Bikini Prep Peak Week Secrets (IFBB) | Carbs, Sodium, Water, & Cardio | S3 Ep 11

hi everyone and welcome to the vlog if
you guys watch my last video I just closed that one out so I wanted to start
a new fresh vlog and document peak week for you so today is Monday of peak week
meaning my show is on Saturday and today what we did was we did half of the
amount of cardio actually it was even less than that
like not a lot of cardio at all I did my lifts and I got 20 more grams of carbs
today so you girls feeling good I don’t think I actually noticed a physical
difference from 20 grams of carbs but I just remembered that I have eggs on the
stove I’m heating up my last meal which is egg whites and they might be burning
so I’ll be back we’re doing a little trick add some stevia and gingerbread
seasoning and it tastes like a little grape all right and my fridge I have my
for me one natural chocolate protein shake and then I
AAA’s essential amino acids that has a little bit of caffeine in it so I put
these in the fridge so that they’re ready to go in the morning and then over
here have a few almonds I still have cream of rice so I’ll just add water and
heat it up in the morning with my that’s gonna trying not to do in the mornings
is beloved I have my gallon jugs that I can measure my water and then I just
drink out of this throughout the day good morning everybody it is Tuesday of
peak week I it’s like 5:00 something in the morning now honestly need to get my
food and get to the gym so I’m gonna go ahead and grab my protein shake BCAAs my
cream of rice mmm and eat that and then I’m training with Doug and I’m gonna try
to put my tripod up so I can get a few exercises recorded so then we’ll talk
all about the all the peak week things I promise I think you’re going so PS I
wanted to show you guys most of the time going to go to the gym it’s bare face
but sometimes when I feel like I just want like an even complexion if I feel
like oh I might want to take a photo or I just feel like I want even complexion
for that day I’ve been using this stuff this is like a serum made for people
that work out it’s by fit cover it’s a brand from Australia and then it’s this
naked foundation so this foundation with this brush and it’s just a really really
light powder and you just kind of like go like this all over your face and then
it makes it nice and even so I’m gonna go and put just a little bit on because
I like a little bit of redness and stuff and I feel like I just want like a nice
even complexion and it takes like two seconds
I feel like an even complexion just looks really nice and clean it still
looks like a natural like have nothing on but it’s just a really lightweight
like make your face this is the same color type of idea but if you guys want
to try it out I’ll go ahead and put a link down below so you can check it out
for yourself also very random but I wanted to share I’ve been using this
smarty pits aluminum free deodorant and at first does a little skeptical is
wondering if it would actually work it’s rosemary mint and it actually smells
amazing when it goes on prepare yourself about to show you my
I’m a Kiwi word sorry so when you put it on it well actually no it’s already like
kind of melting when you put it on it’s kind of messy so it says like wait a
minute and so when you wait it kind of like
melts a little bit to your skin I don’t know I think that’s how you’re supposed
to do anyways but I always just put it on there’s like white stuff there and
then it like goes away and it’s fine but it works great I don’t smell I actually
smell like rosemary mint it smells great and I don’t know if this is like in my
head or not but I swear I like don’t smell now even when I’m not wearing
deodorant like I’m not wearing deodorant I feel like there’s not that like Bo
smell maybe I’m wrong but I don’t know I really like this I don’t have a link or
anything but I’m sure you guys can figure it out find it at a grocery store
or something also it says your purchase helps save lives for every stick
purchased they donate a portion of this sale to life-saving breast cancer
research and survival support that’s amazing that makes me happy
yay good morning oh yeah one week to go are
you ready that’s the question I was ready laughing
you were ready last week I think you’re ready a month ago from what I saw and
emotionally ready months ago good luck thank you so much you look
amazing how you trained so hard you still going on train very hard I
train enough okay okay Oh great I’m going to got it that much pretty good perfect a see shut about right there if this 5 is in the entire same pace this 5 is a second longer very good 506 there we go on the stair seven come
up to nine come on one carries five yeah and then bring it down to 10 and it will
rage night your gourds they locked in one thing could be like
in a certain spot you’re doing it every time hi though yeah that’s good right there on the hood
come on come on come on now push as hard as you can wait wait wait go on wait you know what we’re doing hello I
have not talked to you guys all day long but I got home I had my post-workout
meal which is steak rice and asparagus and again working and then I had another
meal which was bison rice and shredded lettuce with lettuce wraps so it’s like
shredded tacos essentially it was so good and I’ve just been working on my
computer all day so there really was not much to film other than computer and
calls and our little walk that we just went on but I just got back to my place
and I got a package in the mail I got my new posing heels and you guys I’m so
