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– My supplements just came in
today from and we’re going to do an unboxing. (upbeat music) What’s up crew? Jeff Thornton here with Land Of Lean and make sure to like,
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has to do with working out. But today what we have is, our box came in from I ordered my supplements earlier this week so they came in. Let’s open them up and see what we have. Box number one! Here we go, pop this puppy open! Alright, box number one. First thing we have is the
true nutrition, Trutein. I’ve been taking this stuff
for body nutrition, Trutein. I’ve been taking this stuff… Aw man, back when I was
competing at body building back in 2011, I always
found that their flavors are really good and their
macros are excellent. This flavor that we have
here today is Cinnabun, so cinnamon bun and let’s take a look at the macros on the back. So it’s 120 calories per scoop. We have 5 grams of total
carbohydrates per scoop. 2.5 grams of dietary fiber and for protein we have 24 grams, that’s not bad. So this is one of my favorite proteins. If you’ve never had this
one, Cinnabun from Trutein, from Trutein, excuse me. Give it a shot, this stuff’s awesome. So I’ll put this one,
I’ll put it on the fridge behind me real quick. Next. Next, we have another bucket. Trutein. This flavor right here is Birthday Cake. The macros are pretty
much the same on this. We have 24 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs in this one, and 120 calories, .5 grams of fat. What I’d say on the fat? Yeah so the other one, the
Cinnabun, has 1 gram of fat. I’ve never tried this flavor before, we are going to give it a shot. But if it’s anything like
any of their other flavors that I’ve had there’s going
to be some great stuff. Next, we have the green tea
extract, I got two of these. I’ve always been taking the
green tea extract year round and my favorite brand is the NOW. NOW is the company and I
always get these capsules. I take around two or
three a day just depending but this is how I usually
stay lean during the year. I’ll do another video
about my cutting stack or my lean stack that I use year round, and I’ve been doing it for
about five years at this point. So I got two of these, I think, yeah. Two of those, the green tea. Next for the pre-workout, my first time ever trying this one, I have the GAT nutrition
or GAT SPORT Nitraflex. The flavor is the blue raspberry. I’ve never tried their pre-workout before. It’s something I wanted to give a shot. I’ve heard good things about it and I haven’t taken pre-workout
in such a long time. But now that I’m getting more back into the body building types of work outs, I’ve been using coffee
which has been alright but I just wanted to try
the pre-workout again. See how I feel and we’ll do a taste review on this one in another video. Next what we have L-Carnitine Liquid, this stuff here is incredible. I like the liquid better
than the capsules. I’ve been using this when I started body building for cutting and everything. It’s a year round supplement
that I always use. So I have one bottle of
this, which is 16 ounces, the Citrus flavor by NOW Sports. Last, in this box we
have the Quest Hero Bars. First time I’ve ever tried
them, the Quest Hero Bars. I eat all of the normal
Quest Bars that they have but I’ve wanted to give these ones a shot. They just dropped these and
it’s like the other Quest Bars, they are made with allulose. Sugar is the allulose so
you don’t have to worry about the glycogen spike or
the sugar spike that you get. So this is going to be
good stuff, right here. I switched from going to keto to low carb. We’ll talk about that more
in another video as well (laughs) and explain why I did that but these Quest Hero Bars, I’m very interested in trying these ones. The blueberry cobbler is the flavor I got. So put these ones down,
nothing else in this box. Moving on, box number two. Alright, lets open baby up. Alright! In box number two, we have
another four pound tub, a four pound tub of Trutein. This flavor is going to be Chocolate. Take a look at the macros,
pretty much the same. 115 calories, total grams of fat: 1 gram. 4.5 grams of total carbs,
2.5 of dietary fiber. Very good macros and the
protein is 25 grams per scoop. I’m not sure which one I’ll try first but we’ll do a test review on that. Alright. Next, we have Creatine
Monohydrate by NOW Sports. Just a normal monohydrate, I got two of these babies right here. Very good stuff, it
doesn’t have any flavor. I usually take around 5
grams of creatine a day. So it’s just like a tablespoon of it. I just usually take it before a workout or my thing is I like taking
creatine post-workout. I feel like it works well
for me doing it like that. As long as you get your
creatine in for the day I don’t think the timing
really maters per say, but I’ve always done it after a work out and I’ve seen good results from it. So bought two of these, Creatine Monohydrate from Now Sports. Let me put these to the side. Next, we have CLA Extreme capsules, there’s 180 soft gels in each
one of these by NOW Sports. Another part of my cutting
