Boxing Training For Beginners (Learn To Kick BUTT!)

what is going on guys my name is mark from superhuman fitness I’m gonna be here with Gustavo today I’m gonna be like a little camera made by doing guys I’m Gustavo I’m a hick coaching I’m heels to Fairfax and Kaizen anime today we’re going to show a few things about working with the heavy bags – mm bags different kind of headed axe and the mm this guy’s about to be lit he’s been doing this for 20 years he’s really good let’s go and I wanna show you a little bit of difference when you work with different sides of the heavy bags so we got this one see it’s really long so this is not a boxing bag it’s more for kickboxing but if you work in doing boxing you’re gonna have some different things because of the gravity and the way this ones are probably like 150 pounds so this is different than this okay or even than this okay right now I just want to show you a little bit of this so when you hit someone a person and you go with the book you can remove it if I go with this and I’m trying to do it exactly the way I’m hitting a person probably I’m gonna get our data clubs injury so when you work in if you have one of this ones you understand a big different about so if I throw for example the hook over there in another one I can move it go all the way like this write a meaning but if I do it in here as I was telling you I’m gonna have it I’m gonna have an injury what I want is to put all the power and bring it back bring it back all the punches don’t try to go through in this kind of backs try to extend over the power and bring it back see I’m getting my punches I’m not going through a lot of people fighters especially kickboxing they start to do in this like it’s a heavy bag like a boxing heavy bag they try to go over world you see that doesn’t work right here so if you feel the full power bring it back that’s it now if you go with this one do what bomb suits you what I do here for example if someone is following some hit me and I want to have time to move back so what I’m gonna do that power this motion when you don’t have people that do mid work with you this is the best friend move double member all about timing and reaction you see so one move I can do a lot of different combinations avoid and move around perfect to work this that’s the basics after that we are conscious not just here you see that’s right in my face right and I’m moving this block so the room it’s time if you miss don’t worry keep good you fighting you can’t miss so let’s go that’s the aveer different things to work tiny movement precision move back again and power I hope you like it and you understand the difference

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