excited they’re perfect they are so pretty and I’m going to show you guys in
an upcoming peak week video where I show you all of the things that I’m going to
do for this show day because these are them I secretly have gotten two other
pairs and I thought maybe one of those would be it but they’re not these are it
I know I feel it they feel good they look cute I feel sassy oh so happy right
now so I’m just spending some time working on some posing I’ll explain to
you guys in just a little bit how I have a lot less cardio which means I do have
more time so I’m not just gonna sit around and do nothing
I am resting but I’m also allocating that time to practicing my posing I want
everything to feel so natural I want to not even think by the time that I’m up
there and I these are brand new shoes so they need to be worked in a little bit pushing if anything is keeping me stuck
or if anything is bringing me down or not pushing me towards that it must go let’s go it’s scariest thing to sell out
again after some time when I realized that the fire that’s inside of me the
passion that brings me to tears that makes me so emotional just by saying it
out loud it’s still there and it never went away and it’s back it’s stronger
than it ever was before so what is microscope pull this stamp
I’m literally taking on the journey to becoming best in the world at what I do
I know it’s not gonna be instant you guys who I’m sitting here watching my
announcement video from April 8th the one that says it’s time you guys know
the big announcement and that’s when I announced that I was gonna be competing
again and oh I wanted to go back and just kind of look at the journey that
I’ve had this whole year I knew that I was gonna do this back in February and I
announced it to you guys in April and that’s when I started my prep but
there’s so there’s just there’s so much I don’t even know how I’m gonna capture
this in one video but there’s so much that went into this journey and and in
getting me here it’s so beautiful to look back on like oh my gosh I’m so glad
that I documented this I hope that you guys and I there’s so much you guys
don’t know about that’s not on YouTube but I feel like from even from what I’ve
put out on YouTube you guys will get it if you watch them all together
now that you understand like the whole big picture and like where everything is
going I feel like you’ll understand some of the previous videos better starting
from that announcement video like all the way through now this has been like
the most beautiful incredible journey that I could have just ever gone on Wow
and like just to see how drastically different my life is is unreal and back
there I was saying that I was just living for the hope that things would be
different and living for the hope but the hope but also the knowing it’s like
I was in such a hard hard hard spot in my life
and I was like I hope but I have faith and I also know like I know it’ll change
for me I know it’ll get better and looking back it at that person I’m just
like oh my gosh like things are completely different now like completely
night-and-day different my entire life is so beautiful now like on a different
level and it’s I don’t know I don’t know if you guys are catching on to this but
I’m just like having this moment of like wow I didn’t I knew like I I say every
single day wow I am so thankful and so grateful for my life like no one will
ever understand all of what that means but now looking back at myself like on
video that’s like a whole another level so it’s just it’s incredible how things
can literally change and it really did start with me taking action you know it
didn’t they didn’t change because I stayed in bed crying every single day
and did nothing about it and just said well I have to deal with this I’ve got
to just deal with being depressed and sad and whatever’s going on you don’t
have to just deal with it every day no I decided to like take action make changes
in my life and I decided to start to know my Worth and to put that out there
and to you know know my worth in business conversations and know my worth
when I’m you know going after things in life and and it just oh man I just want
to unpack all of it for you guys and I don’t know how to do that
I’m gonna do a sit-down video this just ended up being a long clip I’m sorry I’m
gonna do like a little sit-down and I want to try to gather my thoughts so
I’ll see you guys in a little bit maybe I should eat are you dating – you look
so silly you’re so silly some say I know hey I know I get some
chicken and I’m feeling good and refreshed eating is always the answer
okay so just to quickly recap my thoughts here I think the biggest thing
that I wanted to share with you guys in a way that will be helpful to you is
that one if you’re in a really dark or hard place right now you can have the
hope and you can have the knowing just like I did that it would change because
I promise it will but you definitely have to take action so take action in
your life see what you need to change in your life see you know what you can do
to start aligning your life with where it is that you want to go and I think
that was the biggest thing for me is that at a certain point I had lost a
vision for my life I’d lost like the vision of where I was going so it makes
sense I didn’t know how to get there it makes sense that I was lost on the
journey because I lost the vision I didn’t have a know where I was going and
now that I have that vision it’s really easy you just start to kind of cross
