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Let me ask you, how do you feel this year?This is probably your best year ever. Yeah man, it’s been an incredible year. A lot of homework, in the churches work, behind the scenes work, payoff. You know, I had an opportunity to have it payoff it bigtime. Get back home, been with my family, it’s been great. Add coming out here to visit the fans, you know im excited about this year as well. Possibilities of what I can do in Olympia. It’s just a… You’re gonna win Olympia. Win olympia you know, that’s the plan, we try to stay humble there. But , you know the goal is to attack it’s offseason and work very hard to make it a solid decision for the judges. You know, no questions , so I got more work to put in, but the goal is obviously to stand out. Yeah, that’s great. I’m sure you’re the best to win the stand out, you know, you have all the possibilities and everyone believes that. So, we just need to find your strength and to accomplish that goal. Gonna get out you know, try to get 5 percents of it percent better and smash it, got a lot of work to do, it’s not mine, I’ve got to earn it. How do you handle with stress and all that stuff? You know, keep that path. I’m very good with stress, very good with stress, very good under pressure, I don’t take life too serious, I know as long as I’m alive I have some chances to make mistakes, get better and learn from them. So as long as I’m breathing , it’s an opportunity. So, I fell I get back up , I fell, I get back up. That’s awesome. Do you have any, like, hobbies or something that you can relieve that stress, or do you have time for that? As a bodybuilder, you know, personally in stress relief I’ve found was to get in the gym. Pounding the weights. You Know, and on another side having a proper spiritual mindset, you know, making sure that all this physical reality we see is, you know… there is always something behind it, that’s more special. You Know… Making sure you tune in, making sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. And also being a good human being to others, giving back and receiving and return what you give back. I believe in that and that’s what I try to do, I want to get back to the fans, i wanna be a personable person and I always make sure I’m considerate and kind and never let this stuff get to my head. I think that’s about what will allow me to get to the top. Because once I start taking myself too seriously, I don’t want to see that person, you know, I like to stay, stay grounded. And remember this is just one life and keep it going and enhance it. That’s true. That’s true. You’re in supplement company booth, what do you believe are, let’s say top 5 best supplements that are a must for bodybuilders? For bodybuilders in general supplements or products? For us, for bodybuilders. For bodybuilders, well generally as a bodybuilder we think of our protein intake, so when it comes to protein, whey supplements are the best. As far as the quality and the delivery and the flavoring system. So, isolates, hydrogilates are what i like to take in workout time to recover, thats first. When it comes to get the extra calories in, of course, we look to mostly carbohydrates, so either some kind of entro formula or pro-short carb carbohydrates, we do body mass here at scitec. High amino whey carb, charges quickly. It’s something that we need, also the amino acids profiles, keep yourself with the proper amino acids. EAA is getting the most respect these days, doesn’t mean that BCAA’s are already useless, but the EAA’s are better. So, I make sure I have those in as a staple. Of course we have products as solid research in the industry. Creatine products, creatine monohydrate in particular, it’s solid cognitive function is force, and of course keeping your muscles full. And then you can’t discredit things like , simple as sodium, magnesium, zinc or keeping your body properly balanced. I think taking melatonin for proper rest and sleep at night. All these things synergy will give you those few extra synergies to make you be a better bodybuilder. So, when it comes to being a complete bodybuilder, of course the food is first, but the supplementation is definitely it gives you the edge, if you know how to use it, you know how to apply it. You’re not wasting your time with thinking that it’s a magic trick or a miracle. But you know it’s an each consistent day of taking care of your body, giving what it needs it’s gonna give you the results. Taking it all the time. Yes. What do you think about healthy fats, like omega 3’s and CLA’s and stuff like that, are you using it? Healthy fats is of course when it comes to managing inflammation is a big thing, in a typical diet these days it’s something that we lack. So supplementation if you’re not eating a lot of fatty fishes and whatnot is definitely a benefit as far as hard health as well. So, when it comes to reducing inflammation, hard health supplement with omega 3 fatty acids is where you wanna do, where you wanna be. It’s very convenient, people that don’t like fish it’s very very good. And even some vegans can get away with it, because they actually need it more than people that actually eat meat. That’s true. Do you use creatine monohydrate through the whole year or you are cycling it somehow? Typically I will cycle it, because you don’t really notice the impact or the performance benefit when you take creatine consistently throughout the year. So some people will write it off because they take it in these mixed formulas like all the time so they do not recognize the benefit. So, if you really want to get the… know creatine as far as a performance booster sometimes you need to come off of it and re-introduce it again to realize how effective it can be in your training regime. It’s more effective, you realize that you’re