Build Your Biceps With Just One Bodyweight Exercise

Hey, guys! Jeff Cavaliere from What I’m gonna do today is show you something
really quick. It’s an exercise that you can do for your
biceps on a total gym. I know, you’re laughing…total gym…and
I don’t blame you actually, because I’m laughing myself and I have one of these in my basement,
because my wife bought one a few years back and it started collecting dust and it might
be collecting clothes or something else in your house, but dig it up, take the clothes
off, dust it off, because there are some really good exercises you can do on this and I’m
gonna show you one right now. They can be very challenging too. What I’m gonna do is set this thing up on
a high incline. Grab the handles, position myself on the plank,
arms out stretched, pull up and curl. Essentially, I’m doing like a bicep pull-up
with my bodyweight. Probably using about 60% of my bodyweight. [pause]
You can see this is pretty tough. Now what I wanna do is I wanna make sure my
arms are high, because the bicep’s job is not only to flex the elbow, but also the shoulder. [pause]
OK, like that. Again, it’s not easy. Not everything on this stuff is easy. There’s a lot of exercises you can do on this
stuff that are tough and I’ll be back for more, I’ll show you an ab exercise that you
can do that’s pretty killer. Again, while you guys have this at home, start
utilising it and get some real good results from it. I’ll be here again with some more of this
stuff coming. Gotta start doing some more of this single
exercise, new things that you might now have seen already and kind of build up your repertoir
of things you can do in your home. Alright guys, visit, go get yourself
a copy of the athLEAN-X training system right now. It’s the same thing that’s being used by some
of the top celebrities on the red carpet and some of the top pro sports athletes in all
the major sports. You’re really gonna make some really unbelievable
results in 90 days. I’ll be back here in a little while. Thanks, guys.

100 thoughts on “Build Your Biceps With Just One Bodyweight Exercise

  1. @MistaHooong hahaahh telling me you go outside more than me when you havent even met or seen me haha nice try tryin to look cool online buddy. and yea i did watch the video and never once did he say that he knows everyone has a total gym, he does say that alot of people have them, and for someone who goes outside alot your social life is lackin cuz when does alot meen everyone?

  2. This is a hard exercise on theTG!
    Try the tricep extentions laying on your back…awesome exercise…try it..or
    do you a video on it. I wish i could exercise more. I have been working 12's:(

  3. This is a good workout, you can do this workout or if you have a pullup bar do…

    Chinups which IMO work best for biceps

  4. I've been able to improve on EVERYTHING. Especially the past few weeks, really got back on the workout wagon. Started doing dips only 2 weeks ago, could barely do 5, today i did 3 sets, 6,8,7reps. No matter how hard I try, even using good form and really pushing it, I can't get my lats to build up as fast. And I can barely crank out a few pullups..

  5. I'm so sick of all these workouts telling me to use all these expensive machines I don't have! And it's not like I can bring my laptop to the gym…

  6. @XXChicagoGuy Chinups for biceps, stick a dumbell between your feet if you find them easy. Pressups for chest (wide hands) narrow hands for triceps. Squats for legs, hold something in your hands to make them harder… it can all be done with household object. If you take the time to buy something like a multigym, you probably won't use it. If you have been exercising for ages and then buy one you might actually use if for something other than drying your clothes on lol.

  7. @m1leswilliams That's what I thought. I was curious why he didn't mention them as an alternative to the total gym

  8. who knows where i can find some great "No Gym Required" workout routines?? its looking like you have to build your own routines to fit your plans these days.

  9. @11033066099 Check out Scooby1961, his channel has some videos for beginners with bodyweight only exercises. Mainly just push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches, but he has a lot of good info for free, focuses on saving money and such.

  10. @gamemeister27 i watch his all the time,..but im looking for routines, for a certain type of body, not just 1 video for biceps, then another video for triceps, and have to make my own routine,..cause i know very little about the body's responses to certain sets of movements,..for example(fake),..lets say Going from a squat thrust to a tricep kick back also works your traps. lol, stuff like that, i want actual routines. but thank you though

  11. @11033066099 I have for you another answer! One routine with no equipment required can be found by just searching bodyweight exercises. First result should be a video with that exact title, has a 6 exercise routine that seemed pretty decent.

