Alright guys today we are doing a back
day so stay tuned and let’s get in that gym Right then another voice over for back day
first of all I’m going to be doing deadlifts least once a week or four reps
on a working sir just six reps until I feel comfortable I
need three sets of six and it felt pretty alright the last set with a
killer though I felt it in my lower back what I tend to do is I’ll do deadlift
one day and then that’ll be it on yoga back there you will be something like
something to do deadlift in like back paws or something
like that but after I did the deadlifts I did RDL Zoar Romanian deadlifts she
won a home and as you see I’m using straps I’ve loved the way I tend to have
lower back problems nothing serious is just aches and that’s probably because
my body is still trying to get used to doing all this heavy movement I’m still
quite a newbie when it comes to lifting heavy weights you know I’ve only been
really doing this half a year properly and seeing how much of a novice I am
think I’m free alright Rick you know my body weight I
can lift quite a bit you know forms not the best what it’s okay then I went on
to the lat port and I was quite impressive today I was doing
three sets of 50 getting that high repitch in and it was easy so next time
I’ll probably be adding another set or open the way depending on how I feel on
day but like say if you’re doing this move don’t do it straight back you need
to lean back a little bit and then pull to your chest but using your lats not
your arms then I went out into the rows on the machine or plated machine seated
rows I’ve seen people stand up and do this
recently if you do that do you target a certain part differently
is it the lower part of the lat obviously it’s for thickness just want
to know because I’m interested to know and I’m too lazy to find out anyway next
I’m going on to Close Grip rolls my Jim does not have one of these machines and
it’s the most frustrating thing ever because I love doing it and I have to
get on a cable machine put on these stupid step-up things and then the cable
machine is not heavy enough I’m basically almost Maximus cable machine
out and I’m doing 15 reps easy obviously you want to squeeze when you pull him
back squeeze and then tilting forward and then when you come back squeeze then
obviously because it’s a back there well hope you get the idea
yeah talk properly you get me biceps in we’re having done biceps for ages this
month I haven’t really touched my bicep which is quite rare for me
I love lean arms it’s only my favorite exercises but I was just doing standing
bicep curls and then I went on just a 10 kg weight doing 20 reps this is like a
finishing move if you want to do it great together
pumping you know if you’ve got vascular veins on your very vain ethers and
you’re gonna see them pop out of you you’re not going to see him about me
cause I my first gift at the moment feeling a bit down the last couple of
weeks because even though I’m putting on weight look at me though
then I went on to cross body hammer curls I’m doing a rep range between 812
walking out of course it’s end of the actual workout and I’m a bit tired still
got a stupid froak thing and then for exercise obviously work you buy support
this burns reforms and I don’t really see many people working for arms and I
think they should anyway hope you enjoyed the workout you go guys and that
is my back day and you see I did deadlift today obviously not max way I’m
not going to do max weight for a long long time
so what I’m going to do is I’m doing working sets of six presets then I’ll do
something to accompaniment nap you know like are the elves and after
that my bottom of my back is absolutely fried so I leave it and then go on to
isolation moves I don’t do this every bad day you know pay a toll on my back
and I just don’t want to get my back hurt and getting injured you know I’m
trying to increase my strength I don’t want to torture and crying my back
completely so I can’t do anything every back day is different on the on my upper
back day I’ll probably do stuff like barbell rows and dumbbell rows put in
lap pull downs and I also which I didn’t get on camera
I do pull ups because pull-ups are one of the best things to get the last I
always do them at the start of my workout because they are hard to do you
know if you say pull-ups are not hard to do you’re lying because pull-ups are
hard that’s why people can’t do it so I do them first warm up the the back I
look at why I did the other day and I do at the alternative to it so if I did a
something with a barbell or make sure I do singles the next time so I can
isolate each side of my body because don’t want imperfections on your body
because when you’re using barbells all the time
one side probably is stronger than the other side and that’s where you all grow
bigger muscles on the one side than the other so there’s a little tip this is
the end of this video not long left on this vlogging every day in August I’ve
got a few good last videos so stay tuned if you are new to this channel subscribe
and give me a forms of see you again you

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