things off your list align things take everything else that out that doesn’t
align with it and you start going along that path and wow it truly has been the
most incredible journey so this prep has been so like so much more than a
bodybuilding show and that’s why I love prep and I feel like I’ve gotten back to
the 100% no holding back Emily like and it feels so amazing to just be fully
like in my zone and feel fully like myself and feel like there’s not a part
of me right now that’s untapped I think I got to a point in my life where it was
really good I was really comfortable but there was just this it’s like you know
this percent of Emily was there and I’ve always been genuine and real but it’s
like there was this other percentage of Emily that was just untapped and there
was nothing that like I could get to tap into that and it was uncomfortable to go
into that and originally when I decided to compete before I decided to do it I
literally was like no like I do not want to do that because I knew how hard it
was and I’ve gotten so used to being so comfortable in my life like so
comfortable I can’t even tell you not in a good way
look guys like in a you’re not being your best self kind of
way and yet that’s what I was preaching and I thought I was but like I just I
loved being comfortable and everything I was doing and now like I just that’s a
version of me and it’s great but now I’m just I’m such a stronger version of that
person and it truly is affecting every area of my life and I’m so thankful for
this prep I’m so thankful for this journey and it’s just it’s so much more
than a bodybuilding show for me so now I want to talk about specifics of what
Coach and I are doing for peak week so I’m gonna give you guys all of our peak
week secrets so leading in and aren’t really in many secrets leading into peak
week let’s see so two weeks out at two weeks out I took my photos and then I
cried in the posing room because I knew that I was ready I saw that end result
that I’ve been working so hard for I knew that I was there and I knew that I
was ready for this show and I knew I was bringing in the undeniable package and I
couldn’t believe it and so at that point coach was like you know what we’re gonna
use this week to do a peak week and we’re gonna see how it goes and see how
your body responds so what we did was at that point in time my food has never
gone very low my coach didn’t changed my macros the last I don’t even know how
long like for a while so if food hasn’t even gone that low but I have told you
guys that cardio did get really high I also told you guys that I’m not gonna
tell you exactly how high simply because you know I thought about sharing every
single detail on here but I always just I don’t think that that’s always the
best decision there could be a 16 year old girl that takes nothing that I say
into context and just copies what I do and like that would under no guidance
under no coach under no support and that would just not be a good situation so
I’m choosing not put it out there but I will say my cardio is very high with
that it’s been steady state cardio which you would think is like you know the
easy cardio but like honestly with that much you know movement on your system on
your body on everything like it was really really really really hard for me
very hard much harder than you would have thought I did do like to cycling
classes that you guys saw so if you’re like wait
you doing that yes I have done some other stuff but the majority like all of
my cardio has been steady-state cardio and like I said it was very high so when
we decided to do that Mach peak week what he did was and coach did a protocol
for everything coach Paul he did half the amount of cardio immediately on day
one so like literally imagine I’m doing all this cardio then he’s like okay do
half the amount of cardio today and I was like what and then he gave me a few
extra carbs and what he did with me was a progressive load so that means let’s
say that I’m at low-carb on a Sunday that means on Monday jump up about 20
grams of carbs Tuesday maybe 10 grams of carbs Wednesday about 20 all the way
until I’m almost like double the amount of carbs that I was eating by the end of
the week so it’s a really good week half the amount of cardio and it decreases
everyday just by a little bit so maybe the first day is X amount of cardio and
the next day would be like 10 minutes less of cardio 5 minutes last 10 minutes
less something like that towards consistently decreasing in cardio while
the carbs are consistently increasing and then basically I you know we
monitored my body every single day every day I took photos and weight with a
weigh-in and I maintained the lowest weight that I’d hit all week so imagine
you’re doing all this cardio and you’re dieting and then all of a sudden your
coach tells you you’re gonna have more food and you’re gonna do way less cardio
your brain automatically is like oh my gosh I’m gonna gain weight this is not
the time to do this it’s two weeks out like you’re just kind of like so for me
I trust my coach so I was like okay I’m definitely having those thoughts but
I’ve got to trust him and we need to see if this works so every day I’d wake up
and I was almost a little scared I was like okay we’re gonna weigh and I would
sup in the scale and I’m like oh it’s fine and not just the scale the scale is
not the only unit of measurement but like physically I was looking and
feeling better every single day we tracked that entire peak week up until
Saturday so Friday did you know the most amount of food the least amount of