  12. @ZehAnonymous put your feet on the washing machine so your weight falls front and push up…its also good for your shoulders :)!!!

  13. True, it uses your bodyweight. But I came on this video to see something you could do without a machine. This is a badly named video!

  14. i know this is a bicep video, but i had a question about my triceps. I'm 17 and ive been working out consistently since i was 14. i was 6'0'' and 100 lbs. when i was 14 and now im 6'4'' and 192 lbs. I have gained size but i cannot seem to get my triceps to gain size. I do tricep rope pushdowns, dips, skullcrushers, overhead extensions, close grip push downs, and close grip bench press. My triceps still never seem to grow. I was wondering if you had any tips for me.

  15. wheres the bodyweight exercise he used a machine :s…bodyweight excerise is when u use no equipment at all just your BODY..:S

  16. wont do anything except build your back and lats. youre just seeing great results from fat loss. but i can see how anyone would plateau after a few weeks

  17. @Sheneedsme18 Lol no it would be because you are using the BAR to pull up all of your bodyweight..DUDE the pull up bar does nothing :S You pull up all your bodyweight using your biceps srsly sort it.

  18. he's got big biceps but i'm pretty sure it's not from using the total gym. i owned one before and it's a great cardio / circuit training type of work out.

  19. Just one unchanging body weight exercise= plateu.
    Also, most people don't have a machine like that- the good ol chin up, is cheap and has more possible variations- they don't isolate the biceps quite as effectively, as some back muscles are used too- but this can easily be circumnavigated by doing uneven chins etc.

  20. Stop being stupid guys, if you dont have this machine you can do something similar using just a bar and props. Its called inverted bodyweight row. lie on you back and pull yourself up with your hands (while under the bar ofc). its like a pull up except its easier and will help build you up for real pull ups .

  21. @justyoustupid Try watching longer porn films.
    If you want you could make yourself watch only one porn film. It will take longer every time.

  22. @NightManiacsInc
    True words… He's just freakin skinny so his biceps seem big…if you would put those toothpicks on my body they would be ridiculously small;)

  23. you should work out your wrist its too small for your biceps. it would make your arms look bigger with a t shirt on too

  24. I have an even better idea… why not just go to a gym and do curls with a fucking bar? I never got the logic behind all these "magic" machines. Just seems like an extremely expensive and less efficient way of working out.

  25. i think they look to round, id perfer slightly bigger shoulders so they blend well together but thats just me im tiny

  26. Hows it going JD i was wondering is it really necessary to take protein or any supplement to be a decent size and ripped

  27. will this make my face yellow, like yours? if it will, naaahhh i'll pass. i love my complexion more than i hate my limp arms.

  28. Best bodyweight exercise for your biceps? Close grip underhand chin-ups,and go really slow on the movement,keeping constant tension on the muscle.Increase the intensity further by making yourself "heavier" by strapping weights round your waist,or having several pig outs at McDonalds.

  29. I saw a pro builder say "I don't understand guys that spend 45mins in the gym. I'm in the gym 4 hours a day." Great! HE has 4 hours to spend in the gym because it's his job. Average Joes work 8+ hour jobs. Job that do not entail being paid to maintain an amazing physique. The rest of their lives dictate their time in the gym, not the other way around. I can only workout early a.m. I changed gyms to one further away cuz the one closest to me moved back their hours & was no longer conducive

  30. Dude you and my older brother sound just a like. Until I proofed that meat head wrong about the Total Gym lol. I just started working out on the Total Gym to prove to him( and myself of course) that I can gain muscle and loose weight using it. I lost 20lbs and gained 7lbs of muscle. Now I know that's not much but dude the Total Gym is worth it. It gives you the same exercised you can do at a gym at the comfort of your own home. It's not a "magic machine' but it gives great results.

  31. Just a different way of doing a typical exercise? no big deal, try it . One of the best values of the Athlean-X training system is the non typical exercises incorporated into it ! Have fun with it.

  32. Old video and after looking at him now he looks much more built and defined now then he did in old video. And Btw why laugh at total gym?

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