Brandon Hendrickson | What It Takes to be a Physique Champ | Ep. 1

it’s crazy how things have changed the
past six months I’m grateful to be able to say I can wake up as the current
men’s physique Olympia champion I can say that I get to defend the title I don’t forget where I come from bro but I
always believed I had something special in me to become bigger and better just like the most computerized car I have ever
had so crazy I still don’t
know how I got to get like tutorials I’ll do 30 minutes today mandus
usually wants me to do 20 minutes five days a week but I’m doing 30 minutes 4
days a week so I’m pretty locked in right now being
only six weeks out I don’t do much I’m in the gym by 7:30 8:00 a.m. for cardio
do fasted cardio for 30 minutes I’m doing ABS for 20 minutes and I’m posing
for another 10-15 minutes so I’m in the gym for an hour hour and a half like the game didn’t really change me
besides the muscle mass that’s the only thing that’s really changed the past six
years I’m still the same person I was when I was 140 pounds versus me at 200
pounds with the Olympia title like nothing I don’t forget where I come from bro
and I don’t forget that I came from nothing no car you see the car I’m
driving now I didn’t have no there was a point where I didn’t even have a car
I’d have to wait until my mom got home just for me to go to the gym looking for
a job looking for a career like a life like I didn’t know what I wanted to be
or that I knew that this is my destiny until like 25 26 and even at that age I
was still working at the hospital but I always believed like I had something
special in me to become bigger and better it’s a real simple answer the
ultimate men’s physique look is Brandon Hendrickson we’ve been at this since
2013 in search of what will be the perfect physique that we will never
obtain but for this era it is the perfect physique for the men’s physique
division signature pose that thing is wicked we’re looking at more details
coming out we’re trying to perfect his angles presentation means so much the
difference between first and third at this level is so minuet you can have a
great physique but if you don’t know how to present it to the best of your
ability somebody else is gonna beat you so we leave no stone unturned every time
when we’re done training we come over here and we pose and we pose and we pose
we check his angles we make adjustments to his posing while we’re looking at new
details that are popping out because turning one into the left or one inch to
the right can now change that pose based on what new details are showing we’ve gotten a little bit closer just
because of the fact that we won the title together we’ve been through so
much together and we finally were able to achieve the biggest title in the
world the mr. Olympia it’s something it’s a dream that he’s always wanted to
accomplish I feel it when he’s training me I feel it when he’s looking at me
it’s like almost he sees himself in me so I make sure that I give 100% because
I know that he’s depending on me to to push it and really be the best I can be your boy went no carbs now trying to
catch ya we wont mention any names but they pullin everything now trying to catch up he’s so far ahead that the
rest of the guys in the league are messaging and trying to figure out what
they need to do to change their game plan to catch him that’s the worst thing
you can possibly do stick to your game plan
stay in your lane and be the best version of yourself and that needs to
beat the best version of somebody else when you’re changing your entire game
plan because you see where he’s at panic pandemonium
good luck they chasing last year’s physique bro we already past it your
body’s changing every single year your body’s changing every show and if you
keep switching coaches and switching your support system they have to learn
your physique learn who you are mentally and physically all over again so having
someone there consistently be with you throughout every show he’s really
pinpointed what works for me and what doesn’t work for me I seen a lot of
people jump coaches and you know look where it’s gotten them nowhere you know
so for me staying with my coach being so consistent with him it’s gotten me to
the top and we’re staying here there’s still a huge difference between
wanting to be the best in the world and then actually finally being the best in
the world so here so this is a tilapia it’s 35
grams of tilapia protein we have 1 cup rice and then Brussels sprouts shoutout
Eat Clean Chicago man providing me all my meals offseason and in season since 2016
I start my morning with egg whites and oats and then literally meals two
through five I alternate between tilapia and fish and each meal has almost a cup
of rice with each meal with vegetables and then I’ll do one big salad every day
just to get my fiber check in every week that way we can keep track of that
specific day that specific time every week but we see each other a couple of
times a week and that’s just depending on a the travel schedule for any given
week based on him and myself so we have those those check-in dates every week
that we can consistently look at and then seeing him multiple times a week
when we’re training and that’s when we make the adjustments is during one of
those three or four time frames I use um liquid aminos and I mix it with
vinegar and I pour it on this that’s how I’m able to eat this every
day just eating bland fish every day that shit gets tough I’m scared to lose it I’m like terrified to lose it so I’m
literally I’ll do 10 more minutes of cardio mandus tells me 20 I’m doing 30 because
I don’t want to lose this so the pressure makes me better the pressure
motivates me and it pushes me every single day like I wake up with a whole
new purpose now when I come here in train with Mandus before the title I used
to be like terrified like he’s gonna mess me up today he’s about to mess me
up but now I’m like let’s go let’s go like I’m ready to work let’s work
whatever you want to put me through let’s put me through and I’m not gonna
complain the only thing I ever ask mandus
is how high he tells me to jump and the only thing I asked is how high and I’ll
just put the work in

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