Bodyweight Back and Chest Exercise (NO EQUIPMENT!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’re going to break this sucker out one
more time today to help you see how you can take one exercise and allow it to hit two
completely different sides of your body. A push with your chest, or a pull with your
back. It’s all about how you do it. So when you’re training at home I think
one of the biggest benefits of an exercise that you can come up with is versatility. The more versatile a home exercise is, without
using equipment, the more beneficial it becomes, and the more important it becomes to your
training regimen when you’re trying to train with nothing around you. At ATHLEANX we have mastered how to train
with your own body, and how to build muscle while doing it. A lot of you don’t know how to build muscle
by training with your own body. Here’s how you work your chest and your
back. If you’re at home, you’re going to do
the exercise I’m showing you here. This is called a floor pullover. Now we know that the dumbbell pullover is
one of the best exercise you can do for building your back, and I’ve also shown you in the
past videos how tweaking the contraction, and the inhiation of the contraction on a
dumbbell pullover can actually shift a lot of the focus right here to your chest. Your upper chest. Now I want to show you how you can do it in
the home version of this. The No Equipment version of it. When you’re in here, and you’re pulling
down it’s all about where you initiate that contraction. We know that you can either initiate the contraction
with your lats by pulling with your elbows. So when I’m out here, in this position,
if I pull down and lead with my elbows – so you watch the exercise here again as I’m
doing it. If I were to lead with my elbows and pull
down we’re going to maximize the contraction of the lat, and the contribution of the lat
to the pullover. It’s the same way if you were doing a dumbbell
version of this. You’d have the dumbbell over your head,
you lead with your elbows, with your lats all in one piece. Now, the tweak I want to make here – if
you want to shift the focus and get some work in on your upper chest – is instead of pulling
down and leading with the elbows, you actually try to pull in, and squeeze. The inhiation of this contraction is what’s
going to pull the arm down, and back, or your body in this case, back up. So here’s how it works. Here’s why I’m breaking out the marker. As you see here, we have discussed in previous
videos how the upper chest fibers – the ones that go from your clavicle – they all
come in this way. They all come up like this. Up to your upper arm here. So they’re all angled that way. When our upper arm is up, over our heads,
now you can see that they’re angled up this way. If we were to contract them this way they’re
going to pull down that way. So it’s pulling my arm down here to initiate
a pullover, but we’re using the upper chest to do that. So when you’re in this position what you
want to do is – okay, I’m on the floor now, out in that fully extended position. When I’m on the floor, when I pull, I stick
my chest out, and then I contract there. I’m contracting this way. I’m pulling my hands, even though they’re
fixed on the floor, in that way, to pull me down. Then come up, and over the top. Here, into the floor, pull my body up, and
down. Here, into the floor, pull my body up, and
over. You can see that we can shift the focus. So what I like to do with this exercise is
do it both ways. Either do a set to focus more on the contraction
on the top of the chest, or do a set to focus more on the contraction here in the lats. Or alternate your reps. A set for the top, a set leading with the
elbows. A set here for the top, a set – I mean,
a rep – from the top, and a rep from the elbows through your back. Guys, you can build muscle, and you can make
this exercise very, very difficult depending upon how far you allow your body to stretch
out. It’s more that you have to overcome to pull
yourself back. By overloading, using your own body – forget
it. Your body is just like dumbbells, and weights,
and everything else. If you can provide an overload, you can build
muscle. That’s how we do it here, and that’s how
you have to start doing it. especially if you’re going to try to train
and build your chest at home, with nothing at all. Our ATHLEAN0 program is a completely bodyweight
only program. No equipment at all. We can allow you to build some serious muscle
in just six weeks by following that program. You can get that over at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know whatever else you want to see
on this channel. This is a Bodyweight Wednesday workout video. Sometimes it will be Washboard Wednesday. If you guys want more Bodyweight Wednesday
I’ll make sure I do that, too. Just let me know in the comments below and
I’ll do my best. Guys, I’ll see you soon.

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