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Hi, greeting from Liptaci from Liptov and with small Liptáčiks guys, nod your hands it´s perfect a bit unusual this time it will not be from running, nor from the mountains but it will be from our new workout park that we’ve already featured on Instagram and we showed how we did it from the beginning so we will not talk about it for a long time, we have a few time-lapse collections as it all went, maybe a video tutorial for you but we will still talk alongside the video so you may know what and how our basic idea was to build something simple such that it can be decomposed that we can build it once there, once there but it has grown to larger dimensions the whole thing was created so that last year we practiced intensively 4-5 times a week on all the workout parks in our city every park had something and we have put together what had worked best for us, what we used no park had everything we did ultra mega tutti frutti the very best workout park in Slovakia in Liptov at least nobody would build it for the money, so it’s good we did everything and dug it ourselves the first excavation was done with Tomáš by hand ( vlog n. 47) then we found that groundwater was breaking through it and coming out we had to cover it up we had to use a big digger that dug it in another place in the next step we brought gravel you wouldn’t even believe that 50 tons of gravel got inside here it was just such a subtle foundation under this workout park to be self-supporting, it is not concreted so there was no need for a building permit it is built on concrete cubes, on it there is a wooden floor basically it is not difficult but it gave us a hard time The frame is made of old railway sleepers it is reinforced and tightened with screws pre-drilling for the screw bolted together with screws gravel transport treatment and tramplining donw of gravel concrete squares under structure installation of welded structure the structure is fastened to concrete squares by screws and chemistry preparation of wood for the floor foundation for floor laying the floor floor treatment Today we would like to show you a few shots of how to practice in such a workout park but we would like to show you how to really practice it so we both couldn’t be in the shots amateurs, who just are walking there we invited the world champion in fitness Miško, come and introduce yourself to us hi, hi Should I introduce myself? well, you said who I am, what I am that was just one of the achievements but you do a lot things movement I explain it so much that I do movement, it is … Fitness is the only discipline in which I compete I’m a parkour who is now practicing more than jumping so I have managed to achieve several of these successes and that’s why I came to workout with you today you have the youtube channel running, tell us what it’s called Michal Barbier under my name, click on youtube, Michal Barbier very inspiring how to get started, how to do the exercise who cares, check it out Miško is one of the best, if not the best handstander in Slovakia Hat down there is also a course on how to learn handstand here is his youtube, and here is his Instagram and now you will teach me how to do a handstand original we didn’t agree so, but now you signed up look, let’s go Miško, how are your first feelings, how do you like by us? amazing, I’m totally destroyed structures are great I like the fact that it is really original that you invented it yourself you have built it yourself I really appreciate the rope which is very difficult to find on such urban workout parks this is a great benefit that I see and also a monkeybar it is hard to see in those parks around towns where we go to practice these are the biggest benefits that the park has, so I like it the rest is classic I do not see any problem here, you can here train well It is free so anyone who has a will and wants to exercise can come but you must not contaminate it here, it must not scream we are in nature you need to relax here, exercise and then leave in peace come to practice, why you are talking so much there it works like that and if you feel very warm, you can also throw yourself in a stream into the swamp the stream is not here, but the swamp is here 2222 it is a great honor for us to bring this guy here because he is very busy, he has many projects running great that we could grab it for a while we are glad that we have so many clever, inspiring and motivating people in Liptov we hope you enjoyed this video from our workout park we hope you enjoyed Miško’s beautiful workout we hope you will come to workout watch him on youtube, Instagram of course after us don’t forget liked this video, comment and some opinion if you have something new an opinion, what you would like to improve, see for the future and what else can we put in there? comment, subscribe, all show us whether you like it or not, that we might know thank you thanks, bye

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