1. If you come down to peru try to join us and we should participate at the inkachallenge is really tough check it out

  2. Is it normal for me to not struggle when my first time on the rings like it took me 10 minutes and i was doing ring dips (not boasting)

  3. If someone could support my chanell with subscribtion it would be awesome, i will put great videos in future i hope

  4. Do you recommend wooden rings? I bought some rubber rings with small beads looking grip but they rub the heck out of my arm when doing dips. Any advice?

  5. Hey Chris I’m getting back into the gym and want to follow your guides as I have the app. I used to go to the gym years ago and I was in pretty good shape but family took over.

    Where am I best to start as I see you have the weighted section on the app which is what I used to do but then there is the body weight section.

    Pearce from the UK

  6. 🔥❤️👑🔥❤️👑😂❤️🔥👑🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  7. workingout with rings looks like the best way to bodyweight workout. you get the full contraction and the way your body is supposed to move, I would want some but I got no place to put them

  8. Hey guys, I made a video in which I did one of Chris's workouts! Please give it a look and let me know what you think! I'm at the beginning of my Calisthenics journey!

  9. Hi Chris big fan! Do a leg workout video you haven´t posted one in a while.
    Keep working hard you motivate me!

  10. For every push exercise, you should do a pull exercise, like body rows, to reduce the chance of injury. Opportunity missed in this video.

  11. To me, rings are the best friends of those who can't get a big chest one regular calisthenics workout. I'm one of them.
    Rings help me so much to feel my chest…

    From today, i'm gonna do ring dips, push ups and fly, to get a bigger chest for summer !

  12. Looks like a great workout but I'm not there yet to get to this level Chris . But soon , hopefully ! Lol!

  13. Okay. Going to do a warmup and give it a shot. If I can't get those dips, I will user progression with feet on the floor or try doing an isometric by jumping up and slowly lowering myself down on the negative until I can do it properly. Thank you for the instructions.

  14. greetings from Germany.what a amazing Body. thanks for this Kinds of exercises. I have to try this today !!

  15. 翻訳あてにするより英語に集中した方が大分内容が理解できるもよう。

  16. the higher the anchoring point the straps are the more unstable the rings are, so if he's hanging it from the roof that's rad lol

  17. What if I dont feel chest doing these cous when I do pushups on ground or dips on bar I feel chest its like burning but on rings I dont feel anything

  18. Awesome workout! Just decided to go rings workout for upper body. Going to have to work up to the pelican pushups (damn near face planted on first try). Do you have a similar workout for the back?

  19. These are pretty easy for me accept for the pelicans. I h a t e those. But I will progress towards doing them better

  20. I'm 72 yrs old and I enjoy body weight exercises. I appreciate the calisthenic knowledge you share and your passion for functional full body exercises. Please keep up the good work.

  21. Is it better to run through 4 sets of each exercise and move on or run through the entire circuit 4 times?

  22. Just started with ring training and it’s humbling…I thought I was strong doing straight bar muscle ups but rings brought me to reality… thanks Chris!!

  23. A tutorial of how to get injured for ego driven people. It’s a dangerous video. The exercises are too advanced for most people. The point was to flex. Lotta people gonna get injured. Don’t be ego driven, guys. Do basics first. Train your stabilizers and tendons first before attempting any of that. I believe to do any of the exercises he showed u need to train for years on rings. Otherwise u get injured and your progress will be hindered. But if your goal to get injured go ahead.

  24. Used rings for the first time today at the gym. HUMILIATED but excited anyway and looking forward to get stronger and eventually be able to train with them.

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