blackstone labs dust extreme review today so if you ever have someone who wants to take a dust extreme sour gummybear
challenge you want to do a dry shot so we’re gonna get this outcome oh and by the way forget about what race
that when we did the other day about the contest we’ve decided that your cruise
i’m going to come up with another contest to get the shirts away or
something else that will be a little bit safer because i don’t want nobody
abusing this and then it’ll come off the markets the best pre workout I don’t want
to leave the market out there today I just took this this is all bad burn and
this is just basically like a hell of a regular energy you don’t feel so crazy
with like what does seem like hobby right not nervous drumroll please he’s going to have to
take it you’ve got us beat ravens hair looks clean as hell look at that hair you didn’t want you to meet God get over
your head out great ready wait wait wait to see on camera
get the camera there are many girls I know gogo wait wait don’t know he’s a
real bad all right back after John you look yeah these guys is pretty good way Wow
straight face oh you’re not Murph oh my god actually like it was able to
take medicine or your job baby or Joey was already robitussin why don’t you
wanna yeah you do it bad i thought you didn’t choke like the rest of us that
Ray your new office i’m ok alright so like I said just told about the
challenge we’re going to be a little bit safer do you want you could try the one
school I have your day like i said but how everyone said the right it tastes
medicine or like blue medicine it smells nothing like a snowflake
cooling yeah tastes like ruin some science with the pineapple folks that
seems to be working for us right we’re gonna go to gym then we’re gonna come
again here’s a whole define a plus she
obviously little brother’s coming to my house now he’s gonna take it he’s not
gonna make it in time to make the video best pre workout he comes back everybody will give a review on the dust extreme is their first time using it and you’ll see what
happens when they’re all right i’ll be back in murder from the gym ready to
show that hair ratio that here look at this baby and i got assigned response i
got mad i got the booty bandit come on wings good yeah now Ranger i am god yeah i was all look over all these these
ugly children were here working out with me wait wait wait wait it’s all the way my
ass I got distracted come to watch the babies and you are going to find myself
i have found a preacher curl and I think I move my shoulders forward and back I
don’t you pop man and lick it fucking matter how big you are well I know you
guys that they don’t exercise you’re doing the preacher curl no cable
preacher kind of people there’s no we mean machine machine cable document
spies everywhere 386 say what I asked does extreme you what do you feel you
don’t like everywhere haha and probably longer and I’ve got a wall around you’re looking at my ass to get off of
it we left our looking out left early how do I retro these more benches good
as it’s going to get on there that’s kind of why I’m pissed off that’s what
you would be appreciated for their gyms blackstone labs garage haha take out of the city level nine dollars but anyways before because this is what usually
happens when you take those pictures you take it and then having something you do
not want to stop you want to keep going and that’s what happened with him he was
like I don’t want to leave how to keep doing chest we were like fuck that we gotta go bed
alright so i want to sort come on grace might just be here awhile
yeah that’s great 23 you feel like I’m anxious to do
anything I just feel like I want to keep going yeah I know my muscles are keen on my
head what are you going yeah feels great you know but he was
kicking that he could shut the fuck up about what’s going on the girl is my water hold up with this
is not much alright so anyways that’s it for today
on thumbs up the video comment below subscribe and if you want the 60-minute
deep-discount hit me up at my email down below in the video description and
biceps and try to call my ears on study the discount code fuck away with a
fucking asshole everybody say please Blackstone labs dust extreme review

9 thoughts on “BLACKSTONE LABS DUST EXTREME DMAA Pre Workout Review

  1. beastly VLog man! i love preworkout and have a high tolarence so im skeptical about some products but I have heard Blackstone labs makes hard core products, gunna have to check out all your videos!

  2. You are V8 mustard pre workout. you video make my day aaaaall day. Keep positive like you do. the best

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