Black Desert Mobile Ranger Class Overview and Guide

Hailing from the land of Kamasylve,
Protectors of the divine tree. Our first ever elven class to ever grace black
desert is no other than the Ranger Wielding bow and dagger as main weapon and a dual dagger in awakening, Rangers are the specialists of range archery and quick
assassinations. Under the grace of Sylphs Rangers presents swift movement in any
situation of battle. Most of their skills are based on preventing enemies attempt
of melee approach. The Slyphs mystical power is the source of her abilities. After
awakening they can weild the Kamasylvian sword to use melee attacks. Ranger
is a dps class that much is very obvious and it is quite possibly the most OG
class in the current meta. PvE and it really moves fast with its range and
damage while having a heal to help offset its weakness and defense. AoE is a
bit of a problem but then again with enough AP you can easily kill and clear
mobs. In small scale PvP Ranger is also top of the line. Its huge advantage comes
with its range setting up the tempo of the match in most scenarios. It does have
quite a difficulty to classes that blocks but if you can dodge their cc’s
then the win is yours. In large-scale PvP Ranger is still a good class, possibly
not as good as a giant but it still gives a lot of damage and can easily top
the kill list of any Guild. It’s very squishy though and can easily
be deleted, as such a good Ranger always rely on positioning to be effective. Into the equipments as usual let’s
start with yellow gears which serves as a base equipment of choice while praying
for RNG for the higher tier gears. The recommended path to go is prioritize
attack speed, then crit chance, crit damage and lastly movement speed. Crystal
and light stones which increases Aal damage is also a great addition. For
weapon aside from the Liverto, Ult Elish is a great alternative. For sub weapon
Rosar is the beast with dual crystal slots, but you can get Elishfor crit chance or go with Talis if Crit is near max. For armors
as usual get Grunil if possible with its two crystal slots to add Aal or increased
damage crystals. If budget is tight then let’s look on alternative. For helmet you
can go with either Talis for additional crit chance
or Dobart for that extra DP. Armor then go with Rocaba or with Dobart if
you feel very squishy. For gloves and shoes Talis is a very great equipment
to increase attack speed, otherwise you can go always with Rocaba for additional
defense especially during AFK grinding if your attack is still not that high.
What Ranger lack in AoE, it compensate with great damage. Some of the most
popular DPS skills includes razor wind flurry of arrows, descending arrows,
tearing arrows, and explosive maneuver. In PvE this is usually paired with call of
earth as additional sustain especially in long grinding sessions. For PvP you
can choose any of the DPS skills and replace two or three with CC skills such as piercing wind, blasting gust and spinning shot. Spin blade is also a good surprise
CC if your enemy is able to stick close to you. The heal from Call of Earth is
optional for PvP as the heal amount can be deleted by your enemy, but it
is a great lifesaver and it is there if you need it.
Coming from its class name, rangers great advantage is its range. As such
always keep your distance away from your enemy either by manually running or
using your skills. Enemies with block skills are usually tricky to fight, but always
try to keep an eye for an opening Prioritize the doging first as the best time
to use CC is after they use theirs. For classes that has no block then pummel
them with skills until they get deleted Use CC skill, then DPS, then reset
when skills are in cooldown. Another tip is also to always prioritize upgrading
Aal branch effect in your skill in order to take advantage with a crystal effect.
So that’s it for now, will you be playing as a ranger in black desert? Or are you
planning to play other classes? Then stay tune in the next video as we discuss other
classes in BDM. See you guys! Peace!

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