Bloodborne: How to earn max blood vial early game

Hello, today I’m gonna show you the best place to farm blood vials in early game First you have to get access to Yahar’gul. Unseen Village. As you can see, i am using the burial blade. However you can absolutely use the axe in the very early game instead and keep spamming charge attack r2 Now get outside. Wait a little until piggy getting close to avoid its running attack Wait… Now!!! INTO THE ASS!!! easy 🙂 Do it again and again 🙂 Careful with doggies lure them out to open space Really annoying, but that’s okay! (Helpful tip) Stand at weapon max range and charge. Wait until it begin to transform to regen a little stamina… so you can charge again without stamina penalty. Open space for easy kills 🙂 Leave me alone… i am sleeping!!! 🙁 Now run YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Ouch! My bad 🙂 So that is EASY 16.143 blood echoes Now you can spend all of it into buying blood vials in shop with cheap-early game-price: 360 blood echoes. (I do not recommend to lv up this way. There is a much better farm land in later game. See description). Thank you for watching!:)

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