stack that I use year round. The ingredients it has in it
is: guarana and green tea. Also CLA, Conjugated Linoleic
Acid, very good for cutting and everything throughout the year for me. We’ll talk about this
a little bit more later when I introduce the cutting stack to you and give you my reasons
why I take this and yeah. Show you everything I do with it or how many times I take it a day, servings and all of that. So move this to the side. Now we have the L-Carnitine,
you saw the other bottle that I had which was this guy. This little guy right here. This one is nice because it
gives you the serving sizes very easily so I can just
pull out my tablespoons, measure it out in there,
and be good to go. Because it has a little spout that you can just squeeze it into so
it makes it a lot easier for serving throughout the day. These ones I use as refills to that bottle that I just put down. These are 32 oz bottles. I usually keep them
cold in the fridge while I’m working through the
smaller bottle, the 16 ounce, but it’s very good for refilling. Usually goes about… Lasts me about two bottle
fills just per one of those. Really good stuff, L-Carnitine. Next, a staple. A staple in every day for me. I buy Animal Pak. Animal Pak are just multivitamins and they’re huge. I’ll open these up and show you those. It’s about a pack of I
guess, 10 or 12 pills total. They have some horse pills in
there, those things are huge. But I’ve seen the best results as far as multivitamins for me, using Animal Pak. I don’t know, just every
time I’ve used them. I’ve used them since, what? Twenty…2009, 2008 when I
was playing college football. Everything works: my skin, hair, nails. Everything just felt more vibrant and I felt more fresh, and energized. It’s just overall a very good supplement. Animal Pak has worked great for me. I’ve tried other multivitamins but they haven’t gotten
me the same results I feel as Animal Pak. This is by Universal, I
think Universal labs company that makes it, if I’m correct. Yeah, Universal Nutrition is
the company that makes it. Very good stuff, Animal Pak. You get 44 packs per can
so we have 88 packs total. This will last probably 88 days total, so take one pack a day. They recommend taking two packs a day based on your intensity. I’ve never really gotten
to that point where I felt like I needed to take two. One has always been great for me. We’ll talk about this a little
bit more later, Animal Pak. And last but certainly not least, I have Xtend BCAAs. I have the mango flavor in my left hand and the grape flavor in my right hand. Xtend is a supplement
that I took a couple times when I was competing… I think in my last competition or my third competition, and man I used it during the work
out just drinking it, as sort of a intro work out, and just keeping me fresh
during those training days. But I haven’t tried it in a long time but I’m happy to get back on it. I haven’t had BCAAs in
probably, since 2011 or so. Felt like something was
missing because lately my energies been a little
bit lower than I’ve liked. So I wanted to add some
BCAAs in just to see how it’s going to help
my training sessions and overall performance, and
energy, and all that stuff. So I got Xtend BCAAs,
the macros on the grape: zero calories on everything. So zero sugar, has
leucine, glutamine, valine, isoleucine, all that good stuff. Citrulline malate. Same ratio on the mango flavor as well. So I’m going to start
adding these in my workout and let you know how I feel. I lied, the last things
that came in this box is this TRAIN magazine. It has this cat on the front, Jason Momoa, and this girl… I don’t know her name. Yeah, I don’t know her name. Anyway, got a magazine and they gave me a sticker. So, good stuff! I always go with, one of my favorite companies
to order supplements from. They’re shipping is
incredible, it comes in a day. Super fast, super efficient,
and they’ve never failed me. I’ve been using these
guys for a long time. This is the only website
and company that I use when it comes to ordering supplements. Price is very good, they always
have really great discounts, and like I said they get
my stuff here on time. So even with their
standard shipping it takes, me it always takes about two days. Says about two to four days shipping but they always get in here
within a day or two for me. They’ve always been fantastic and their customer service is incredible. Other than that crew, I hope
you enjoyed this unboxing. We’ll talk a little bit more in depth about these supplements
individually in another video. I’ll talk more about the
reviews, the taste test, and just go over the over
all feel of the supplements and let you know if I
recommend them or not for you and seeing if it helps you. But for me this is what
I’m using right now, be sure to check out those other videos. They’re going to be on
their way after this. As always crew, don’t forget
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let me know what you think or what other videos you want to see, and we’ll just continue you from there. So I hope you have a great
day and we’ll catch you soon. Live Lean, peace! (music) (beep) Ooh!

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