987 as you can read
above and follow me ninja! off the shirt much better! it is 10:18 pm and I would start
with this delicious steakhouse this is also really a big sandwich, this has a lot of calories and this will surely be amazing very good! here you feel the taste of cheese and bacon is a really good thing to try! table ninja would you like a bite !? No! all mine! too good! and now I would go with these chicken wings let’s see if these or the McDonald’s are better another bite to understand I’m sorry to admit it but I prefer these, MCDonald ops … however, so eat the brushed chicken wings! however, there are four, very good! brushed, simple ninja calories! my potatoes my ketchup misery come back! however I must say that this sauce
of Heinz is really really good! has a really fantastic taste is chili, you have to
try it, really really good, it’s kind ketchup but it’s not ketchup is really spicy
that is good! and let’s finish the savory part with this fantastic chicken wrap this must also be very good because I prefer it much more the piadine of the sandwiches then really really good you can see the crispy chicken lettuce, tomato, cheese, a fantastic combination the last piece of wrap salty part gone and I have to say amazing it really was really
good but now my favorite part is the sweet part, and I would go to taste first of all This hot brownie because I’ve never tasted it and I’m really curious to do it here it is, this will certainly be fantastic but before judging we taste my mom, you guys amazing, this is extreme sex can you see the inside? my mom this is really really good Mamma Mia you really feel the chocolate mom ninja are in paradise mother that chocolate hit, however let’s go with this Milka king fusion this must also be really good, of course
it melted because I forgot it out of the fridge however the taste is really really
good, my mother, that goodness mom ninja i’m in heaven I love the salty, but I do not know why today I’m really really craving for sweet, my mom! I could start an ice cream challenge
immediately! really refreshing! and finally the hour of the highlight of the day arrived, this fantastic Oreo shake I tasted it only once and it was freaking amazing, so today it will be too! Yes it is! my mom l Oreo shake is the best thing in the world! my mother that goodness ninja it’s even a mortal sin to finish it, ops
I threw away a bit ‘but recovered and with this shot I declare this fantastic ended
Burger King challenge! it is 10:41 pm it was a really delicious challenge
I was really thoughtful to try a little fast food, because they were two weeks that not
I had a fast food so I did not see I’m going to eat some dirt now
the time has finally arrived for me to go to bed to bed because I have to be honest I really am
tired, I really got up early this morning I never stopped a second so I think it’s time to give you a good night and we, the table ninja, see you tomorrow
morning with weight control and physical control good night!
good morning table ninja! Wednesday, September 26 9:13 am the day after my Burger King challenge what to say was a fairly simple challenge, now never
10000 calories go down like water last night after the last meal I went to bed and there
I can guarantee that I have taken sleep at speed of light, I was really tired yesterday was
a really really tough day for me I got up I never stopped
a second, in the morning I went for a run the afternoon I went to the gym in the evening
I went to walk, what else else? Oh yes, I ate Burger King, just to let you know
this challenge cost me 72 euros! then guys try to share the video you are looking for
to put I like it if within a month we will arrive at 15,000 I like it with this video, I will face
another epic and fantastic fast food challenge and this time the opponent will be kfc! then
I would like to leave it to you! but now it’s time to take stock! after watching the MCDonald video and after watching the Burger King video what is your favorite ninja fast food? write it in the comments below! well we have done everything, what is missing what is missing? Oh yes physical check! off my shirt I must say that today I really feel really good just a little water retention, and weight control! 69.4 69.4 two and a half kilos but rest assured they are all liquids, food undergoing
digestion and a lot of poop in fact I have to run away immediately to the bathroom, so guys it’s time to close the video but before doing so I must remind you that if you want to stay
with me during the week, if you want to see my workouts, if you want to see mine
feed, if you want to see the crap what a public, if you want to be spoiled on
my challenges because even yesterday I shared everything As for Instagram, I shared my day, I am
things happened really really hilarious yesterday guys and only those who follow me in
Instagram could fully enjoy this Burger King challenge so start following me
find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do it ninja fatelooo
and as always reminded you of the most important thing if you have not yet subscribed to my channel
do it immediately click right here table ninja has arrived
close the video we obviously see each other next week with a new video and in the meantime STAY FIT & STAY HUNGRY!

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