Biggest Supplementation Mistakes (Biggest Fitness Mistakes Part 4)

This is part 4 and the final part of my biggest
fitness mistakes: My biggest supplementation mistakes. This is dr.Fox from the Fox’s Power Basement. Please, like and subscribe. Supplementation mistake nr.1: Substituted
hard work and dieting for supplementation Workout supplements are supplementary, meaning
their importance is far less than the workout itself, and the diet, focusing on energy balance,
macronutrient ratios, micronutrients and nutrient timing. That is the actual sequence of importance,
and overall consistency of course. Supplements only come in if all those other
things are completely dialed in. You cannot think that supplements are going
to undo the wrongs you are making if you simply won’t train hard or eat right. Supplementation mistake nr.2: Taking weight
gain powders in stead of protein powders Weight gain powders or weight gainers are,
in essence, high calorie powders that usually contain some protein, lots of carbs and some
fats. Only people that are so called “hard gainers”,
that really struggle to get in enough calories from regular food to support muscle growth,
should use these powders. If you are already getting enough calories
from food, you don’t need a weight gainer at all, it will only get you fat faster. Supplementation mistake nr.3: Taking BCAA’s Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential to build muscle. But, supplementation with BCAA’s is unnecessary,
if you are eating sufficient protein, since you’re already getting plenty in your food. And if you want to supplement with a protein
powder for convenience, whey protein is a much better option since a quarter of it are
BCAA’s, it contains all the other essential amino acids, and it costs much less than the
BCAA supplements. Supplementation mistake nr.4: Not understanding
the science behind the supplements that do work When I was in my early twenties, it was very difficult to find any science based information
on supplements. There was no internet, and all the muscle
magazines were advertising the typical useless stuff, such as weight gainers and testosteron
boosters. Nowadays, if you want to get the most recent,
unbiased info on nutrition and supplements, you just go and read all about it on That way it becomes very easy to understand
what supplements that do work and how you can use them in a sufficient, effective dose. The 3 main supplements that are very safe
and effective are: caffeine, the most important ingredient in
all pre-workout supplements whey protein: only for convenience reasons,
for example if you’re a whole day traveling, you can easily pack a protein bar or mix a
protein shake. In no means whey protein powders are really
necessary and something magical. creatine, one of the most researched, safe
and effective supplements that offer a variety of health benefits and has neuroprotective
and cardioprotective properties. It is used by many athletes to increase both
power output and lean mass. I took this early on in my lifting career,
thinking it was something magical. I remember mixing the first 5grams in a glass
of water, being all excited that muscle gains would be coming much easier from then on,
becoming as huge as one of the muscle magazine cover models. Supplementation mistake nr.5:
Neglecting the supplements one can take for health Nowadays I am taking a Multivitamin, extra
vitamin D, fish oil with high levels of omega-3s and Coenzyme Q10. It’s my opinion that no one should be neglecting
the supplements you can take for health, which in the end matters most. Please, like and subscribe.

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  1. Momenteel neem ik dagelijks algenolie en magnesium
    Ik drink geen cafeïnehoudende dranken,cafeïne tabletten zou goed zijn voor mij ? Met tussenposes?

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