cardio the most amount of resting Saturday woke up and weighed at
new Llewyn lowest weight I’ve ever hit for all of prep and looking my best so
you guys literally we did a mock peak week and it was a perfect peak week like
truthfully my body responded great I felt good I felt amazing I felt strong
I’d pumps in the gym like I looked and felt amazing like it just could not have
gone more perfect so at the end of that coach was like alright let’s go ahead
and dial it in let’s bring in more detail for the next two days or so and
then we’re gonna do that peak week again so what that means is on Saturday and
Sunday we decided to go back to the high cardio low carbs and push push push for
two more days now here’s what happened next when I weighed in on those days so
Saturday lowest way and I do all that cardio I do way less food I wake up and
I weigh in the next day my weights up a pound and I was like what what why and I
was like I just didn’t even text coach I was like I’m so annoyed right now
because I work so hard and those sessions were so difficult and then
Sunday all the cardio not a lot of carbs wake up Monday my weight was up again
similar to the first up weigh-in but my weight was still consistently up again I
was like what and coach I send in the video and he’s like you look leaner it’s
fine I was like okay that’s fine so then we
knew that we’re gonna do that same peak week so we started that peak week and
literally after one day of a little more carbs
half the amount of cardio my weight is back down to the lowest way and then I
ever hit it on Saturday and right now it’s Tuesday under the day and I’ve been
posing I post a bunch I feel good my body looks great I feel better than
I’ve ever felt and like its peak week and guys I feel amazing
nothing is hard right now and it took a lot to get here and I think this was our
goal the whole time when you know when coach and I started this journey
together I called him back originally in February and was like hey
kid do you have a minute can we talk and I think he already knew what was coming
and that’s when I had the conversation with him like hey would you want to work
together I’m going after this goal I’m going after this vision the stream that
I have for myself and he was like yeah and I was like okay on one condition I
am going to make sure that this is a healthy prep and I’m also going to make
sure that if I compete I want to have the full confidence of knowing that I’m
bringing an undeniable package the last time that you guys saw me step on stage
I didn’t do that I had a really really hard prep I hadn’t had enough time off
at a lot of things going on and it was just it wasn’t good and I did I did not
get to bring even close to my best eye so I think in a video I said I’m like
80% I think that was like 60% of my best and granted I still placed like 13 not
of like 26 at one show and I did decent I think because you know I still looked
decent I still posed pretty good I have a stage presence for sure
but it just wasn’t my best so this time our whole goal was maybe just maybe we
could be ready before the show date and we could possibly reverse diet into it
now I wouldn’t say that we’re reverse dieting we’re peak weekend right now but
essentially that’s kind of what we’re doing like way less cardio more carbs so
I’m excited I’m really really excited because I know without a shadow of a
doubt in my mind that I’m bringing an undeniable package and it’s the most
incredible feeling in the world it’s something I’m so proud of it’s something
I’m so grateful for and I’ve never felt this way going into a show the closest
I’ve ever felt to this was when I earned my pro card and I was going into
prejudging I felt amazing I looked amazing and I knew that I was bringing a
really good package and this time it’s just at a completely different level
like this package blows that package way out of the water but I truth truthfully
guys I have not been my best since 2016 when I earned my pro card so for me it’s
been three years since I’ve been my bad and that’s why it’s like so special and
so near and dear to me so that’s the actual protocol those are our secrets
some people asked about sodium what coach did was he had an intake form
before that mock peak week and he was like okay you know what are the current
foods you’re eating what is your current sodium and he looked at my current
sodium intake and looked at my current water intake and for the entire peak
week we have it just maintaining a little bit lower than what I was
consuming so I think I want to say I was consuming around 1,700 milligrams
tracked and I believe now we’re doing 1500 milligrams a day tracked with I
still add like a few things here and there that are not tracked but we’re
basically just keeping it consistent and not overdoing it on sodium and with
water we’re keeping it at I think like a gallon and a half because I think I was
drinking a gallon and a half to two gallons and so our goal is just to be
really consistent on it foods like I told you guys actually I covered the
foods in the last video so the next thing that I want to cover is my mental
state going into the show I’m not shy about the fact that I am preparing for
first place that everything that is on my mind right now is for the win
everything that I do right now is for that win and part of it like I said is
because you know this it’s this show in particular that is like very important
to me and every show that I do is very important but this is the first show
that is going to start my journey to miss bikini Olympia that’s what I
