Bigger Triceps in 28 Days (GUARANTEED!)

JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’ve got to get started here, guys. We’ve got 28 days to achieve bigger triceps. We know it can work because if it worked for
Jesse- JESSE: Woo. JEFF: The sounds effects. If it worked for Jesse, we know it can work
for you. Get out of here. We know it could work for anybody. Here’s the thing, guys. I actually promise – I’m going to stake
my name to this video. We’re going to get results here because
you’re going to have enough training opportunities. I don’t care which split you’re following
right now. You can be doing a bro split, you could be
doing a push-pull leg split, you could be doing an upper body-lower body split. Whatever you’re doing, you’re going to
have enough opportunities within 28 days to implement what I’m showing you here, to
have an effect. It will allow you to start to see size increases
in your triceps. That’s where the promise comes in. Now, what are we doing? I’m going to show you again. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner,
or even extremely advanced. I’m going to take you inside a workout with
me and WWE wrestler Jinder Mahal, where we implement these exact same tips. So, you can get the feel of how that works
and really start to implement them for yourselves. So, no matter how experienced you are it’s
going to work. Then we know that they’re going to work
because we’re taking three big compound exercises. Ones that allow your triceps to load up. Meaning, the barbell lined tricep extensions,
dips, and then the close grip bench-press. The unique thing about those three exercises
are, we’re hitting the tricep through their full range of motion, applying the most tension
into the stretch position – with the barbell lined extensions. We’re applying the most tension into the
contracted position with the dips, and then hitting that mid-range with the close grip
bench-press. So, we’re hitting all elements of the triceps
as well. And we also have advanced training tips that
I’m going to break out here that, no matter how many times you’ve done those exercises,
you’re going to see them start to provide new gains because you’re going to implement
these major tips. So, let’s start with the lined tricep extension. You guys have seen me talk about why you want
to get that end position of the arms. Not up on all the way vertical overhead because
you’re losing tension on the triceps, with it parallel with the force of gravity. Instead, what you want to do is have your
arms angled a little bit backward here, so you can still have tension on the triceps. But beyond that, watch what I do with Jinder
here. I tell him why we want to not just go into
the bottom position of the rep but apply an additional stretch to get stretch reflex going
on the longhead of the tricep. And how anatomically, we’re able to do that
by just dropping the elbows a little bit further. When I do it here- JINDER: Yeah? JEFF: I’ll do a little bit of a lat. JINDER: Okay. JEFF: Just because that’s also going to
stretch the tricep out, right? Because this has to be here. JINDER: Yeah. JEFF: As it would here. The part from here to here- JINDER: So, here is okay, just not with over-? JEFF: Right. This is where you’re minimum, and what you
can do is you get to the bottom a little bit here, and then bring it up here, and then
you go. Don’t bring it from here, all the way up. So, you’re bringing it here, I’m a little
bit further, you see? Up, here. You’re going up. I go here, and then lower that, and then I
come back to stop. I don’t bring it all the way. So you’re getting a little extra stretch
in the longhead. JINDER: Yeah. JEFF: Right there. Yeah, because then it ensures that you’re
not going forward, you’re getting full extension of your elbow, and you’re still getting
that stretch. Okay, the next thing, if you go to the mid-range
exercises here – the close grip bench-press – what is the best thing we could do here? What could we do that we could add more to
this? Well, we want to know where we’re pressing
from. Jesse, come here for a sec. So, it we were going to press – if I was
going to press Jesse to get him out of my face because I don’t want to hear about
his triceps anymore, or how big they are – I would get in here and naturally press in here. My hands are going to be pretty tight, and
I’m going to get in here – my elbow position is where it should be. That is the exact same principle that you
want to apply to the bar. I see a lot of guys go to grab it and they’re
grabbing from here, and they’re trying to do close grip bench-presses from here. It’s such an awkward position. You want to have your hands and elbows in
the same alignment that it would be if you were trying to push somebody away from you. I’m going to instruct Jinder on how to do
the same thing. You’re going to be able to see him utilize
this in action. See what I mean? So, it’s in here. This is your normal. You see how it’s pushing? JINDER: Yeah. JEFF: That’s where you’re going to do
it from. Right in there. So that’s here. That’s your tricep pushing position. Keep going. And last, but not least; the dip. Again, we’re using the dip as our contracted
position exercise. The one that’s going to place the most tension
in the contracted position. We all know that’s going to come from having
our elbows close to our sides in that dip, and also being in an upright position. The more we’re leaning forward, the arms
are coming out and away from the body, taking away some of that contraction on the longhead
of the triceps. And it’s shifting more of the focus to the
chest and shoulders. So, we get in that upright position, but you
know what? That’s not the tip. That’s not the advanced level tip here. The advanced level tip comes in how you’re
gripping the handles during the dip, and what you do during the dip. So here, what I instruct Jinder to do is stop
focusing on squeezing so hard through the dip handles. Which is really just unnecessarily directing
force and tension up through the forearms and using more forearm gripping strength here
as a focus. What we want is to direct as much tension
as we can to the triceps. Meaning, getting that out of the equation. So, as he comes up, you’re going to see
me tell him to change, and alter his grip to get into a loosened up hand position, and
getting into wrist extension. We know – and you can try this for yourself
right now. Get into a flexed position. Get your elbows straight with a flexed hand. Close your fist right here and then contract
as hard as you can. Now, get into an extended wrist position. You’re going to feel you’re going to get
a little more extension there, a little more of a strength in contraction on the triceps. Why is that? One has nothing to do with the other, in terms
of their connections of muscles. The triceps don’t even get down to the wrist. The fact is, anatomically, neurologically
we’re wired to have a stronger – our strongest positioning – with our arm straightened
out in front of us, and our wrist into slight extension. If I had to press this bar right here, I’m
going to press it like this. I’m not going to press it like this. I don’t have as much tension and power here
as I do when my wrist is in extension. So component motion, as a strongest upper
limb as possible would be to have an extended wrist, not a flexed one. So if you don’t release the hands – as
you’ll see me do with him – I’m also going to get that added benefit. So, a few advanced tips here, implemented
with Jinder. Now get up. Push like that. JINDER: Okay. JEFF: So, I’m almost let go with my fingers. JINDER: Yeah. JEFF: So, I can feel like I’m pushing through
like that, as opposed to gripping too hard and lose a lot of my grip. JINDER: Yeah. JEFF: I just let go of my grip. So, get down, grip it good here, but I want
to get rid of the grip, I’m going to go through my arm. Focus all my tension and contractions through
my arms as opposed to gripping that. You squeeze all the way through the back. So, there you have it, guys. There is your game plan. You have to do those three exercises. I don’t care what your split is again. You’re going to hit them in your training
for your push, for your triceps; whatever you’re doing. You want to make – for your upper body,
whatever you’re doing – make sure you get those three in, and make sure you’re
doing about two or three sets of each one, each time you train. I guarantee you, you’re going to start to
get bigger and better triceps. Like- JESSE: Me! JEFF: The fact is, guys; try them out. I promise you, it’s going to work. Again, based on science, advanced training
tips, and no matter what your ability level, I’m staking my reputation on this, guys. I promise you it’s going to work. If you’re looking for a step by step plan
that’s not just focused on your triceps but building your entire body from the ground
up in an athletic way; that’s what the ATHLEANX training systems are all about. Head over to right now and look
for those. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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