actually… what do you think about your favorite cutting formula? Cutting formula? Cutting formula, yeah. Well, you know, for me cutting is about reducing appetite, it’s about having a proper stimulants of like, for me, things like yohimbine. Of course you can’t get things like orphenadrine anymore and of course most of cutting products are filled with caffeine which works in a way of keeping you stimulated, keeping you motivated. That’s what the basis is. To kind of fill that gap in where you’re low energy and you get your body in a state where it’s burning fat optimally and in a particular time. I mean, really, it’s not gonna beat the whole work. I don’t like to promote fat burner products because a lot of people think of them like shortcuts. But if you own a solid plan and you need an extra help, extra motivation, an extra push to get those body percentages down to an elite level, then that’s when it goes. But, if you’re really, really out of shape, that’s not the first place you go. Because a lot of people suffer these days from stimulans burnout. Because of the pre-workout are working as well. So, if you own pre-workouts and you own fat burners at the same time then you may have your adrenal being fatigued eventually just by not knowing any better. So, i believe, i don’t really push pre-workouts as much because I like to get the most out of the least. So if i’m deep into prep and i’ve been drinking coffee as a pre-workout for most of my prep and i do decide to take a pre-workout, it’s gonna really get me what I need when I need it. So same thing with a fat burner, when you’re really really getting there and you’re stubborn, you’re at a platou you throw a fat burner in and it’s gonna get you what you need exactly when you need it. Let me ask you, what is your favorite training split? Because this is what all of the people are always interested. How do you train? What is your favorite , most beneficial training split for you? Well, i believe your training split should be in contrast of one another, i believe you have should a particular one favorite, but I think you need to have contrast. So, my contrast is , I typically have a high volume training split when I’m training for weight. And we train body parts at least twice a week. So, chest and bi’s, back and triceps, we have a shoulder day and then we have a quad day. And my hamstrings I can beat em up pretty bad to where I only train them once a week. So I throw them in at night, because quads is pretty extensive for us. So some body parts, I don’t really… need to be trained as much as frequently as others, but in general I train every body part twice a week, when I’m having on volume. Now, to have the total contrast to that, when I’m not equate i like to make sure I respond to that type of training again. So i go, i reduce the volume and im really focusing on getting the quality out of the intensity. I think the 2 contrast together and they work together so I’m now really focused on getting my weights back up, getting the quality back in. I’m not really fatiguing until I get to my max working sets. And if I get to my max working sets, then im dropping the weight and then i’m starting to go to failure. Not pure drop sets, but each consecutive set, I’ll rest, and then go to failure, and then I’ll push the failure and then do some of the fluff stuff after I’ve worked the intensity. That keeps my volume enough to where i can … it’s still bodybuilding but the intensity is really the focus on that part of the program. So, those 2 contrast together and work perfectly. And then once I get back to the volume, my body balloons and the glycogen and loading takes effect and you get that synergistic effect. Get that full round muscle, and then you work on it hard, in the beginning and then you work in the full round in the glycogen loading process. And end when it comes close to the competition. Are you the carb guy or you need to…? I’m definitely a carb guy. It doesn’t mean i haven’t tried the high fat diets and low carb diets. But for me, the way my muscles are and the way my training is adjusted when i am in prep, i definitely need carbs to perform so i diet on low fat and high carb intake. How much is it for you that high carb? Well, we do carb to about weight, so my tip about carbs is also rice and potato. If we do about weight, you know, my minimal weight would be 900 grams total weight, and my top weight will get closer to the 3000 grams a week. Wow. So, we like to have them high because a higher, the less you suffer when you bring them down. Because if you start out too low and you bring her down, then you gonna have nowhere to go. It has to be clean, because i am not able to imagine how you digest all that amount. You know, it’s hard, it’s hard. And actually i have to actually incorporate cardio in all season to keep appetite. It helps you, thats why. But, anyway, in the last minute I reduce my cardio as I’m coming into my show. I understand, okay last question. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans in Slovakia? Hey guys, i appreciate you supporting me guys. I wouldn’t be anything without my fans. I wouldn’t be out… bodybuilding fans are the best fans because this is not a…. This is not a what, you would call it… it’s not hollywood, this is not a…. We need you guys, they’re not giving us these big contracts with like athletes in the US football players, basketball players , so we need your guys’ support, follow support and your interest. So i appreciate you guys and I thank you, scitec nutrition is definitely a solid company. I support them 100% , just for the quality alone. And you get everything you need essential to bodybuilding, so thank you guys, and I appreciate you, i’m out. Thank you very much Brandon for this amazing interview.

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