Brave Mongoose Tackles Lethal Black Mamba Snake

COMM: In the Kruger National Park, a dwarf mongoose sizes up to a deadly opponent, a
black mamba. COMM: Black mamba snakes are the most feared in Africa, growing up to four and a half meters long. WOMAN: Oh, my god! Look at the size of him. COMM: Their bite is known as ‘the kiss of death’ and can be fatal to humans. COMM: It’s thought the mongoose was trying to ward the snake away from its burrow close by. COMM: Mongooses is known to eat rodents, birds and snakes, so this large black mamba was bigger than the average lunch for the little carnivore. MAN: That is awesome.

39 thoughts on “Brave Mongoose Tackles Lethal Black Mamba Snake

  1. As for the length of the mamba: as shown in this video, usually reach up to 3 mts (from 1.5 to 3 meters, the great majority). Only a few exceptional cases of 4.5 meters were reported.

  2. Do yo no that my sister caught a mongoose in my backyard and it ran away and now I'm freaked out, when ever I go outside I'm pretty scared

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