Building a HAMSTER TREADMILL | Will he run on it?

We all know that hamsters like to run on
a wheel. They do it for long periods of time. But would it be the same if they
had to run on a treadmill? Let’s build one and find out! As I expected, even though he’s able to
walk a little bit, he’s not comfortable doing it. When he runs on the wheel he
stays on the same spot no matter how fast or slow he tries to run because he
makes the wheel spin at that speed. I’m not fast enough to anticipate his
movement so at the end he must consciously adapt to the treadmill speed. So it’s pretty clear that he prefers his old wheel. That’s the one he’s going to keep! Subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you
liked this video and leave a comment with your thoughts on it. I’m the Elite Worm, thank you for watching and have a great day.

9 thoughts on “Building a HAMSTER TREADMILL | Will he run on it?

  1. You should add some ir sensors to detect his position, to slow down or speed up automatically.
    Incredible design though.

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