Building Johannes Bartl’s and Amanda Cerny’s NEW GYM!! || Vlog 1

good morning ladies and gentlemen hello from Los Angeles and welcome to the first vlog of this new chapter on my channel most of the people who are watching this video right now are probably still my lovely loyal German subscribers but to anyone who is new on this channel welcome first of all and let me tell you this channel is gonna be in English now you probably see a lot of German videos but this was goddamn I just had the perfect take of this vlog man no investigative vlog why are you in my house by the way I wanted to help you set up your gym that’s why you call me ride ride the thing is why am i vlogging in English now I am able to finally do collaborations with people in Los Angeles because most people don’t speak German which is funny because your Honda speaks German and now I’m doing a collaboration with them that makes no sense at all anyway I am here to help him set up his new home gym which arrived a couple of days ago and today it will be set up and it’s going to be fantastic [Music] all right the garage is empty and the gym is ready to be built wait oh this is the gym yeah but I mean 95 pounds that’s all you need yeah and now biceps cross this is perfect form yep thanks I am fucking excited for this thing too because how excited are you I mean you probably I feel like my body is shaking I feel like um I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve like I’m so excited this is gonna change everything this is gonna change the game you guys like personal training in here will be looma so you’re seeing this complete empty garage behind me right now and in the end of the video you will see the best gym there will be a full gym in here you’re just gonna do some vacuum cleaning now so you can build the floor and your home is what are you doing oh the mirrors are installed already perfect okay the team has arrived so we can finally build the gym and I am already a little bit sunburned so to prevent any further sunburn let’s do this let’s do this [Music] yeah [Music] all right we’re almost done but something just happened I was carrying a thick barbell and I tripped and fell and crushed four of my fingers between concrete and this barbell tore my favorite pants there’s some blood the things you do for the gym but it’s all worth it obviously the gym always goes first what it actually sucks because I had a new project planned for you guys which I wanted to start actually before this video before I upload this video so next week but I probably have to pass on it for another week or two you’ll find out soon though what project it is I think it’s gonna be fun and it’s definitely gonna be fun for me I hope it’s gonna be fun for you too and I will need this hand and especially these four fingers for it and you can guess what it’s gonna be what I’m going to learn over the course of one month more about that in the next video after this video sucks that I heard the left hand and exactly the four fingers that I need [Music] and the gym is basically done basically done like 95% there are a few things missing and maybe you’re honest you have a couple more things that I want to change like I want mirrors in here obviously so this is that wall will be a mirror we’re gonna put a mirror in the back might switch that one up over here and put like you know it’s kind of like a break looking wall this is big splitting right now I mean it looks beautiful boom like I’m just like right here right in the middle over here we’re just missing one part to like stand it up cuz I’m a little machine it’s just you know getting used to it so right now I don’t really know where I have everything so when I have my clients here I want to make sure that I know exactly where to go and to make it super easy and accessible for you know all the workouts and I think what’s really awesome because I mean it’s just a garage and it’s this big no no no no that was the start of the center all right it’s not a whole like warehouse you know like a gym is but you can do hundreds and thousands of exercises here with all these like look at all these tools here I’m just like all these tools gonna rephrase that sentence for you this is the best gym in Los Angeles you will everything you can do so many things here I’ll show you in two minutes I’ll show you everything you can do are you ready yeah Wow we switch it here don’t hell just sing it Wow myself bro all right squatting here Wow chill the press deadlifts out here bow for my pension and put the bench and bench press here we use dumbbells bond single bond gonna do some rows back Wow kettlebells we’ve got the slimeballs this is a great pendulum workout sorry it’s already a workout sound what’s the son of biceps curls right enough space the skiers is ready yeah and much more yeah and I think I mentioned it earlier in the vlog already this whole gym comes from rep Fitness right here right here right here and this is Shane founder fitness CEO I don’t know what man he brought this with the team of total of six people yeah and I mean you’ve seen them in the footage and build this in a matter of one day it’s really really really great I’m very excited to work out in your house basically have the first official workout in here we did a little bit I’m not gonna lie but now I said I have to do the first workout with Shane cuz he set it up now there’s gonna be the first one I’m gonna see if his muscles are filled air he actually lifts or what you know so I know what is this is this this is real damn take my shirt off right now boys yeah now you can see all the videos on their channel I’ll link it in the bud in my description Yahoo and entries of course too and I’ll mention it when I say goodbye in 10 seconds so CO 10 seconds oh I forgot to mention this is also gonna be the only gym in Los Angeles that has dumbbells that are actually in the right order here and all the ways are going to be react every single day damn you got employers to do that what’d you do make yoursel respect my gym and I react the weight nice before I end this video I want to introduce to you this new idea that I had which is basically improvising a song on the piano together with you I want you the people who are somewhat involved in music to send me a melody that is four notes long maybe three four or five notes keep it short which could be this or and I will take this melody and improvise something on it which would be like [Music] [Music] something like that for like two to three minutes and I want to involve you so if you have a piano or anything or maybe hum a melody and send it to me on Instagram and I will take one of those and in my next book I will make a melody out of it and I want to start with it right now by just doing a four note random melody here I’m not gonna look I’m gonna take my favorite pen here this is not just a pen it is also a flashlight but before I do so the people who are not interested in piano or listening to a piano piece right now they can just end the video right here in that case I wanna say thank you for watching the video on this first vlog English vlog on my channel there will definitely be more if you liked the video feel free to give a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t done so and I will see you in the next video peace [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music]

26 thoughts on “Building Johannes Bartl’s and Amanda Cerny’s NEW GYM!! || Vlog 1

  1. Englische Vlogs ? kommt besser finde ich.
    No matter if English or German, authentic man this Aramis ?

  2. Great one. I am back from my cali trip. It was awesome, but we were so lucky to have cloudy weather in LA 😀

  3. Geil das du das "Gym aufbaust" und man dich immer nur in der Küche sieht ;);)
    Uwe schickt dir bestimmt gerne nen neuen Satz Smilodoxhosen xD
    Very cool video by the way!
    As always

  4. Hallo Aramis, ich schaue deine Videos in Lüneburg/Deutschland. Die englischen Videos helfen mir mein englisch zu verbessern, hoffe ich. ?
    Ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit! ?
    Gruß Reiner.

  5. Thank you for watching!

    An dieser Stelle auch nochmal danke an alle die trotz sprach Änderung dabei geblieben sind ????

  6. Johannes does not really own this House, right?
    It is crazy with that view and pool and now the gym.
    Really miss your German vlogs but I will watch your videos anyway. Great piano play at the end and really cool flashlight-pen ?? I’m lucky that I could understand your English speaking without any big problems. Just waiting for your next video by now ?

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