58 thoughts on “Biden: I wish I could take Trump behind the gym

  1. The hypocrisy of liberal candy asses..

    And by the way, hey Biden, Trump would kick your ass behind the gym. Just sayin'

  2. I'd like to slap the teeth out of this bitches mouth. Shut the fuk up Joe Biden. You're a fucking loser that's never done anything good. Creepy Joe Biden

  3. I thought Joe Biden took only minors "behind the gym" he wanted to take Trump too? On a sadder note though, LIFE took Uncle Joe behind the gym quite a couple of times, maybe he should stay the fuck in front of the said gym and out of politics.

  4. Yeah Joe , u want to take him behind the gym and try in get some man @$$ , you Dems are Sickos like that. The Thumper would beat you @$$ you old fart. Man wake up! Your dreaming.

  5. Trump would sort u out joe biteme. You could of taken Obamy cause he's a $ i$$y. Not big Mike Obamy though cause he a man.

  6. Coming from the guy who gropes little girls of all ages on camera in front of thier famalies. Parting their hair. Rubbing their cheeks obsessively, holding them close and wispering uncomfortably into their ears. And this is the guy we are listening to talk about sexual assault. What he does to all those girls is the definition of assault. Unwanted touching. Pulling away from him and pulling them back in. Its pedophilic. All of those young girls fathers should group up and take joe foot in the mouth Biden behind the gym. Fucking pedophile.

  7. I like Biden's 'gaffes' because they show a man not overly concerned with what people think of him, but at the same time they still show a good person. (Unlike with Trump.)

    I also get the idea from various things I've heard about Biden that he was a scrapper as a young man.

  8. All Trump would have to do is give Biden that Trump glare and Biden would crumble on the spot. Or either run for his life.

  9. Mr. Biden … would you Please, get your SPIT FILLED WRINKLED CHOPS OFF MY FACE… AND KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BODY, AND IN THE POCKETS OF THE TAXPAYERS … ISN'T THAT YOUR JOB? You have the energy of a Snail you creep… and just as Slimy!

  10. Joe Biden is a yellow-bellied coward and the only reason he would want to take Trump behind the woodshed is to give him a b******a handjob in any other sexual perversions that the man likes that man is a disgusting representation of the whoreof Babylon

  11. So if Biden was back in highschool , he would try to take someone 4 years younger than him behind the gym. not surprised.

    Dude must be gettin high off all the hair product he is sniffing in little girls hair, Trump would kick that ass.

  12. Biden;
    Some day someone's going to take you up on your threat and throw you a beat down, old man.
    So what you're excuse for fondling women and little girls? Anyone else would be in jail, why aren't you pedo Joe?


  14. All politics aside. If this fight happened, as a betting man I would bet on Trump. Make it happen Dana, UFC geriatric championship match!

  15. I hate to point this out to you Joe Biden but why didn't you say one word about Barry having an erection on a flight in front of a lot of women and he laughed about it? It's on video just in case you care to see it yourself?

  16. declass tomorrow lol 106,000 sealed indictments its gitmo for you creepy joe no more 13 year old girls you can Sexual assault.

  17. Ol' Joltin' Joe, embolden by his ability to hold down 8 to 12 year old girls, makes him believe he's a badass.

    Lunatics, running the asylum, and a STOOOPID populace that keeps voting for these people who in a sane world would all be locked up.

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