consider it as because the first three shows of my pro you know journey not
that they don’t count they have their place and you know it was a hard season
but I just wasn’t my best I am my best right now so that means that this is the
first step along that journey that journey you guys is going to include
wins it’s going to include losses it’s going to include everything in between I
don’t doubt that but it was just really important to me that the first time that
I step on stage coming back to the stage that I felt in knew with everything in
my heart that I could win first place that I deserve first place and I don’t
mean deserve above anybody else because the truth is there
are so many and other other incredible amazing athletes that are gonna be at
the show that deserve first as well I fully believe that when it’s your time
nothing and no one can hold you back from your moment I am believing in my
moment for this show I truthfully I feel like it is my time and I feel like it is
my moment but with that said if I go to the show and let’s say I don’t even get
first call out or let’s say that I don’t get first I don’t get you know what I’m
believing in and hoping for I am going to be more than okay I’m gonna look at
the person of who’s ever time it is and I’m going to smile and I’m going to give
them the biggest hug and I’m gonna be so happy for them and I’m going to fully
like celebrate their moment knowing full well my moments coming if it’s not that
one it’s gonna be another one and I want you guys to know I’m not going to be
discouraged I’m not going to be disheartened I’m believing that it’s
mine and I’m going to put out there that I believe it is mine I believe with
everything in me that I can do this I was made for this I know it now whether
it’s the show or not I’m fully a piece because I’m here for the journey I’m not
here for one end result I’m so in this guy’s I don’t even know how to describe
it I’m not even sure I’m not sure if you guys can gather it from the camera but
like I love this I love this with everything in me and
I’m so beyond grateful for the journey that I just went on this is gonna be
such a beautiful special moment regardless of what happens and it’s
simply just the beginning not just mentally and where my goals are and
where my vision is but physically guys I literally feel like fresh I feel fresh I
feel good I feel energized I feel fed I feel like an athlete I feel
amazing I literally feel the best that I have felt I don’t even I don’t even
remember when the last time was that I felt this good that I felt this whole
that I felt this much love and I felt this much support that I felt healthy
that I felt everything like I feel better than I’ve ever felt and I’m also
more alive than I’ve ever felt in my life
like truthfully I am just so happy and so grateful that regardless of what
happens at any show like I’m here for the journey and it’s simply because I
know the end result already I know that miss bikini Olympia is a part of my life
and I know it’s meant for me at some point when that’s gonna happen I have no
attachment to because again I’m here for the journey I’m here for the ups Ted the
downs I’m here for the champion wins that I’m going to get I’m also here for
the losses to stand up proud and be proud of myself and to not let it
discourage me to encourage other people to stand proud of themselves as well
when they get their losses like it’s all a part of the journey so I am ecstatic I
am I’m buzzing right now you guys I’m literally like so happy I can’t even
express to you and I’m just yeah I’m just thankful so that’s gonna end this
peak week vlog I am gonna do other videos so a one video that I know for
sure I’m gonna do is a full supplement video I asked my Instagram story if you
guys are interested and a lot of you guys said that yes you were
I have really focused on my health and wellness supplements that’s where I take
a majority of my supplements and I truly feel that it is helping me feel my best
and be my healthiest and have the best prep that I’ve ever had because it’s
peak week and I literally feel on top of the world right now
I’m also gonna do a video that’ll be just all the things that I’m doing for
the show so I’m gonna feature my bikini my heels my jewelry my tan I’m gonna
feature what I’m doing for makeup and hair let’s see anything else that you
guys can think of for me to include in that video definitely like my showed a
bag what I’m gonna put in that so kind of just like a showed a video for that
if I can get any more training this week I’ll definitely film some more training
but thank you guys so much for being along this journey like I said if you
guys want to really capture what this journey was go back to that first video
in April and watch all the videos that’s what this journey has been truthfully we
all know it’s been more like a two-year three or four year you know five six
year journey but yeah okay I’m so excited to get on that stage you guys
have no idea it just it’s like surreal that it’s here and I’m so happy and so
grateful okay you guys are not listening anymore give the video a thumbs up if
you enjoyed it I really would appreciate that
leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts or whatever you want to
say say what’s up I’ll try to at least go through and like them so you guys
know that I read them and appreciate them from the bottom of my heart
so okay you guys have a good one and the video Emily showed up see you next time

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